New Horizons paintings feature realistic versions of in-game characters


The excitement of Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues with a fan sharing several beautiful and lifelike character paintings.

Isabelle and Tom Nook Animal Crossing

November is shaping up to be an exciting month for Animal crossing: new horizons because a big free update as well as a big paid DLC will be made available to fans on November 5th. Animal crossing: new horizons turned out to be an incredible success, not just as a slice in the Animal Crossing franchise, but also exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The success of Animal crossing: new horizons may be contributed to many different factors, but all fans can agree on how amazing the anthropomorphic animals on the show are. However, due to their appearance, one can sometimes momentarily forget the animals they are based on. A Reddit user took some of the animal residences and decided to create several realistic paintings based on them.


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Four beautiful and realistic paintings of Animal crossing: new horizons the characters were drawn by user theheyfrancis. Several key figures such as Tom Nook, Isabelle, Daisy (the turnip merchant), KK Slider and many more were at the center of these realistic paintings. Often times when looking at realistic depictions of anthropomorphic animals there can be a feeling of discomfort. This is not always the case, but it can happen. That being said, heyfrancis’ designs are anything but uncomfortable.

The paintings of these Animal crossing: new horizons the characters make the cast as wonderfully adorable in real life as they are in the video game. Part of it is because of the setting and the items these characters have on them. For example, the first painting that depicts Tom Nook shows the animal wearing his usual dress shirt for work while having a large stack of bells sitting next to him. Meanwhile, KK Slider sits next to a campfire with his guitar propped against a log. These are small details but it works in favor of the painting to portray these characters in a way that fans would instantly recognize them, but also smile at the pictures.

Theheyfrancis teased more realistic paintings that could be on their way to celebrate the massive updates coming out next month. Although these updates are the last for Animal crossing: new horizons, they will feature a plethora of new characters and fun activities that fans can enjoy for many hours. They will even present new animals from which future paintings can be inspired.

The recent Animal crossing: new horizons Direct showed how massive and popular the Nintendo Switch installment has become. The addition of new and old activities such as farming and labor proves how much more Animal crossing can do. Not to mention the potential future animals that might be introduced. In less than a month, fans eagerly awaiting the update will have at least plenty of beautiful and interesting fan art to check out.

Animal crossing: new horizons is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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