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We love Wordle as much as the next person; an enigma, a challenge, a puzzle. It’s a great way to start the day and activate the brain. Or maybe you like to tackle it later; something to look forward to, a break from the daily grind. Whatever reason you love it, Wordle is still played by over 300,000 people every day. according to the New York Times.

But there is a downside. There is only one official Daily Wordle game available per day. Alright you can play the wordle archive thanks to Devang Thakkar, but you’re still limited to – as of March 16 – 268 previous Wordles. And you’ll probably have done a lot already. Well, don’t worry. We’ve reviewed and played a selection of challenging Wordle alternatives, and we’ve compiled our top five games like Wordle here. But before we start, a warning. All of these games are, in a way, fun. We promise. Keep that in mind when we start to sound a little…bitter.

Other games like Wordle

All of the games we’ve listed below are based on the core gameplay of Josh Wardle’s viral game Wordle. Even better, they are also playable online, for free, on a browser. No download necessary. So there is no reason not to give them a chance… Due to the popularity of the word game there are many other games like Wordle, this list only scratches the surface.


We will start with Dordle, as it is closest in the list to Wordle itself. Dordle is basically just Wordle-times-two. Find two five-letter words at the same time. Each guess counts for both words. Sounds harsh? Well it is. But, on the plus side, you have seven tries instead of Wordle’s six.

Also, if you find yourself entering Dordle, you can actually play more than one a day thanks to Free Dordle. If you challenge yourself against your friends and colleagues, you can do so with the standard, Daily Dordle, but Free Dordle is a separate mode in which you can continue over and over.


Dordle too easy for you? First, how? Why? Who are you? Second, try Quordle for size. Double Dordle, AKA Quadruple Wordle. Yes, try to find four five-letter words at the same time. This time you get nine attempts. And while that might seem like a lot, you’d be surprised how quickly they run out when you’re two or three words deep.

Games like Wordle Quordle

The above is this March 16 Daily Quordle writer’s attempt. Somehow, the four words were found. But this was the first, and probably the only, time this will happen…


It’s as if the people who made them decided to ruin our lives. Absurd, believe it or not, is perhaps even worse than the last two. Unlike Dordle and Quordle, you only have to guess a five-letter word in Absurdle. And you have unlimited guesses. Easy, right? Wrong. Because when you make your first guess, Absurdle doesn’t even know what word you’re supposed to guess.

Don’t worry, we’re just as confused about this one as you are. And we tried to read the full explanation from Absurdle of its process. Still no wiser. But as far as we know, once you’ve made your first guess, Absurdle selects a “bucket” of words it might be, then chooses the hardest one to guess. Then he can even change it. The best possible outcome in Absurdle is four guesses.

Games like Wordle Absurdle

Take the above as an example. What you need to know here is that you can actually “give up” in Absurdle, get the answer, and then return to the game. That’s what we’ve done here (for research purposes only, of course). After four guesses, we “gave up” and were told the answer was “gamma”. As you can see, by entering “gamma”, Absurdle decided to change it for us, instead making the correct answer something else. So even cheating is useless.


This is where we get away from words. You’re welcome.

For a completely new take on the Wordle concept, Nerdle is basically the same thing, but with mathematical equations replacing words. Eight empty spaces can be filled with numbers or symbols; i.e. add, subtract, multiply and divide, as well as equals. But each equation has to actually work – if it doesn’t “calculate” you won’t be able to type it. Other than that, probably the best way to explain this one is to show you.

Games like Wordle Nerdle

To be fair, this one looks a lot harder than it is. Because once you knock out some of the numbers, you’ll soon start to run out of options. For example, guess three above couldn’t have been anything else because we only had 7, 9, and 3 left, so we recommend keeping an eye out for this keyboard when trying out Nerdle.


Finally, this one is for the music fans. Heardle is certainly the most entertaining of the selection, although the least intellectual. And perhaps most infuriating if you hate an earworm.

In Heardle, you’ll be played a second of a song’s intro. Do you think you know? Then you have to manually search for the song or artist. Luckily, there are only a limited number of tracks in the Heardle “catalog”, so if you’re wrong, your guess may not even be an option – saving you an incorrect guess.

From there, you can either try in the dark, or just jump in and move on to the next step. As the Heardle progresses, you’ll get two seconds of the song, then four seconds, up to seven, then 11, and finally the full 16 seconds of the track. This gives you a total of six guesses.

March 16

The downside to Heardle, of course, is that you may never have heard the song before, in which case you have no chance of guessing it. With the above, there is at least some sort of solution in most cases. However, if you’re a music lover, chances are you know the tunes most days. And you’ll be sorry for the rest of the day for not having it sooner.

Once you’ve tried each of these, let us know what you think! If not, have you found one that’s not listed here that you’d like us to know about? Tell us in the comments and we’ll give it a try.

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