Online games such as Dead by Daylight and Destiny 2 may not work on the Steam Deck


The Steam Deck is quickly becoming one of the most talked about devices, but a recent development indicates that the laptop might not be able to run all the games.

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By now, most gamers are probably familiar with the Valve portable system steam bridge, which is quickly becoming a much talked about device. With the recent announcement that the Steam Deck will fully support all mods, like a regular home computer, it looks like it will be an amazing gaming system for those who prefer PC games. However, there is one issue that may need to be fixed before its release.

Recently, it has come to the attention of some people that not all games will be able to run on the system. According to the report, the Steam Deck may not be compatible with a number of popular online multiplayer games. That doesn’t mean he won’t play the majority of other titles. Since it’s essentially a portable PC, it works the same as a regular PC, meaning virtually any game in a user’s Steam library will work. However, it is only these few that can cause problems.


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Games such as Dead in broad daylight, Destiny 2, PUBG and possibly more, all of which are online games, may not work on the Steam Deck out of the box, or at least work, but players will not be able to start a match. The reason is that the device runs on a Linux-based system. Valve tried to combat this with a feature called Proton. It works similarly to Wine, which allows compatibility between Linux systems and Windows executable files, including games.

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While this looks set to make the aforementioned multiplayer games work on Valve’s device, where it falls is through the anti-cheat system that games like PUBG and others are using these days. This means that there are currently issues between the anti-cheat system and the Steam Deck. Essentially it looks like the games should technically work, but this anti-cheat feature won’t, meaning players won’t be able to actually play the game the way it’s meant to be played, i.e. in line.

While Valve says it’s working to improve Proton and the Steam operating system, the company hasn’t said exactly how it will tackle this issue, but they have a few months to fix it. It’s entirely possible that it could be solved before it’s released. With this new issue and with the news that the lower spec model of the Steam Deck will have a slower hard drive, the cracks are starting to show in what is otherwise considered exciting hardware.

the steam bridge will be launched in December 2021.

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