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The endless scrolling of social media apps is neither rewarding nor fun. Some of these apps only stress you out when you need a break from work. Why not take a break from some online games?

If you are looking for a quick fix to your boredom, there are plenty of other options you can check out below. Here are the top ten choices for you:

1. Ludo Supreme

One of India’s oldest and most recognized pastimes, the Ludo game has captured hearts for generations. The game is fun, simple and straightforward to play with family and friends.

Ludo involves each player rolling their dice and moving their miniatures around the board. Your goal is to bring your four models to your welcome boxes in the center of the board. If you land on another player, you send them back to the start.

Ludo Supreme app also allows you to play with millions of users online. The game also offers unique formats and a chance to win cash. Play with friends and you will never know how the time has passed.

Also, if you think Ludo is a long and time consuming game; the game offers short runs of 10 minutes. A simple match, for those looking to relax and enjoy.

2. Psyche

If you have a few friends sitting in the same room this is the game to try. Psych as a game will make you laugh and spark conversations at any party.

The game involves all players logging into the same game room with a secret code. Once there, the app will throw you a few questions. You answer these anecdotes with your made-up answers.

The goal is to make your answer appear to be the correct answer to the questions provided. Once all players have given their answers, it will display them on the screen. If another player clicks your answer as the correct answer, you the “shrink”.

3. Words of wealth

If you are an old school adult who has reached the paper and done the crossword puzzle before everyone else at home, this game is for you. The good old fashioned crossword puzzle will refresh your mind and help you kill time.

The game is a single player game and you solve a classic black and white crossword puzzle with a series of questions. Make your words on the app and sharpen your language skills.

The puzzles also come with a range of difficulty levels; so don’t worry if you are just a beginner.

4. Among us

“Among Us” is a game that has become a rage after the pandemic. The game is an online multiplayer that you can download to your phones.

It involves many players working together to repair a spaceship. Each player is assigned a set of tasks which they must complete against a running clock. But one (or two) player each turn is an impostor who will try to stop the fixes.

Your objective is to find the impostors in the group before they destabilize the ship. Sometimes you could be the impostor; then you try not to get caught.

5. Words with friends

If you are a word person, this game might take up a lot of your time. Words with friends is an online scrabble game that you can play with your friends or a random online player.

A simple scrabble game that can run all day in the background. The game has a flawless interface with a simple to use design. Writing words will never be so fun, and you learn quite a bit in the process.

6. 8 ball pool

Suppose you are looking for something crazy and simple to pass the time; How about a game of pool on your phone? The pool table adapts to your screen and this well-designed app lets you pocket balls and set new records.

If you get really good at the game, you can also complete with the best in the world on a universal leaderboard.

7. Clash of the clans

Just warning, this game is very addicting and hard to let go once you start. This is a mobile strategy game based in a fantasy world. Each player is the chief of a village. You intend to build your city and defend it from threats.

The more your village flourishes, the more you progress in the game. Your objective is to collect resources like gold, elixirs and coins. Once you have built a strong clan, you can attack other villages and gain more resources.

8. 2048

You are missing out on a considerable part of your adult life if you have never played “2048”. The game includes a four by four grid with numbers on it. As you move the arrows, the same numbers merge into one.

So if you slide a tile with number two into another with number two, it becomes four. This “four” can now only merge with another four. The objective of the game is to combine and add tiles until you reach 2048.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, you will never understand its complexity until you try it.

9. Break in prison

A lively game that will make you jump on your sofa and relieve you of the stress of the day. Jail Break is a mobile app game that gives you the choice to be a cop or a criminal.

If you are a criminal, your objective is to break out of the prison within the allotted time by solving clues and finding strategies. If you choose to be a cop, you must defend your prison and hold the prisoners. Whatever your side; the game is light and full of surprises.

10. UN

The must-have picnic and party game in most Indian homes, now on an app or PC. A game of Uno can be played online with a stranger, with your friend or against the computer. A deck of cards filled with numbers and colors.

Each player is dealt seven cards and your objective is to complete your deck of cards first. Play numbers over numbers or colors. Certain power cards are going to change the game and make things more exciting.

Final thoughts

Get your well-deserved break the right way with these great apps.

Online gaming is a great break from the mundane, and some of these options we’re talking about can also help stimulate your mind and improve your cognitive thinking skills.

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