How to Unlock Evil Dead: Game Characters – Amanda Fisher, Pablo Simon Bolivar and More

One of the best features of Evil Dead: The Game is the ability to play as some of the franchise’s most iconic characters, but how do you unlock Amanda Fisher and Pablo Simon Bolivar? Here’s everything you need to know.

Designed in an asymmetrical style similar to that of Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead: The Game challenges players to survive in a campy horror-inspired universe inhabited by fearsome bloodthirsty Kandarian demons.

One of the game‘s biggest perks is the ability to control some of the franchise’s classic characters, including Amanda Fisher from Ash vs. The Evil Dead and El Brujo Especial himself, Pablo Simon Bolivar.

But how do you unlock these familiar faces in Evil Dead: The Game? Here’s an overview of how to add characters to your hardened survivor roster.

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Pablo Simon Bolivar is one of the most beloved faces of Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and now you can be!

How to Unlock Characters in Evil Dead: The Game

In order to start growing your list, you will need to complete some assignments in single player. These can be accessed via the ‘Assignment‘ in the main menu.

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While only five missions are available at the moment, a sixth is listed, implying that another hero could join the fray very soon.

Each character has a dedicated mission, which we’ve listed below. Note that all Ash skins will only be usable on the Chief version of the character:

This is how you unlock new characters in Evil Dead: The Game and add Amanda Fisher to your merry band of misfits.

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