Pokémon Card Designs Better Than Sword & Shield Game Characters


Fan cards reinvent popular characters from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and in the case of Pokémon Sword and Shield extensions, enhance most of the original designs. Fan cards have two versions, the standard Trainer style card and the full art card. The full Supporter cards are highly detailed and feature 2D holographic illustrations of characters like Hop, Leon, and many generic NPCs from the Galar region. Although all the important figures of Sword and shield was lucky enough to be on a Supporter card, the ones that have been added breathe new life into character designs and can even be invaluable if taken from a booster.


the Pokémon TCG Fan Cards provide players with a number of strategies during a match. While only one Supporter can be played per turn, these cards can allow players to draw a number of cards, search their decks for Pokemon cards, or even boost the attack of the active Pokémon when it is used during the turn. While fully illustrated Supporter cards may seem best kept in a filing cabinet as a collector’s item, many may choose to throw them into a deck, so that the beautiful designs of these cards can be enjoyed during play.

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Full art Supporter cards are rare in Pokemon JCC expansion. Like the full versions of the EX, GX, V, or V-MAX cards, only a few full brackets are included in each expansion card listing. Many of these can also be obtained as Secret Rainbow Rare Cards. Those Pokemon the cards have an alternate coloring, with the image painted in a holographic rainbow instead of the original design colors. The Rainbow Secret Rare Cards may be considered more valuable than the Original Full Art, but some may find the Regular Full Art Cards more appealing, as they show off their favorite characters in their original, vibrant colors.

Pokémon TCG card characters are better designed than games: Leon

Leon Vs TCG Pokémon Card

The former champion of the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Shield has a unique and exciting design from the past Pokemon champions of the game series. With a royal cape and a baseball cap that resembles a crown, Leon is an intimidating presence when players first meet him in Sword and shield. However, all his art Pokemon The card takes its look and relies on the details that help it stand out as a character.

Leon’s map 2D artwork softens the limits of 3D for his expression, making him look confident and powerful. Leon’s hair also has a more organic flow, making it look less voluminous and windswept. He also looks much older, thanks to his body proportions which correspond better to that of an adult, as the JCC cards are not limited by Sword and Shield artistic style.

Pokémon TCG card characters are better designed than games: Milo

Milo Pokemon Card Supporter Art Better Than Sword Shield Games

Milo, the leader in grass-type gyms in Pokémon Sword and Shield has a unique design overall. The powerful and muscular build of this Gym Leader is contradicted by a facial expression similar to a Ditto, with a broad smile, a missing nose and eyes that are nothing more than green discs. Much like Champion Leon, Milo’s overall 2D design for the full art map softens the 3D rigidity of his Sword and shield model, bringing out his muscles with more volume. His expression is also more dynamic, with a wide open-mouthed smile. With the addition of the brightly colored background, Milo’s card design is far more intimidating than its appearance in the game.

Pokémon TCG card characters are better designed than the games: Hop

Pokemon Sword Shield TCG Hop Complete Art Card

Unlike his older brother, Hop has a much less intimidating presence in his character’s overall design for the Sword and shield Games. He is often seen frowning after losing a battle to the main character or heading towards the next big goal he has set for himself, instead of striking courageous poses in front of the stadium crowd. However, Hop’s true passion is correctly captured in the dynamic pose used for his Pokémon TCG full art card.

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Hop’s map also features a vivid blue sky in the background, making his dark skin and purple hair stand out in the illustration, instead of conforming more to the darker backgrounds found in Sword and Shield. Unlike the anxious and uncertain childhood friend of the Sword and shield games, the depiction of Hop’s map seems ready to meet any challenge in its path.

Pokémon TCG card characters are better designed than the games: Piers

Piers Pokemon Sword Shield TCG Complete Art Card

Piers, the dark-type gymnasium leader and occasional helpful companion in Pokémon Sword and Shield, has a dramatic style change in his Pokémon TCG full art card. His sleepy expression was exchanged for a dazzling gaze, and the sag he sports throughout Sword and shield has been replaced by a powerful, upright pose. Piers often describes himself as a coward or a passive, but in his full art map 2D illustration he looks like the mighty Gym Leader players face in Spikemuth. Piers also has a second art card complete with an illustration of himself as a young coach. This full art card is similar to his rare league card in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and the illustration shows a softer side of the punk character, with short hair as he leans in to stroke his Galarian Linoone.

Fortunately, for fans of Pokémon Sword and Shield, the characters are still missing Pokémon Trading Card Game because Supporters can appear in game-based expansions, which are still in the process of being released. The most recent Pokémon TCG expansion, Icy reign, will introduce some new Supporter cards in the TCG, including characters like the ex-champion Peony, as well as familiar faces from the past Pokemon regions like Flannery and Brawly. More card extensions for Sword and shield are yet to come, with Changing skies being the most recently announced for later this year. For this reason, fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Should keep an eye out and grab some boosters for an expansion set that might contain those special Supporter cards.

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