Non-binary video game characters

Even though Pride month is over, celebrating inclusion and diversity should never stop. For years, characters in video games have generally been whitewashed, but thankfully recent developers have been great at including more diverse characters. Not only that, but games that have character designs have done a great job of allowing players the freedom to create even non-binary options. And those that have romance options got to where players are allowed to romance the same gender, or like Stardew Valleylive platonically with the gentle creature in the sewers, Krobus.

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More and more inclusion has been demonstrated in video games over the past few years, which is only bringing more gamers to the video game scene. One of these featured characters is non-binary, meaning someone who has no relation to a specific gender such as male or female. Here are just a few game scene characters that are not binary.


6 Bloodhound – Apex Legends

The beloved in-game Battle Royale tracker has been confirmed to be non-binary and uses pronouns. Because the studio is filled with a diverse group of people, Respawn wanted their captions to represent that diversity by creating a non-binary caption.

Not only that, but support legend Gibraltar is mentioned to have a boyfriend. For those who want to play a great battle royale game with inclusion, this is a great choice. The developers are aware of inclusion and diversity.

5 Primordial Chaos – Hades

Primordial Chaos is one of the entities players will encounter when working underworld. They are basically a personification of the primordial void, and because they are a personified void, it makes sense that they are neither male nor female.

Chaos can be found by entering Chaos Gates through the Underworld and can befriend players, being a huge benefactor to players.

4 FL4K – Borderlands 3

Borderlands is no stranger to creating diverse characters, and an example is FL4K. FL4K refers to themselves using they/them pronouns and stating that they are “neither male nor female”, which seems like a choice since most other robots and AI assigned genders. Another clue is that on their coat they have the colors of the non-binary flag, yellow, white, purple and black.

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While some fans have debated the bot using pronouns just because they were a bot, Sam Winkler, Borderlands 3 The co-writer confirmed that FL4K intentionally uses pronouns about themselves.

3 Frisk – Subtitle

Some players of Subtitle faster than others, Frisk was designed and processed without gender roles, and most assumed it was just so the player could “choose” their gender based on how they felt, especially more than the main character had a name until later in the story.

Their gender remains ambiguous, however, they are usually referred to by them/them pronouns. While most gamers think Frisk is male and even though there is no real confirmation yet, from the way they talk to Frisk it would seem that they are not binary.

2 hollow knight

The knight that players control throughout the game is non-binary and uses pronouns. Again, there are arguments from fans about whether or not the knight is created to put its own spin on the genre, but most agree that they’re not binary at all. because of the chosen pronouns.

While most games love to create gender-neutral protagonists for players to have their own spin on, there are choices developers make that shouldn’t be ignored.

1 Sundance – Battleground 2024

Most shooters aren’t considered as inclusive as indie games, however, Battlefield 2024 is the exception. Emma “Sundance” Rosier is the first non-binary playable character and uses the them/them pronouns. EA even confirmed it when a fan on Twitter asked about their pronouns.

Sundance is one of 10 specialists that can be chosen, with their own unique loadouts. This is just another example of taking big steps in the right direction and showing that even big titles can improve their diversity and inclusion.

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