Scary app adds your face to video game characters


This new application simulates the faces of users on movie and video game characters, producing bewildering and sometimes impressive results.

Joel deepfake

A new app called Doublicate is able to stick their face on video game characters, movie scenes, etc. The app’s results, first recorded by VG24 / 7’s Kirk McKeand, are both disturbing and hilarious or impressive.

For those unfamiliar with the term, this is a process called deepfaking, where a person’s face is put in place of someone else’s using some pretty high-end technology. While it’s often used for harmless and silly things like this, it also has a negative side.

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While there is probably little risk in trying something like this, users should still be wary as deepfaking can be used in a very negative way – some people have had their faces rigged deeply on adult movie stars. , for example. A brief overview of the terms of use makes the app harmless, as it claims that facial feature data is only stored for a maximum of 30 days after your last use of the app and that it will not use your facial scans for the face. acknowledgement.


Dante Deepfake

Still, seeing your own face in place of iconic video game characters can be quite fun, and in some cases, even quite impressive. The free version of the app forces users to watch advertisements quite frequently, and yet limits some functions.

Doublicate is free on the App Store.

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Source: VG24 / 7

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