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Meme culture is one of the weirdest things about the 21st century. Thanks to the proliferation of internet spaces and social media, concepts can be communicated with a single image. These images are memes, and most of them are from popular culture. Given these origins, it’s not too uncommon to see video game characters featured in this ever-evolving form of online humor.

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These memeified characters often surpass the popularity of the game they debuted in. This can sometimes cause them to lose their context, but more often than not, memes are done in a fun way to communicate jokes and punchlines. No video game character is safe from internet mememakers and familiar faces from properties ranging from mario for Grand Theft Auto received the same treatment.


Without (Undertale)

A close up of the sans representation of Sr Pelo with text at the bottom.

Subtitle was one of the most iconic games of the 2010s. Its mix of humor and deep moralistic themes really surprised gamers. And perhaps there’s no character that underscores that better than Without the Skeleton. Often referred to as Sans Undertale by gamers, this character’s mix of humor and nihlism has led to both an outpouring of popularity and a massive backlash.

In the game, Sans is a mostly comedic character who is shown to have an important role in the Eleventh Hour. In the game’s darkest lane, it’s also the toughest boss fight and reveals its deeply nihilistic worldview. This made it attractive to some gamers in the public and led to its oversaturation in web memes.

Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa)

Komaeda is approached at Danganronpa.

Nagito Komaeda is the ultimate lucky student, and that’s all true. His luck is unfathomable and often extremely good or bad. He is physically and mentally ill, constantly referring to himself as trash. But he’s also involved in the show’s complex murder plots. This and his close relationship with the protagonist Hajime made him a divisive character and propelled him to memory.

D.Va (Overwatch)

D.Va Overwatch

Monitoring turns six in 2022, so some might forget what it looked like when it first came out. But at the same time Monitoring and its characters have established themselves pretty well at this point, things were different at launch. Hana Song, also known as D.Va, the professional gamer who pilots a robot, was one such character. His character was reimagined from player to “player”.

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Due to her career as a professional gamer, it has become common to portray her as a little gaming gremlin. She has been described as loving Doritos and exhibiting stereotypical gamer behavior. His modern fandom portrayal still has those qualities. Blizzard even followed suit, depicting her with accessories like hats and helmets as seen above.

Jack-O Valentine (Guilty Gear)

Guilty Gear Xrd's Jack O'Valentine does her signature crouching animation where she's crouching her head down.

Many women in video games are propelled to meme status due to bold designs. While Lady Dimetscru of Resident Evil 8 definitely pointed that out, she didn’t have an entire challenge based on her. Jack-O Valentine’s Guilty Equipment Effort did. Artists from all over social media have taken to drawing figures in this distinctive crouching pose.

The bubbly fighter drew a lot of attention to the game with her crazy pose. Recreating in-game animations, not just Jack-O’s, has become a bit of a meme. But Jack-O has exploded outside of the community of artists and fighting game players who would know it, and it’s great for bringing more attention to a great game.

Senator Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising)

Senator Armstrong moves nanomachines on his arm as he utters his iconic phrase.

metal gear is a bizarre and daring series, and has the villains to match. Senator Steven Armstrong of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is definitely one of them, although it only appears at the end of the game. The Senator has it all; an unforgettable fight, a complicated scene and great dialogues. The game itself is a behemoth meme, but Armstrong is the source of many of them.

The villain makes the most of his time by kicking protagonist Raiden to the sound of cheers from the audience. He says campaign slogans of several presidents and other famous Americans. He’s long boasted of his invincible nanomachine skin, and Raiden has a harder time with him than his nuclear tank. This has made him both an ironic and non-ironic political meme icon.

shadow the hedgehog

An edit of the Shadow the Hedgehog game cover told him "ow the edge,"

tropes in the sonic the hedgehog series generally skew edgy. Even before the Sonic Adventure titles, games had a lot of arrogant rivals and attitude. But with Sonic Adventure 2, they introduced the second most popular character in the franchise. Shadow the Hedgehog is controversial but beloved.

Shadow is a prototype science experiment gone mad with a broken memory. But honestly, nothing compares to its design and vibes. The black and red made him the poster boy for edgy rivals, and he got the guns and motorcycles to go along with that aesthetic. But it all came together for a meme that parodies the “so pissed” mindset.

Carl “CJ” Johnson

CJ with a damaged car in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto has tons of highly rated games in the series, like the seemingly eternally relevant GTA V. But for many fans, nothing is better than the show’s mid-2000s. San Andreas. The game was hugely ambitious and still has a polygonal charm to it. But one of the highlights was undoubtedly the charismatic protagonist, Carl Johnson.

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CJ, as he is known, brought a sure charm to the franchise that informed every GTA protagonist in the future. Plus, his interactions with his crew spawned tons of quotable lines. But by far CJ’s biggest meme is “Aw sh*t, here we go again.” This is often used as a reaction image online and can even be found in many TikTok videos.

Waluigi (Mario Tennis)

A perpetual outsider in the Super Mario universe, Waluigi is a complete and utter meme icon. He is the evil version of Luigi, like Wario is for Mario. This makes him the reflection of a reflection; a strange distorted character with exaggerated features. However, his quirky nature has made him a fan favorite.

