How to lose your friends with these 8 online games


Video games have definitely been the go-to activity for the 40s blues, and it’s not all about single-player action, as there are digital versions of board games to online card games as well. This makes it the best way to be entertained and reduce the impending separation anxiety of being away from your friends.

If your friends are the competitive type and prefer games that test your bond strength, we might just have games that could possibly make or break your friendships. Also, if you have any other recommendations let us know!


Space team

Being apart from your friends for a while can be quite painful and to avoid this communication is key. Spaceteam is the perfect social gaming activity that ensures teamwork comes first.

Developed as a board game, Spaceteam is aimed at 2 to 8 players who shout technobabble until their ship explodes. Each participant would be assigned a random control panel with buttons, switches, sliders and a dial. They would need to configure the controls according to the instructions given, but the catch is that the instructions are sent to another teammate who would need to vocalize them to guide them accordingly.

While the game is best played face to face, with the current global pandemic, it might not be something that should be risked. Instead, it would be advisable to use video conferencing platforms to effectively communicate on-screen instructions to your team.
Spaceteam is available for download on the App Store and Play at the store free.


Among us

It’s the iconic quarantine game for everyone. Among Us is a game set in a spaceship where teammates try to prepare for departure. Played with 4-10 players, participants will have to identify who among the crew is the hidden impostor who is determined to kill everyone in the ship.

Groups of friends will need to interview and work together to identify who the suspect in the group is. The game is best played using voice or video chat to make the discussions more interesting. From this, you can certainly see how well you know each other’s quirks and even lying abilities.

Among us is available for purchase on To smoke for $ 5.25. You can also download it for free from the App Store and Play at the store.


Scattegories is the perfect online game for friends who prefer a more intellectual approach. Each round, players will receive a letter and 12 unique categories. Participants should respond to the categories with a word or phrase starting with the letter provided as quickly as possible within the time limit.


If you and your friends are not really a group of gamers, this online game might just be what you are looking for. TypeRacer is an online typing contest, where players compete against each other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs.

A multiplayer web-based typing game, millions of people around the world have completed hundreds of races on the platform. Not only is it a big adrenaline rush with friends, but it’s also a good way to improve your typing speed.

If you are familiar with the Catan board game, is an online version of it. Strongly focused on strategy, the objective of the game is to get ten victory points before the other players.

Points can be earned by building settlements, upgrading cities, buying development cards, or building the longest road or the biggest army. To do this, resources will have to be collected.

At the start of the game, each player should place two settlements and two roads at the intersections of the tiles found on the digital board. Each tile has different resources and numbers which can then be collected once the game has started. During the game, each player begins their turn by rolling the dice. It doesn’t matter who rolls the dice, if players have a city or settlement touching the tile with the corresponding number that was rolled, they can collect resources from the bank based on what is seen on the tile. This will then continue until a player reaches the objective.

This game is definitely the one that would take time. Therefore, if you prefer a game that is not fast-paced and would get some spirits moving, this is a great choice.

Krunker is a first-person multiplayer shooter that is perfect for a group of beginners. Similar to Call of Duty and Fortnite but with a Roblox type aesthetic, the ultimate goal of the game is to kill all enemies in sight.

Although it is available for free through their web browser, the game can also be downloaded through To smoke and even on mobile devices via the Apple App Store and Google play store.


DragonBound is a free multiplayer online HTML5 game. It is a great game not only for playing with friends online but also for making friends.

Players take turns shooting at each other with vehicles loaded with artillery. Participants can join organized tournaments on the web browser or create private rooms specially designed for their own group of friends.

It might be a classic game, but nonetheless, it’s definitely a fun game.


Much like Tetris, Jstris is an online multiplayer block game where players will have to match pieces of different shapes to form a row. With each complete row, the row disappears and the players are awarded points. They will then continue to collect points until the field is filled. The longer the player can delay the inevitable, the higher their score will be.

It’s a classic game that certainly brings back a lot of childhood memories. And what better way to remember the carefree days than with your group of friends.

And these are some of the games that are perfect to keep you and your friends entertained during this difficult time. The games on our list are by no means a reason to ruin friendships but rather to come together through fun and friendly competition. If you’re looking for lighter fun, check out our list of games that are sure to give you plenty of laughs.

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