Maybe Tom Holland should play all the video game characters in the movies


It seems Hollywood just can’t get enough of Tom Holland, and for good reason. Holland’s latest performances in the thriller The devil all the time and the animated film Spies in disguise reveal how big his range is as an actor.

And since he’s playing Nathan Drake in the next one Unexplored movie and supposedly playing Link in a possible The legend of Zelda live broadcast, which means it can’t just be all video game characters? Here are several characters from different franchises that Holland is expected to star in.


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Tom Holland as: Tom Nook

In a parallel universe, where instead of Detective Pikachu there was a live adaptation of Animal crossing, Holland definitely plays Tom Nook. Just think of the title: “Tom Holland Plays Rent-Hungry Raccoon” is sure to turn heads. Animal crossing already has an anime adaptation that was never officially released outside of Japan, and the franchise becomes more and more popular with each release of a new game. With that in mind, American audiences wouldn’t like anything from more than seeing a lifelike CGI animated Tom Nook voiced by Holland greeting them in theaters.

Tom Holland as: Bayonetta

While fans still anxiously await news regarding Bayonet 3, Platinum Games should consider doing a live-action Bayonetta film to give people something to chew on. Since making her Super Smash Bros. debut, players have wanted to see more of Bayonetta, and who would be a better candidate to play the sexy Umbra Witch than Mr. Holland himself? All he has to do is upload this video for his audition and he’ll instantly get the part. Maybe the only thing he really misses are stupidly long legs, but there’s nothing like a good workout and a strict diet to get him back in shape.

Tom Holland as: Traceur

British? To verify. Brown hair? To verify. Thrown into the folds of time and space because of an experience gone wrong? Uh, maybe. Listen, there don’t seem to be any plans for one Monitoring movie, especially since Blizzard seems to have its hands full of work on Monitoring 2. But since the beloved World of warcraft the movie performed so well when released, Blizzard surely wouldn’t not do the same for their most popular FPS. And as mentioned before, Holland is no stranger to crossdressing.

Tom Holland as: Geralt

the witcher 3

Holland, it’s Nathan Drake. It could be Link. So why didn’t Netflix just choose him to play Geralt? Holland dipped his toes into the fantasy genre when he starred in Pixar Forward as a socially awkward elf boy, so he’s obviously the perfect person to play a sexy, angsty, sexy monster hunter. Of course, Henry Cavill is currently playing everyone’s favorite witcher with Season 2 still in production. But just in case Cavill needs a break from slicing up monsters and crying over Yennefer, Holland should definitely be the next to take the limelight. Obviously, he and Cavill are almost exactly alike, and Holland, 24, is perfectly suited to play Ciri’s father figure.

Tom Holland as: Spider-Man

Sony Insomniac Miles Morales

Oh, it would be so gorgeous if there were live-action film adaptations of these Spider Man Games. You could say that actors like Andrew Garfield or even Tobey Maguire would also suit this hero of the web perfectly, but Holland has the range, my darling! He could easily play the role of young Peter Parker in high school. Since he’s in New York City, he might also have some connection to Tony Stark. A mentor / mentee relationship between the two characters could potentially bring Holland in The Avengers franchise at one point, which could also lead to at least 2 hit Spider-Man movies starring Zendaya as Mary Jane and… and… okay, now this is getting ridiculous. Who needs another superhero added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Holland as Spider-Man? What’s next, throw Paul Rudd in The Avengers? Obtain a Rick and morty writer to work on a script for The ant Man? Pfft, forget that.

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