He was originally created to be Wario’s doubles partner in tennis. But aside from being a cheat and weirdo, he doesn’t have many consistent character traits. This means fans have latched onto his weird moves and his catchphrase, “Wah.” Fans want to see him step into Super Smash Bros. and his own title game one day.

Morshu (The Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil)

Morshu from a cutscene in The Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil

the The Legend of Zelda the franchise is no stranger to memes. From Ocarina of time for breath of the wild, the series has no shortage of gamers sharing their experience in meme format. But when it comes to characters, you don’t expect characters like Tingle. You have to look at some of the franchise’s most notorious games, like The Faces of Evil.

Games developed by Phillips for their CD-i consoles have been memetic for years. The bizarre cutscenes (as shown above) led to tons of jokes. But one of the most cited has to be Morshu, a trader in a small town in the game. His signature lines like “Oil lamp? Rope? Bombs? You want it?” have been redone and remixed over and over again.

Teammate (among us)

Sifu mod adds playable teammates Among Us

Among us was the meme phenomenon of 2020. The social deduction game was hugely popular in live streaming and helped popularize the word “sus”. But in the following years, the adorable bean-like teammates took on a whole new look. People started seeing character design and game mechanics in all aspects of their lives, and putting them in other media, like above.

The characters have taken on a new post-ironic form in popular culture. Referring to the game became a joke for quite a while, but the game moved past that. The simple nature of the game and its small development team allowed it to overcome brand apathy and remain popular and loved. All the information and these two paragraphs are communicated by the simple sight of the team member. This makes it one of the densest memes to come out of video games.

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Elden Ring has easy modes that you don't actually use Gold Seed location

Elden Ring has “easy modes” that you don’t actually use

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Best video game characters of all time of 2022 Thu, 24 Feb 2022 22:57:15 +0000 [ad_1] This list is about the best video game characters of all time. We’ll do our best to make sure you understand this list of the best video game characters of all time. I hope you like this list Best video game characters of all time. So let’s start: About the best video game characters […]]]>


This list is about the best video game characters of all time. We’ll do our best to make sure you understand this list of the best video game characters of all time. I hope you like this list Best video game characters of all time. So let’s start:

About the best video game characters of all time

Games have come a long way in terms of storytelling. Deep and complex stories have been written in these huge simulated universes. However, the best stories are the ones with the best characters. When players experience a story, they tend to remember stories about characters they loved. Of course, this is especially true for the main character. It took a while, but eventually video games invaded our daily lives, first bringing kids to arcades to play their favorite titles, then moving into our homes, then moving into our pockets.

In the decades since the emergence of video games, the world has been blessed with a treasure trove of great characters. There are the characters we hate. There are characters that we love. Those who sow fear in our hearts. You can see a completely different picture of how video games present their most influential characters if you take them out of the equation and instead focus on those who debuted in this century. These characters are a powerful reminder of how gaming in general has changed since Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Check out the list of the best video game characters of all time

Mr bison

The dictator to some, M. Bison is the ultimate personification of evil and the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series, although he only appears in Street Fighter II. Like many villains, M. Bison’s ultimate goal is world domination. He tries to accomplish this through his underground crime syndicate known as Shadaloo. His in-game powers include a famous energy attack in which he spins through the air towards his opponent. He is known for the barely comprehensible “Ooga” that he shouts during the match when kicking.

doctor albert w. cunning

Dr. Wily is Mega Man’s nemesis; however, you probably haven’t heard of him unless you’ve played Mega Man or watched the animated series, where his character really took shape. Dr. Wily is basically a jealous hacker who is angry at the accomplishments of Dr. Light, who created Mega Man Dr. Wily. Much to his anger, he has reprogrammed many robots to become fighters in the last hope of…yes…world domination.

Gordon Freeman

Turn a physicist and investigator into an armed hero and you’ll end up with some awesome weapons. Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of the Half-Life series, wields everything from energy field manipulators to gluon guns. Freeman must battle an alien race known as the Crabs after being one of the survivors of a massive attack. As an investigator, the game points out that he did very little that had any real effect, Freeman is saving the planet one crab at a time.

trevor philips

Philips is a playable character in Grand Theft Auto V and arguably the best known. This is due, in part, to the outstanding performance of Steve Ogg, who used motion-sensing controls to render Philips cutscenes and voice the character. However, while he’s a villain in the game, Philips actually has a heart and cares about certain people in his life. This certainly contributes to his stature among those who play GTA, i.e. he is the main playable character in the online version of the game.

main boss

Master Chief is the iconic super soldier protagonist of the Halo series. It holds a special place in the hearts and minds of those who grew up with the shooter franchise. His motivation and character are often compared to Spiderman and Superman. He’s a protector and he’s as tough as anyone. This love can come from players who allow themselves to be Bosses and speak for them.

mega man

Mega Man the Bionic Hero is a high-jumping bionic hero who fires energy pulses from his arm cannon. It was also on the shelves of video game cartridges back in the day if you were a gaming fan. Mega Man can acquire new abilities and attributes in each version of Mega Man, which has been numerous. Mega Man is a classic character and should be among the ten most famous characters in video games.


