Sony Censors 20 Ladies game, characters replaced by rabbits


Sony is no stranger to censoring graphic nudity in its games, but Eastasiasoft has an interesting workaround for its upcoming game, 20 Ladies.


Video games and nudity have a strange relationship as different platforms have different rules about what bits games can and cannot show. This difference between platforms is perhaps better illustrated with future versions of 20 ladies on the switch and 20 rabbits on PlayStation consoles.

20 ladies is an upcoming platform game from Eastasiasoft known for its previous obscene titles like Hentai vs. Wrong, woman quest, and the Pretty girls series and, like some of its other titles, 20 ladies doesn’t shy away from nudity with its release on Nintendo Switch. Essentially, every time a player clears a single platform level, they see “an alluring picture”. The game’s release on PS4 and PS5, however, is completely overhauled to meet the restrictions Sony has on graphic nudity to the point where 20 ladies becomes a completely different game on the platform.


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Instead of being a platform game about collecting different numbers of naked women on each level, the PlayStation version of the game replaces all scantily clad ladies with fully clad anthropomorphic bunnies and changes the title accordingly to 20 rabbits. Sony has a habit of censoring sexual content and nudity on its platform, so it makes sense that 20 ladies would not be published in its original form. However, rethinking the game entirely around rabbits instead of nudity seems like a little overcorrection on Eastasiasoft’s part.

That said, the overblown nature of the fix could be seen as a blatant blow from Eastasiasoft to Sony’s restrictive content censorship requirements. Based on Eastasiasoft’s other obscene titles, it seems the studio is no stranger to Sony’s content restrictions, so it’s very possible that both games were developed to highlight the perceived absurdity of the censorship of the company. The glaring difference between the two games is clearly illustrated in their trailers which showcase the gameplay of both titles: one featuring rabbits safe for everyone and the other featuring women who are unsafe for work. .

The games themselves don’t have much to offer other than a basic platform that feels like a much simpler, less difficult version of. Super Meat Boy like 20 ladies and 20 rabbits features a square protagonist making his way through rotary saws and spike traps. While the games have platform elements, those aren’t really the things that draw fans to the titles before their November release date.

20 ladies will be released on November 19 for Nintendo Switch. 20 rabbits will be available on PS4 and PS5.

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