Smash Bros. will stick to video game characters, says Sakurai •


So forget your beloved Goku and Iron Man.

Smash Bros games. have a lot of characters, and a lot of them came from outside the Nintendo world. But that doesn’t mean characters from outside the world of video games will make an appearance in the ultra-popular brawler.

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Smash head of development Masahiro Sakurai took the stage to accept an award for the Switch game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and in doing so, said non-video game characters were banned for the popular franchise.

“I get all these kinds of requests from overseas like, ‘Where’s my beloved Iron Man?’ or “Where is my beloved Goku?” said Sakurai, as reported by the Twitter user Naruki, translated by Twitter user PushDustIn and verified by IGN.

“However, basically [Smash] will only contain video game content.”

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So, Smash will see Banjo and Kazooie and Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury as guest characters. But you won’t see the likes of Marvel characters or anime characters.

This is a different approach than, for example, NetherRealm Studios. Mortal Kombat 11 welcomes a host of guest characters from outside the world of video games, such as Spawn, Joker, and Terminator. Mortal Kombat X had Jason Voorhees, Predator, Alien, and Leatherface.

That’s not all Sakurai said on stage. He said that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was his last assignment from the late Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata.

“I’m sorry to bring up this personal story at a time like this,” Sakurai said, “but doing Smash Bros on the Switch was the last mission the late Satoru Iwata gave me.

“I put everything into the game, and with more DLC I will continue to work hard.”

Not too hard, I hope.

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