Many people mistakenly call Link Zelda. However, Zelda is the name of the princess Link tries to save in the various Legend of Zelda games. Link is the hero of sword and arrow fights in player-controlled games. Link uses legendary swords like Master Sword in the games and uses other legendary artifacts for his quests.

What makes Link so iconic, of course, is the uniqueness of the video game series itself, as well as his status as a classic coming-of-age hero. It’s pure in many ways and has no dialogue, except for a few moans and moans, in games. Yet players love Link, perhaps more than Zelda!

Lara Croft

Along with several films starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, it rose to number two on our list. And it’s not hard to see what made it so popular with video gamers. It’s her… uh… killer boots of course! Seriously, she was one of the first female video game characters to shed some classic stereotypes. She is well educated and can kick ass with the best of them. And the developers have evolved her character over time to move away from the character’s obvious sexiness to highlight those other attributes that make Lara Croft a fan favorite.

Angelina Jolie has played Lara Croft in several films. It quickly rose to the top of our list at number 2. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular with video gamers. She was one of the original female video game characters to break some old stereotypes.

donkey kong

Donkey Kong, one of the earliest video game characters in history, has come a long way since the days of throwing wooden cubes down a series of slopes in “Jumpman.” He is also one of the few video game characters who started off as some kind of villain and became a protagonist in later games.

He won many hearts when he made his 3D debut in Donkey Kong Country and has since become one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. Donkey Kong was one of the first video game characters to appear. He started by throwing wooden buckets down the slopes of Jumpman. He was a popular character in Donkey Kong Country and has been a beloved Nintendo character ever since.


If a Pokemon becomes the franchise-defining Pokemon, that’s truly something special. Pikachu is the perfect example. Pikachu is so popular because it’s Ash Ketchum’s partner and the anime series’ starter Pokémon. Pikachu is so adorable! Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu in a movie about him.

When an individual Pokémon comes to define the entire franchise, you know it really is something special. And Pikachu just did! Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon in the video games. One of the main reasons for Pokemon’s popularity is that it partners with Ash Ketchum as the starter Pokemon in the anime series. Another likely reason is that Pikachu is so cute! And it doesn’t hurt when you have your own movie about you (Pokémon Detective Pikachu), and you’re voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Final Words: Best Video Game Characters of All Time

I hope you understand and like this list Best video game characters of all time, if your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section linked to this article. And if your answer is yes, please share this list with your family and friends.

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Realistic busts of game characters like Aerith from FF7 available for purchase Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:46:00 +0000 [ad_1] Online storefront FantasyToys sells hyper-realistic busts of video game characters from franchises like Final Fantasy, Red Dead, and Halo. Fans of video game memorabilia can now bolster their collections with a host of impressively detailed busts of their favorite characters. Novelty gaming merchandise is a huge market, and avid gamers are constantly on the […]]]>


Online storefront FantasyToys sells hyper-realistic busts of video game characters from franchises like Final Fantasy, Red Dead, and Halo.

Fans of video game memorabilia can now bolster their collections with a host of impressively detailed busts of their favorite characters. Novelty gaming merchandise is a huge market, and avid gamers are constantly on the lookout for things like statues, stickers, and clothing that commemorate popular IPs like Halo, Call of Duty, Monitoringand much more.

The idea of ​​high-quality collectibles isn’t new to those familiar with the gaming community. Video games are a massive and diverse medium that often emphasizes design and aesthetics, giving artisans and merchandising conglomerates plenty of opportunities to create unique and sought-after pieces themed around iconic properties. These goods can also be extremely expensive, with rare Pokemon cards and Funko POP! figurines sometimes selling for thousands of dollars each. Speculative buying is often rampant in these markets, with collectors frequently buying items in the hope that their value might multiply over the years.


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While brands like Funko have become popular with gamers by creating minimalistic replicas of famous video game characters, online storefront FantasyToys seems to be taking the opposite approach. As the popular content creator noted The sphere hunter on Twitter, FantasyToys is currently selling realistic 1:1 busts of characters from franchises like Final Fantasy, The last of usand God of the war. These busts are made with silica gel, as well as clothing fabric, although the artist behind these pieces does not disclose what specific fabrics are used.

In his tweet, The Sphere Hunter comments that the busts are expensive and some are oddly realistic. Some viewers might echo these sentiments, as it can be strange to see characters that were previously presented on a TV screen or computer screen in full 3D. It should also be noted that some detail-oriented collectors may find the accuracy of these busts to be variable: while many of them are extremely faithful to the on-screen portrayals of the characters, others are slightly off. Specifically, the busts of Arthur Morgan and Nathan Drake look a little different from how they appear in-game.

Nevertheless, these creations are extremely impressive and are sure to arouse the interest of collectors. Time will tell how FantasyToys fare when it comes to copyrights and merchandising, especially from giants like Sony and Square Enix. Hopefully, however, the artist (or artists) behind these works can reap the rewards of their labor without too much hassle.

