Lady Dimitrescu and 9 other characters from the game who became famous thanks to the trailers


Trailers are there to build hype around a video game or movie. They want to get people to buy the game by any means necessary. Sometimes it’s through the gameplay or bits of the story or even the plot on the frame. Other times, there’s a character used as a driving force behind the hype.

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In the case of Resident Evil 8, everything in the rest of the match was overshadowed by Lady Dimitrescu. Her popularity has grown exponentially thanks to social media, and she’s far from the only character to have experienced this. Many have received similar treatment in the past, gaining their own fandom even before their game‘s release.

ten Far Cry 3 trailer makes Vaas a creepy ending villain

For many people, Vaas is the best villain in the world. Far cry series. He’s a maniac, but he has the meaning of words. Michael Mando brought the character to life in a way few voice actors can, which launched his career.

His speech on the definition of insanity was incredible, describing him as the creepy villain who would be hard to take down. As with Lady Dimitrescu, he ended up being a downline rather than the main villain, but he had already done his job of selling the game to a lot.

9 Tracer is Overwatch’s mascot

Overwatch Tracer feature

She’s on the cover of the game for a reason, and her courageous personality in the intro trailer for Monitoring was hard to ignore, as were his unique abilities. More than anyone else, Tracer didn’t feel like your typical shooter character back then.

The way she moved around was more than a little intriguing. Add in his personality and looks, and you’ve got a character that people have gotten hooked on before they even know exactly what kind of game. Monitoring was going to be.

8 Lara Croft was one of the first video game characters with mainstream sex appeal.


No character has caught people’s attention like Lara Croft did when she burst onto the scene in 1996. She was one of the first video game characters to have true sex appeal, despite the size of its textures.

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None of this matters because of the way the character behaved both in the trailer and in the game. Since then, she has become one of the most popular video game characters. more iconic, producing films and a few critically acclaimed games. While Grave robber has turned out to be a really great game on its own, there’s no denying that the way Lara herself was marketed before the game’s release helped sell more than a few copies of the game on that basis alone.

seven GLaDOS has been integral to Portal’s success as a franchise

glado portal

Surprisingly, GLaDOS was originally only intended to be an AI guide during the tutorial phase of the game. It has proven so popular with the development team that its role has expanded as a villain. main, a decision which was judicious because it was equally appreciated by the players.

She was the perfect villain for the franchise and the one the trailers cleverly described as the guide she was meant to be, hiding her villainous side.

6 The animatronics in Five Nights At Freddy’s was an instant hit, leading to many sequels

Featured Five Nights at Freddy's

While not necessarily a single character, it’s hard to separate animatronics from each other in terms of popularity, and their popularity is questionable. When Five nights at Freddy’s came out for the first time, it was a craze that swept through everyone, gamers and non-gamers.

It’s still surprising given the simplicity of the gameplay, but it was the power of spooky animatronics. They were a group of Chuck E. Cheese from hell, and it was hard to deny how attractive they were.

5 Handsome Jack’s charisma was immediately evident in Borderlands 2

handsome jack borderlands 2

Most fans of the Borders the show would agree that Handsome Jack is the show’s best villain, and it’s not really that close. He had the charisma and madness that dovetailed perfectly with the rest of the series.

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He was so bombastic and over the top that he felt like a cartoon villain, but that’s what he worked for. Gearbox was smart to have him tell the trailer to Borderlands 2, showing that there were more than bandits to fight now.

4 It was impossible not to like Ellie in the Last of Us trailers

Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us video game

From the very first trailer, it was hard not to like Ellie. It was clear that she and Joel were going to have a father-daughter type relationship, and the acting is exceeding expectations on that front.

A big reason is because Ellie is so friendly and self-sufficient. She’s not a damsel in distress, able to take care of herself. The trailer even showed this when she stabbed one of the infected in the back of the head. She also has a smart mouth that you can’t help but love.

3 Clementine was adorable from the very first moment she appeared in the Walking Dead trailer

Clementine from The Walking Dead video game

Clementine was practically the mascot of Telltale Walking Dead series that was the company’s flagship franchise. He helped capture the world of The walking dead surprisingly good, even more so than the show sometimes. And Clementine was a big reason why.

She was the heart and soul of the show, which the trailer made clear. From the first moment she pops her head out of her treehouse, the player knows she is someone they must protect at all costs.

2 Elizabeth was only in the Bioshock Infinite trailer for a few seconds, but was instantly a star

elizabeth bioshock infinite

She became a bigger part of subsequent trailers, but Elizabeth’s appearance in the premiere of Bioshock Infinite was short and to the point. As Booker collapses to his death, Elizabeth suddenly saves him by surrounding him in roses and pulling him towards her.

Just when they’re about to touch each other’s hands, she’s grabbed, causing Booker to keep falling. It’s a small place, but she was instantly the most interesting part of the trailer, even more so than the Floating City.

1 Lady Dimitrescu instantly became a pop culture icon from the first Resident Evil 8 trailer

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters

From the moment she flashed onto the screen, Lady Dimitrescu was an instant hit. She almost immediately became a meme, with fan art and cosplay from her social media inundated long before anyone even dabbled in the game.

It’s not hard to see why either. She was considered the big bad in the game, and she was also physically attractive, the latter being the norm in a series like resident Evil– certainly not for non-human / non-living characters. More than that, she had such a unique look, a giant even among her daughters. It’s a shame that she’s such a minor character in the end, but it hasn’t done much to diminish the audience’s love for her.

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