Major Video Game Characters Who Never Appear In Their Games


Most video games are packed with characters, especially the AAA open-world adventures that have become so commonplace in the industry today. While it’s very possible to go through many games without coming across a specific character, most of the time there’s always one out there somewhere.

This is not the case with other characters, however. Several games indeed present key characters who never appear once in their games. Whether they only communicate via audio, have been strangely left out of the sequels, or are otherwise invisible, these characters have decided to steer clear.

The Riddler, Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Riddler seen in Arkham City

The Riddler is one of the main recurring villains in the Immaculate batman arkham series, and one that many fans would say has overstayed its welcome. Each game, Riddler tasks Batman with solving a variety of puzzles while he taunts the caped crusader over the coms.


While the Riddler appeared as a physical enemy in later games, in the original arkham asylum he is nowhere to be found, his only interaction with Batman being through audio interjections. Even after solving all the puzzles, Batman simply triangulates Riddler’s location and lets the police handle it. Something players probably wished they could do in later games as well.

Cave Johnson, Portal 2

johnson cave portal

Portal 2 is an absolute gem of a game full of brain teasers and great characters. Even stacked with icons like GLaDOS, original Aperture Science Cave owner Johnson is easily one of the best characters in all of gaming.

Cave Johnson is voiced to perfection by the amazing JK Simmons and is responsible for many of the game’s most hilarious lines, including an asbestos poisoning warning, his distaste for safe science, and a memorable rant. on lemons. Since Johnson died likely decades before the events of the game, his only appearance is through his pre-recorded messages.

Denethor, LEGO The Lord of the Rings

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Denethor

fans of the the Lord of the Rings The series will know Denethor, the steward of Gondor and father of Boromir and Faramir. He had a major role in The king’s return that few are likely to forget. In the LEGO adaptation, however, Denethor is almost completely left out.

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It would be very difficult to adapt every plot point of Return of the King in a LEGO game, but Denethor’s whole role is completely omitted. It’s not even referenced at any point in the campaign. What makes this really strange is that he’s still an unlockable character that players can buy, despite never being mentioned once in the story.

Mike Schmidt, Five nights at Freddy’s

All Five Nights At Freddys Game Ranked By Scares

Five nights at Freddy’s is a horror game that has spawned many sequels and a cult following. Despite its legendary status, the original game at its core is incredibly simplistic. Playing as security guards, players use cameras to avoid being killed by the game’s animatronic enemies.

Even though the game is played from his point of view, this security guard gets hardly any persona or even a face. He is never seen or heard of once and is given a real little story. This is primarily to give players a blank slate to project themselves onto, but it’s a rare opportunity for a protagonist not to appear in their own game.

Sam Drake, Uncharted 1-3

uncharted sam drake

To be fair to Sam Drake, his absence from the top three Unexplored games was not his fault. The brother of protagonist Nathan Drake, Sam didn’t appear in the franchise until the fourth entry, when he became one of the main characters.

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Considering Sam wasn’t created until the fourth game, calling him a “major” character is a bit of a stretch in all previous games, but considering how important he was to Nathan in The end of a thief this opens up a slight plot hole that is never even referenced in any of Nate’s previous adventures. Even though everyone thought he was dead.

Rosaline, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rosalina and Luma look confused in Super Mario 3D All Stars

Rosalina made her first appearance in the original super mario galaxy game like the one that assists Mario in his quest to protect the cosmos. She quickly became a fan favorite and was even made into a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series. Although it is a key element of super mario galaxy, she is almost completely absent from the sequel.

The role of Rosalina is replaced by another character in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and for most of the game she is nowhere to be found. It’s not until the very end, after players have collected 120 stars, that Rosalina finally appears in a cutscene, having operated from afar behind the scenes of Mario’s adventure.

Alfred, Batman: Arkham City

Alfred Pennyworth enters the Batcave in Batman Arkham Origins

The second missing Arkham character, Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler who assists Batman in every game in the Wayne Manor series. Surprisingly however, it is only Origins of Arkham that he was seen in the flesh. He and Barbara Gordon’s Oracle primarily work as an unseen ally to Batman.

Like Riddler in arkham asylum, Alfred and Oracle communicate entirely through Batman’s communication channel, stepping in to give advice or help in the fight against crime. While Batman could talk to Alfred via video in Arkham Knight, Origins of Arkham remains the only game in the series where players could interact face-to-face with their favorite butler.

The Kaernk, Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The Kaernk in Amnesia The Dark Descent

The Kaernk is a bit of an anomaly. On the one hand, he has a physical presence in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but on the other hand, there is almost no real way to perceive it. The Kaernk is an invisible monster that haunts several areas of the game.

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Kaernks can never be seen by the player and can only be located by their footsteps in the water they inhabit. They have physical forms, as they can still attack players and interact with objects, but this form is never perceptible to the player. The mystery of what the creature is and why it exists is part of what makes the Kaernk so unsettling.

James Bond, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

Thief Agent Goldeneye

golden eye was arguably Pierce Brosnan’s best Bond film, and its tie-in game was a landmark title for the Nintendo 64. golden eye: Rogue Agent, on the other hand, made the odd choice of not featuring James Bond and instead focusing on a silent, almost faceless ex-agent.

The game features many iconic Bond characters, such as Dr. No, Oddjob, Xenia Onatopp and M, but Bond himself is nowhere to be found. A character called 007 is killed off in the opening level, but is never confirmed as James Bond. Technically he’s not a major character since he never appears, but having a Bond game without Bond is still a weird approach.

Moya, Infamous

Moya and John in InFamous

Infamous was a fresh and original superhero game not based on Marvel or DC. After a devastating explosion, Cole MacGrath must use his new electrical superpowers to protect or dominate the city. Early on, Cole is contacted by a government agent named Moya who becomes his main enforcer throughout the game.

Moya appears for a few frames of a graphic novel cutscene, and from then on only interacts with Cole over the phone. Even though she’s the one who sets the entire beginning of the game in motion, Moya never physically shows up anywhere. She simply gives Cole his missions, and by the end of the game she’s turned on him and disappeared, never to be mentioned again.

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