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90 Day Fiance Memphis

90 Day Fiancé: Why Memphis Smith’s Life Size Shocked Fans

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Behind the Movement to Create More Black Video Game Characters Mon, 17 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 [ad_1] Edward Leonard, 13, of Bloomfield, Connecticut, has a message for the video game industry: “I would like to see more black leads.” Edward has been playing video games since he was 4 years old and rarely sees himself portrayed on screen. “I think a lot of game studios don’t think about making a black […]]]>


Edward Leonard, 13, of Bloomfield, Connecticut, has a message for the video game industry: “I would like to see more black leads.”

Edward has been playing video games since he was 4 years old and rarely sees himself portrayed on screen. “I think a lot of game studios don’t think about making a black protagonist,” he said. “But black people play video games. Many of us do. So they should show us in them.

Latoya Peterson understands this feeling all too well. She founded a creative games studio, Glow Up Games, with game designer Mitu Khandaker to provide a platform where underrepresented audiences can see themselves in the games they play.

Glow Up Games built a gaming experience around the hit HBO show “Insecure,” and its star, Issa Rae, was a consultant for the game’s creation. Despite the show’s success, the game was still challenging for sale because it features a black woman as the main character, Ms Peterson said. “The popular understanding in the games industry was that if you came from a game company and you had a good pitch deck, you could just fundraise. was not how it was going to happen for us.

“We were told there was no data to back it up,” Ms Peterson said, regarding Black, Indigenous and Colored players. “They told us they don’t know how many BIPOC people are playing, especially how many black women are playing.

“Nobody cared,” Ms Peterson continued. “Funding is the hardest part. You spend so much time justifying your existence to people who have no idea about your life, and it’s demoralizing. I really hated this process.

Credit…Luminous games

African Americans made up 14% of the population in 2018, according to Nielsen, which measures audience analytics. But 73% of African Americans ages 13 and older identified themselves as gamers, compared to 66% of the overall population, the company said. Additionally, 90% of African Americans lived in a household that owns a smartphone.

From a psychological standpoint, claims that a video game featuring a black lead character can’t sell are baseless, according to Katryna Starks, a media psychologist and game design teacher.

“In my research, I asked participants to play various games, one with a white female protagonist and one with a black female protagonist, and the results were very similar,” Dr. Starks said. “People cared about the adventure in the game, and there was no negative connotation when it came to the races of the characters.”

Representation becomes even more crucial when children start playing video games, Dr. Starks added. Relationships with video game characters have a cognitive social impact on gamers and can reinforce a sense of identity and social support.

“The absence of black characters in games is a very serious problem,” Dr. Starks said. “Black kids don’t see themselves as heroes, they don’t see themselves solving problems and wearing the capes. We deserve to feel that these game worlds were made for us too and that we belong there.

In addition to a lack of funding, black creators in the gaming industry also face an overwhelming lack of opportunity. The video game industry in the United States generates more than 428,000 jobs nationwide, according to a leading trade association. But only 2% of gaming industry professionals are black, according to a recent report.

Neil Jones is one such gaming professional. For many black developers, Jones said, networks operated by their white counterparts keep them out of major game studio roles.

“I was quitting the gaming industry because I really couldn’t find an opportunity,” Jones said. “I spent almost 10 years applying for jobs. The game industry has always had a type, and I didn’t fit the mold of what they thought a game developer looked like. So I decided to create a game by myself.

When Mr Jones found a publisher and released his game, ‘Never Yield’, he thanked the black gaming community for helping to create an opportunity for him by supporting his work. “There are so many black gaming groups looking for black people in the industry. They always supported me and rallied around me, and it made me feel like the game could be something.

AM Darke, assistant professor of digital arts and new media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, says the lack of black voices in the industry has led to what she describes as the trivialization of blackness in virtual spaces.

“I was working on a VR project, and since I wasn’t a 3D modeler myself, I was using a character designer,” Professor Darke said. She started looking for hairstyles in various 3D marketplaces and soon realized that searches for “black hair” did not yield positive results.

“I realized I had to figure out how a non-black person would think of me,” she said. “What search terms would make a black body visible to them?” Crafting her search terms around this framework, Professor Darke received results filled with offensive and stereotypical images.

This experience led Professor Darke to begin The Afro Hair Open Source Library, a 3D model database for black hair styles and textures. Its scholarship has provided funds for black artists to submit a variety of black hairstyles, which helps shape depictions of blackness for any game designer who wants to use them.

The representation gap reflects how white studio executives perceive what it’s like to be black, Professor Darke said.

The industry must not only hire black professionals, but also fight workplace hostility in order to retain them, said Shana T Bryant, a senior producer and 19-year game industry veteran.

“We’re attracting more black people — albeit still in very small numbers — to the front of the recruiting funnels who are being hired,” she said. “But they also come out of the funnel at some point very early in their careers.”

