Most popular online games in 2020

The online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the entertainment industry. Game companies have quickly adopted the latest enhancements and technologies and leveraged them to improve the gaming experience. Many games these days are as good as a real-life storyline. Many games have catalyzed revolutions and players are playing around the clock.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular online games in 2020.


It is by far the most popular online game of 2020. A rumor that the game may be banned has created waves in the gaming community. It was developed and launched by the PUBG Corporation in 2018 and is available to be played on Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android devices. This is a mission first person shooter and a game can have around 99 users at a time. Players must survive until the end to make it to the “Chicken Dinner”. It is famous among both boys and girls.


This game has everything for everyone and with all the mods its limits are endless, let me give you a scenario. Have you ever wanted to start your own casino where you could win big and deposit little? You could build a $ 1 deposit casino or one $ 5 deposit casino where you could get free spins and bonuses for your small deposit. Would that be good? Minecraft is a sandbox game and has no restrictions. It mainly has 4 modes – Spectator, Creative, Survival and Adventure.

Basically it’s the best of all possible worlds. It was started by Majong in 2011 and is an online game available on Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android devices. It has over 91 million users worldwide. The best thing is that this game is aimed at all age groups and genders and also has a mobile version. Even using a $ 30 gaming keyboard and mouse you can build a big world inside this game.

Have you watched the latest spin-off, Minecraft dungeons?


This online game was launched by Epic games in 2017 and has been their most popular game ever since. It has over 39 million users worldwide and is available to be played on Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android devices. It requires players to be good at building stuff and using survival skills at the same time. It is the competition closest to PUBG and is, in fact, better in some areas, but it has been able to attract mainly boys and therefore has a smaller player base.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter strike has a huge following fan since its first outing. Gamers all over the world have been crazy about this game for years. It is a multiplayer shooter game with 2 sides – terrorists and counter-terrorists. The last Global Offensive was started by Valve Corporation in 2014. Gamers have flocked to play the game and it has over 32 million players online. It is available on all major devices including iOS, Xbox, OSX, Windows, PS3, and Linux.

With CS: GO being so popular around the world, gamers are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge. Along with skills, having the right equipment is important to give yourself an edge. For example, the best helmets for CS: GO will produce a more detailed sound, so you can hear anyone sneaking up on you. Likewise, the better CS: GO to watch ensures that you play the game in high resolution so that you can spot enemies more clearly. Such aspects can make a huge difference to your performance.

League of Legends or LOL

MDR was launched in 2009 by Riot games. Although old, it is an evergreen game. Players compete against their champions in a game with great graphics and cool character movements. It’s a multiplayer RPG game with some major fans. It is available on Xbox, Android, PC, and iOS devices.

With the adoption of AR and VR by the gaming industry, it will be interesting to see how the gaming industry evolves in the times to come.

Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Choose one of the 34 available cars and perform your own stunts using 3D landscaping, loops, ramps and dedicated tunnels. Madalin Stunt Cars 2 Unlocked offers console quality graphics in your browser, it is truly amazing quality, but it requires the Unity 3D plugin and a decent computer to get the best graphics. You can even invite your friends to multiplayer games by clicking on the game menu and choosing an online server.

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