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Are you interested in showing Netflix video games but won’t be able to get the video games featured by the streaming service? Don’t panic, there is an easy way to deal with this problem.

Netflix just launched its Netflix Gaming provider on November 2, 2021 just after months of buzz and wait. In total, 5 titles are offered to subscribers of the streaming provider, at no additional cost. However, per second, only Android phones can consider using the service. Buyers of iOS or personal computers will have to wait.

Technically, to enjoy the video games offered by Netflix, you just have to go to the software and download the titles of the video games part, even if your application may not have this new tab yet. If so, don’t worry, you can always check out the games online.

How to install Netflix Gaming video games?

The titles provided as part of the Netflix subscription are actually just games that can be downloaded immediately from the Play Retail store on Android. Basically, you shouldn’t need to go through the Netflix app to participate. You can download them directly:

Once the playtime is downloaded and configured, the app will ask you on the first start to select the Netflix profile you want to link back to your game, to make sure that ” your game development is linked to your Netflix profile “Then you can participate in one of these titles as if it were an entirely ‘common’ activity.

Enjoying a Netflix sport is all about downloading the app and signing in. // Supply: Numerama screenshot

What if I haven’t installed the Netflix app?

If you have never installed the Netflix app on your smartphone, a compact pop-up will open asking you to sign in to your account before continuing. It is not possible to cancel the hope of participating for free.

In the second case, Netflix Gaming usually comes down to a basic authentication system required, right before a match can begin. Don’t want to go through the Netflix app or even configure it on your cell phone. To make.

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