“The same hostility in the workplace that pushes black professionals out of the tech career pipeline also serves to push us out of adjacent spaces, such as professional conferences, networking events, social calendars, etc.,” a added Ms. Bryant. “Much of success in technology is about inclusion, and when access is denied, it leads to further marginalization and eventual exit from the industry.”

It will also take some time to see the impact of the 2020 racial justice protests, she said: “A quality big-budget game takes five to seven years to develop.”

“We may not see that in the gaming industry for a while,” Ms. Bryant said.

An immediate way to remove barriers for black professionals and gamers in the industry is to make gaming conferences more inclusive, Bryant suggested. The best power brokers in the industry attend major conferences and share vital information on building a career in games. However, most conferences can cost thousands of dollars to attend. Many participants are funded by their employers, which may further disadvantage black industry professionals who are not tied to a major studio.

“I play a game when I go to the Game Developers Conference every year: I count the number of black women I see there,” Ms. Bryant said. “It’s still very low. I’ve been counting since 2007, and I just hope the year there are so many that I lose count.

J. Nailah Avery writes about black history, culture, and travel. She is currently working on her first book.

Join us here to solve Crosswords, The Mini and other New York Times games.

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10 Famous Video Game Characters Who Slowly Disappeared Wed, 29 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 [ad_1] Fame doesn’t last forever. Eventually the spark dies out and you are forgotten. It’s unfair, but it can happen to anyone, even video game icons. RELATED: 10 Iconic Video Game Characters Who Were Introduced In Surprising Places (& Which Game They First Appeared In) Gambling in pop culture is still relatively new. But despite […]]]>


Fame doesn’t last forever. Eventually the spark dies out and you are forgotten. It’s unfair, but it can happen to anyone, even video game icons.

RELATED: 10 Iconic Video Game Characters Who Were Introduced In Surprising Places (& Which Game They First Appeared In)

Gambling in pop culture is still relatively new. But despite this, not all iconic characters are destined to exist forever. While it may seem that some franchises are stationary monoliths, some of them aren’t meant to be long term. Whether due to creative decisions or legal issues, certain franchises and characters are slowly disappearing from the game.


Toadsworth – Super Mario Bros.

Toadsworth in Super Mario Bros.

With a series as large as mario, of course, some characters will occasionally slip through the cracks. Some may end up taking a long sabbatical, like Pauline. Some can disappear after an appearance, like Wart. And some may appear just intermittently enough to never be considered gone, like Birdo.

But Toadsworth, Princess Peach’s former servant, doesn’t match any of these. During the 2000s, after his debut in Super Mario Sun, he made consistent appearances. He was even playable in some of the sports titles. But sadly, his last appearance in a game that wasn’t a remake was in 2013.

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Jill Valentine

the resident Evil the show loses characters all the time. That’s partly because of its nature as a zombie franchise. But because it also rotates the protagonist characters every resident Evil game, some are not always in the spotlight. Resident Evil 1 protagonist, Jill Valentine, is probably the most notable victim.

Jill and fellow lead Claire Redfield haven’t appeared on the show much outside of remakes. While these remakes are recent and help keep the characters relevant, the main series continues. As Chris Redfield continues to appear, his partner and sister have been left behind. Considering they were female PS1 icons, fans hope to see them again soon.

Almost All Supporting Characters – Sonic The Hedgehog

Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog

Since Sonic Adventurethe sonic the hedgehog The series had been criticized for its large cast of supporting characters. Almost all of the major entries in 2 then introduced a new supporting character. But around the mid-2000s, the number of playable characters and additional game mechanics increased. But there is an overcorrection.

Now Sonic titles often get the opposite review. Typically, the only playable character is Sonic himself. Although Tails usually appears, he usually plays a small role. The only supporting character to be consistently important is Eggman. Fans hope that will change in the next one Sonic borders.

Ms. Pac-Man – Pac Man

This is certainly the most unfortunate disappearance on this list. Gaming icon Ms. Pac-Man hasn’t appeared in Pac-media since the 2000s. In fact, new female Pac characters have appeared in her place. This is the result of a complex legal web of ownership.

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Long story short, the original programmers of Ms. Pac-Man wanted to be paid every time she was used. They then sold his character rights to AtGames. Unfortunately, it seems that Pac man had the closest thing to a divorce a game character could have.

Mega Man X – Mega Man

In 2018, Mega Man 11 has been freed. This followed a severe drought in Mega Man titles, and fans of Capcom’s former mascot were thrilled to see the franchise return. After all, there are plenty of subseries that fans wanted to come back to. But now, years later, and this classic series title is the only recent release.

Of all the Mega Men fans had come to expect to see X’s games. X was often seen as a wonderful refinement of the formula. But not again mega man the titles of one of the series have been released. Even previous game builds are starting to slow down, causing fans to worry that they’re headed for another drought.

Muffet – Undertale

Muffet in Undertale gameplay

Subtitle was a video game full of charming characters and things to find. Its sequel, Delfarune, features most of them in small but fun roles. But of all the major named characters, one is missing. Muffet, the shopkeeper at the spider bake sale, is nowhere to be found.

