Squid game characters, ranked from least to most likely to win the Hunger Games

Competitors in Squid game are all very different people who come from different backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: they are desperate for money and are desperate to get it. This desperation forces players to do immoral things and betray loved ones until only one is left standing.

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For this reason, many have compared the successful Korean series to The hunger Games movie franchise. Instead of children’s games, if the competitors of Squid game were forced to play the Hunger Games, it’s very likely that things turned out in a different, but equally brutal, way.

ten Oh Il-Nam

Outside of the confines of his own game that he built, Oh Il-Nam would be at a considerable disadvantage to participate in the Hunger Games. Although he is one of the smartest characters in the series, Il-Nam only progressed the way he did because he probably knew the games beforehand and the best strategies associated with each.

As seen in the partnership phase before the Marble Game, most of the other contestants would have no mercy on Il-Nam and would quickly seek to eliminate the weak link. Seen during the blackout brawl, Il-Nam is good enough at avoiding dangerous conflicts, but he doesn’t have what it takes to be the last man standing.

9 Han Mi Nyeo

As Han Mi-nyeo sadly put it, she is “good at everything except the things [she] can not do. Unfortunately, in the world of The hunger Games, there are a lot of things she cannot do. She doesn’t have the physique to pull out other tributes and hasn’t been cunning enough to dodge the Gamemakers’ traps.

Worse yet, her squeaky personality is likely to cause internal strife in any alliance she finds herself in. While she can be a dangerous threat in a one-on-one scenario, she is highly unlikely to have the patience to outlast others.


8 Ji-Yeong

A photo of Ji-yeong sitting on the stairs in her blue tracksuit in Squid Game.

From what Ji-yeong tells of her story, there is little doubt that she is more dangerous than she suggests. Admitting to murdering her own father in revenge on her mother, it’s clear that she is capable of getting her hands dirty if necessary.

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This could be a valuable asset for Ji-yeong in the arena, as other contestants are likely to underestimate her due to her small stature. However, as seen in Squid game, Ji-yeong is the kind of person who would sacrifice himself for his friends. While this is an endearing trait, it doesn’t bode well for his chances of surviving the Games.

7 Seong Gi-Hun

Seong Gi-Hun looks confused in Squid Game

Seen by his performance in Squid gameSeong Gi-Hun is no slouch. He has no glaring physical or mental weaknesses to exploit, and his big-hearted and charismatic personality would serve well in forming an alliance capable of going far in the Games.

Sadly, his good nature would take over sooner or later. In several games, he was seen hesitating to do immoral things that would increase his chances of winning the cash prize. Since other competitors generally did not wield deadly weapons in Squid game, he got away easily; however, he wouldn’t be so lucky at the Hunger Games.

6 Abdel Ali

Abdul Ali is arguably the biggest physical threat on this list, despite a serious hand injury. He was strong enough to take the full weight of Gi-Hun with just one injured arm in the Red Light, Green Light match.

His strength would make him a valuable asset, and Ali would likely receive several alliance offers early in the game. It would help him progress far in the Games, but as Sang-woo understood, it was only it is a matter of time before the covenants turn on themselves. Ali’s confident nature would likely be his downfall again when his teammates eventually turned on him.

5 Jang Deok-Su

Of all the characters in the record Squid game, Jang Dyeok-Su understood better than most the kill-or-be-killed nature of the game. He was ready to make alliances with anyone as long as it suited him, and would reject them at his first inconvenience. Even knowing this, he still attracted many followers simply because of his imposing stature.

The most bloodthirsty tributes would follow with pleasure and kill for him. However, the doctor and his henchman only reluctantly followed him to get further into the games. Dyeok-su was not in command of his alliance loyalty and would likely fall victim to his own team once they ran out of targets.

4 Hwang Jun-Ho

As a detective serving in a police department, Hwang Jun-Ho should be one of the most skilled people in this group on paper. He continues to demonstrate this skill throughout Squid game, repeatedly evading detection and beating the game workers in melee.

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While working solo might be the best decision for his professional life, it would serve Jun-Ho a little bad at the Games. That, combined with his inquisitive nature, makes him an ideal target for gamemasters to trap in one of their famous traps.

3 Kang Sae-Byeok

Keeping a low profile and building up a stockpile of supplies is a proven recipe for success at the Games, and would put a player like Kang Sae-byeok to go far. Similar to Foxface in The hunger Games, Sae-byeok could use her thief skills to steal the cornucopia and undermine any powerful alliance.

Sae-byeok is faster and spookier than Foxface, but would also experience many of the same issues. Alone and without any established survival skills, the arena terrain would prove to be just as difficult to overcome as enemy players. Just like in Squid game, she might not win, but this fan favorite is sure to go a long way.

2 Cho Sang Woo

Cho Sang Woo looks shocked in Squid Game

Love him or hate him, Cho Sang-Woo has all the attributes needed to be a champion in the Hunger Games arena. He is in good physical shape and is a very smart and cunning player. Most importantly, Sang-woo doesn’t let his emotions cloud his judgment and can logically make difficult decisions.

While some may view him as too cold and calculating, he is able to simulate his emotions to form alliances when necessary. Sang-woo is the type of player who anticipates to avoid potential death, and even when cornered he is able to speak about freedom. He would be by far one of the hardest players to eliminate at the Games and would stand a good chance of winning it all.

1 In-Ho (The Front Man)

As one of only two actual winners seen, In-ho already has an established pedigree that others miss. The other winner, Gi-hun, was saved from death by a teammate in four of the six games and is probably not the threat that In-ho is. He proves he has a ruthless side by murdering his own brother without hesitation, which would serve him well at the Games.

While viewers never see his path to winning the games, it’s safe to assume that In-ho was a very calculating and efficient player due to his rise to be Front Man. Several players had won in the past, but only he was worthy of being the Front Man. Unlike Dyeok-su, his leadership is never questioned and he could most likely control the outcome of the Games from start to finish.

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