NortonLifeLock unveils AntiTrack to protect customers from online tracking


Norton AntiTrack is a new app and browser extension that prevents websites from tracking and profiling users in ways that normal private browsers and VPNs can’t. The main features include:

  • Anti-fingerprint capabilities: Hides users’ unique identifiers including their IP address, location, device and operating system, font size, screen resolution, etc., preventing businesses from creating a ‘fingerprint’ of the user to identify and target it.
  • Blocking tracking cookies: Helps prevent third parties from tracking online activity and collecting personal information.
  • Faster navigation: Allows web pages to load faster by blocking trackers and fingerprint technology.
  • Monitoring dashboard: Provides visibility and insight into third-party tracking attempts and categorizes them by level of concern.

Norton AntiTrack is available in the United States for Windows devices, supporting Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. The price starts at $ 39.99 per year for existing customers or $ 49.99 MSRP for one device per year.

In addition to AntiTrack, NortonLifeLock announced a new identity protection feature, PayDay Loan Lock. Short-term loans like payday loans or cash advances don’t always generate credit requests, which means people may not be aware of fraudulent activity until the loan goes into default. or in default.

With the addition of PayDay Loan Lock to LifeLock Identity lock, customers, at no additional cost, can now help block the opening of fraudulent payday loans and other short-term loans. Payday Loan lock is now available in select LifeLock plans in the US as well as Norton ™ 360 with LifeLock Advantage and Ultimate.

To learn more about NortonLifeLock’s privacy offerings and how to strengthen your cybersecurity, visit Norton Internet Security Center.

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