Most of the characters in Subtitle were recast in domestic roles, so you’d expect to see the character who already had one. Like Deltarune comes out sporadically, there’s always a chance we’ll see her again in the future. It’s also possible that it wasn’t included because it was made by a Kickstarter backer, not the developers. Whatever the reason, fans hope she won’t be left behind.

Mr. Resetti – Animal Crossing

animal crossing figure of mr resetti

Iconic doesn’t always mean beloved. Sometimes the characters are recognized because they are painful. Sonny Resetti from animal crossing series is one of those moles. It would appear and chastise the player for not saving their game before shutting it down.

RELATED: 10 Features Coming With The Recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update

Resetti was a deterrent against backup tactics. But since recent games incorporated auto-save mechanisms, Mr. Resetti became obsolete. In the new title, New Horizons, he was almost completely absent before the new patch brought him back as a guest on the island. It’s very unusual to see a video game character lose their job due to automation.

Demitri – Darkstalkers

Demetri from Darkstalkers

Technically the entire cast of Capcom’s old ’90s fighting game series, dark stalkers, could fit here. Although the series doesn’t appear to be returning, the protagonist, Morrigan, has popped up all over the place. But despite being the show’s most popular character, Morrigan wasn’t originally intended to be the protagonist. Instead, the vampires Demitri and Donovan were meant to be the leads.

Morrigan ended up becoming the protagonist of the last and greatest episode of the series, Darkstalkers 3. It seems that the developers ended up preferring her to the vampire princes. Although Demitri is the reason for the show’s plot, Morrigan is the one who always appears in crossovers, spinoffs, and costumes. Maybe one day fans will see a Dark Stalkers 4 that brings everyone back to the fore.

Warcraft Ogre – Warcraft

Ogres in Warcraft

Importance drift doesn’t just happen to single characters. In the case of Warcraft‘s Ogres, it happened to a whole species. In Warcraft II, they were the second most important race in the Horde. In Warcraft III, they were downgraded to neutral characters.

But that wasn’t the worst for the ogres. In World of Warcraft, a black dragon destroys their homeland. This greatly reduced the number of Ogre NPCs in the world. Even now, years later wow‘s life, they are the only ones not playable Warcraft II race.

Rayman – Rayman

Rayman goes through one of the original levels

Sometimes franchises slowly disappear. The last match of the Rayman The series is from the early 2010s. Ubisoft’s limbless mascot may have been their poster child at one point, but they don’t seem keen on using it anymore.

In the mid-2000s, the series morphed into Rabbids lateral series. Fans feared that it would exceed Rayman, and unfortunately, they seem to have survived him. With series creator Michel Ancel leaving in 2020, it seems unlikely that fans will see more of the mascot. Some things don’t last forever, which is why preserving and re-releasing old games is so important.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus depicts an era of transformation in Hisui, where Pokémon are beginning to be seen as something other than wild creatures

Legends: Arceus reveals how Pokemon went from fearsome to friendly

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There are a lot of strong female video game characters Tue, 28 Dec 2021 04:47:56 +0000 [ad_1] There are many female video game characters out there for everyone to enjoy. And you don’t have to search hard to find them. The video game community on Twitter went up in arms today, and I thought it was just something stupid someone had said. Being who I am, I decided (bad idea, I […]]]>


There are many female video game characters out there for everyone to enjoy. And you don’t have to search hard to find them.

The video game community on Twitter went up in arms today, and I thought it was just something stupid someone had said. Being who I am, I decided (bad idea, I know) to see what the problem was and what I found shocked me. Well, not really, but it bothered me because of the amount of misinformation I had noticed.

There was a recent Bloomberg article from All Places that is all about video games and apparently thinks for good reason that there is a lack of positive female portrayal in games. After researching and reading it, the coin is everywhere. We talk about the toxic nature of Activision-Blizzard, with whom I co-sign. But then the play seems to jump into a whole different subject and completely skip the shark.

Now, I’m not the type to try to blow up a fellow gaming journalist. At the same time, I won’t let false information like this spread because I know how damaging it can be. I have been involved in many debates on the internet regarding women if they belong to video games, and believe me when I say; they were bad conversations. These are conversations that I’m more than happy to report belong to the game and the game is all the better for them when they are included. Sure, I’m a guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about representation in video games, whether it’s gender, race, or nationality.

Nadine Ross is tough, sexy and an amazing character.

So this play, to be frank, really frustrated me. I imagine anyone working for Bloomberg would at least review the article and get it peer reviewed. There’s no way someone who claims video games lack female characters will actually believe him. Can they? To me, it’s disrespectful to those who pushed and fought to get these female characters created that we all met while playing in the first place.

Honestly, the entire article reads more like a piece of plush for PlayStation’s Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. Games featuring a well-known female character, Aloy. A character who was celebrated because of his design and his positive influence. She’s great, and I’m not trying to take anything away from Aloy, but it looks like this Bloomberg piece was written by someone who doesn’t play a lot of video games or someone who chooses to ‘ignore the large (and still growing) list of positive and popular female characters in video games.

