One of the most broken and oppressive fighting game characters of all time is added to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R


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Just yesterday, Bandai Namco announced four new characters for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. Robert EO Speedwagon, Mariah, Pet Shop, and Diego Brando are joining the battle, but there’s one character in that line that immediately caught the ears of fighting game fans everywhere upon the reveal.

Pet Shop, the ice-spitting hawk, will be playable in All-Star Battle R, and this particular fighter has a reputation for being one of the most broken, oppressive, and vile characters in all of fighting games. Needless to say, fans fear history will repeat itself on September 2.

In 1998 Capcom developed and published JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future. This fighting title is a cult classic these days, but among the things people remember the most about is Pet Shop and its superpowered status.

The strength of Pet Shop is infamous. With traits like insensitivity to low attacks thanks to not having a low hit box while standing, insane 50/50 mixes in almost any situation, powerful combos, incredible supers, and flying with an eight-way dash, it’s no wonder that the character’s name alone strikes fear into those who suffered his wrath.

Although Pet Shop has very low health, its offensive tools far outweigh the disadvantages of low stamina. His conversions, ability to set up unblockables, projectiles that go off completely neutral, and death touch combos were enough to ban him from major tournaments.

Here’s just a little taste of the Heritage for the Future pet store.

Now, there’s no guarantee that Pet Shop will retain its broken status in All-Star Battle R, but fans are definitely reacting to this addition.

“THEY HAVE NOT LEARNED ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY DO,” wrote one Twitter user. Another went on to say, “Please for once let Pet Shop be lower level. We’ve had enough of this threat.

And, of course, we were given this gem of a meme that’s all too true…

It will certainly be interesting to see how Pet Shop plays out in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:…

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