Instead, they choose to put one in a positive light while also bringing up several others and making them reject them because they have a certain sexualization. One character, in particular, is the popular Umbra Witch Bayonetta – a character who was nonetheless conceived by a woman; Husband Shimazaki. If you don’t know who she is, look for her.

As for the lack of representation of female characters in video games, I don’t see it. There are a lot of them, and I’ve experienced quite a few in my long playing history. Here are a few of those characters.

  • Alyx Vance – Half Life 2, Half Life: Alyx
  • Chell – Gate 1 and 2
  • Chun-Li – Street Fighter Series
  • Samus Aran – Metroid Series
  • Fran – Final Fantasy XII
  • Max and Chloe – Life is Strange
  • Jonna Dark – Perfect black
  • Princess Zelda / Sheikh – The Legend of Zelda
  • Aya Brea – Parasite Eve
  • Red – Transistor
  • Eivor Varinsdottir – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Kassandra – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Blaze – Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle
  • Sarah Kerrigan – StarCraft
  • Jill Valentine – Resident Evil Series
  • Claire Redfield – Resident Evil Series
  • Ellie – The Last of Us
  • Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII
  • Claire “Lightning” Farron – Final Fantasy XIII
  • Juliana Blake – Death Loop
  • Faith Connors – The Edge of the Looking Glass
  • Commander Shepard – Mass Effect
  • Senua – Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice
  • Selene – Return
  • Nadine Ross – Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End
  • Chloe Fraser – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • Elena Fisher – Uncharted

This is a very small list of female video game characters that we have all enjoyed at one point or another. Female characters who are either the main character in a game, or a major character, or a character who made such a lasting impression that we would never forget them. I made sure to forget about the characters that people would say are too sexy to make the list – and I know that’s a strong positivity. Still, every name on the list rejects the “Damsel in Distress” trope and can easily replace any strong guy in a lineup.

Alyx Vance - Half Life Alyx

Alyx Vance continued to star in his own game, Half-Life: Alyx.

It also bothers me that the author of said play has completely disrespected the icon of the game, Lara Croft. Sure, the original character pushed the line to be sexy, but she also helped usher in a new era of gaming. The Tomb Raider games featured a no-frills British character who was big on action and got us going. provided some damn good gaming experiences. Of all the gaming characters in the world, Lara Croft is the one who demands respect for everything the character and the Tomb Raider series have accomplished.

Lara Croft is a character who has been celebrated countless times for being an icon. A character that everyone can relate to, and not because she is sexualized. I would even say that without Lara Croft, we wouldn’t have seen so many female characters in our video games. This includes Aloy, a character who shares several similarities with Lara Croft outside of wielding a bow. To disrespect Lara Croft, I’m just showing myself that this particular author is totally ignorant of the game – or click fishing.

Let this author say that “Characters like Aloy remain too rare among mainstream games. As a video game enthusiast, I find it uncomfortable playing flagship titles like Tomb Raider, Genshin Impact, or Bayonetta, which all feature female characters in skimpy outfits. This confirms my initial thoughts. For starters, they haven’t played any of the Tomb Raider games. Including reboots – unless wearing shorts or cargo pants is now considered skinny. I mean, where’s the last time Lara Croft wore something slightly skinny?

When it comes to mainstream games, I guess he hasn’t heard of any of the games I’ve mentioned before. Including the award-winning Returnal which featured a strong-willed female protagonist who finds herself stranded on an alien planet. Fighting not only the planet, but his own mind in a test of intelligence and survival. Or Metroid Dead, or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, or Deathloop.

You can see where I’m going here.

The Tomb Raider Rebooted series introduced a new Lara Croft.

Lara Croft is easily one of the most famous gaming icons.

Speaking of looks, I also have a problem with that. Where is it said that female video game characters cannot be powerful, demanding, encouraging, and have the ability to save the world because they look like a role model? It’s a recurring theme, but when it comes to men it’s okay. So why must he be any different from women? I have news for you, not all of us six 6’3 with 2% body fat and abs of steel. Still, that’s how the males are presented.

This conversation comes up far too often, and it is high time we got over it. People come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I have seen gorgeous, dead women who are police officers, paramedics, cashiers, lawyers, teachers, boxers, and MMA fighters. This notion is outdated and no longer has its place in the game or in life. Heroes, saviors, and complete badass can be anyone. However, I agree that going too far, as we’ve seen in several games, is also a problem. What’s ironic is that this Bloomberg piece pushes Aloy and frowns on sexualization and body types. Still, the character’s facial features are inspired by actress and model Hannah Hoekstra.

Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn

As for Aloy, again, she’s great, but she’s not the first, and that’s perfectly normal. She’s one of the video game icons that people can relate to over the past few years, but she’s not the only one. Instead, she joined a long list of female video game icons that I’ve already enjoyed the company of while playing. Female game icons have made video games a better place for everyone, and we’re lucky to see that the game has matured to the point where companies are ready to include female characters in their video games.

If you’re convinced that it’s rare to find a worthy female character in mainstream and indie video games, there might be a reason for that. However, you either play the wrong games or you don’t play video games at all. Because I find it highly suspicious that anyone who makes video games these days has not come across the list of characters I have already mentioned. If so, it’s a fucking shame and needs to be fixed immediately.

Finally, I’m always ready to talk about this important conversation about games. Or any gaming conversation that needs to take place. You can reach me here or on Twitter – I welcome the speech.

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10 Video Game Characters With The Craziest Haircuts Sun, 26 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 [ad_1] Video game characters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and most of them were born from the imaginations of various creative designers who wanted to make them stand out. Sometimes that meant gifting or cursing them with crazy hairstyles that defy logic. RELATED: 10 Video Game Movies Everyone Forgot About Some of these […]]]>


Video game characters come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and most of them were born from the imaginations of various creative designers who wanted to make them stand out. Sometimes that meant gifting or cursing them with crazy hairstyles that defy logic.

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Some of these hairstyles are so iconic that they’ve become inseparable from their respective characters, and any attempt to change the formula would be met with backlash. Others are caricatures that push the boundaries of creativity in terms of design and actual game mechanics, proving how fertile video games are for the imagination.


Guile (street fighter)

Street Fighter trickery

Guile’s haircut is largely a play on the 1980s flattop styles worn by action movie heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but far more over the top. The length of the cut is astronomical, which is odd considering Guile is a Major in the US Air Force.

Although he’s not busy beating his opponents to reach M. Bison, Guile keeps the haircut in pristine condition with his trusty pocket comb. Despite the threat of blood, sweat, dirt and helmet hair, he maintained the style throughout several street fighter video game slices, proving he’s just iconic.

Jackie Welles (Cyberpunk 2077)

Jackie from Cyberpunk 2077

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is always persistent cyberpunk game glitches, extravagant hairstyles, body modification and makeup. So it’s no surprise to see Jackie Welles sporting such an interesting haircut. The lower sides are shaved to make way for a hair with particular trims and a knot in the back.

The most notable feature of the hairstyle is the patterned cut on top of her skull, with a single tuft of hair sticking out just above the forehead. In some ways he resembles Mo’s The Three Stoogesif the character existed in the cyberpunk age, and decided to get creative with her full hair.

Blue Suede Mud (Clayfighter)

Clayfighter Blue Suede Goo

Elvis had wild hair, but Blue Suede Goo’s clay fighter attempted to augment the icon the character was based on. Obviously, the hairstyle in question has been grossly exaggerated to cartoonish levels, much like the funny diaries, but it’s worth mentioning regardless.

Blue Suede Goo embodies Elvis in his later, more eccentric years, and the hairstyle is the icing on the cake. It extends about two feet from his forehead, breaking the laws of physics in the process. That combined with the suede suit perfects the whole thing.

Dr. Wily (Mega Man)

Dr. Wily from Mega Man

As far as mad scientists go, Dr. Wily is definitely up there, and he’s got a hairstyle to match. The Evil Doctor went bald at the top, with two Captain Picard-style sides that grew to epic proportions, giving him his sloppy, off-kilter appearance.

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Wily’s personality tends to take center stage mega man games, which means her haircut is more of an icing on the cake. Then again, with plans as ambitious as his, there’s probably little time left to visit the barber for a cut.

Sindel (Mortal Kombat)

Sindel from Mortal Kombat

This powerful mortal combat The fighter sports an out-of-this-world hairstyle, and it’s even been used as a weapon in games. In Mortal Kombat 3, Sindel could use her hair as a projection mechanism and proved capable of growing exponentially at all times.

Other moves include the Mane Squeeze, which grabs an opponent and pulls them towards her, so she can knock them back, plus a few hair-related fatalities for good measure. It’s easily his signature trait, alongside his death scream.

Maester Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X)

Seymour Guado from Final Fantasy X

It’s a mystery as to how Maester Guado managed to perfect his peculiar haircut, but either way, it’s one of the craziest in video game history. Her powder blue hair has somehow been twisted into several large blades that protrude from the sides and front of her head, making her an instantly recognizable character.

The character is an antagonist in Final Fantasy X, so it’s obvious that the designers tried to give it a bit of a mean look. As such, the protrusions of bladed hair somewhat resemble horns, giving the character an eerie aura, which contrasts with the rather bright colors with which he is adorned.

Paul Phoenix (Tekken)

Paul Phoenix from Tekken

You could say that Paul Phoenix was inspired by the characters of Ken and Guile, Street fighter. Indeed, he has a mix of both of their traits, from Ken’s red outfit to Guile’s hair. It’s the latter that really sets it apart from the rest. tekken characters though.

Nobody knows how much hair gel is needed to keep his hair starry-eyed this vertical, but it sets him apart from the rest. In fact, the hairstyle alone makes him instantly recognizable among fighting game characters, even if it’s a little too derivative of Guile’s haircut.

The Survivor (Ark: Survival Evolved)

Ark's Survivor: Survival Evolved

The survivor of Ark starts out with relatively short hair or no hair, depending on player preference, but that changes quickly. Whether male or female, the Survivor must search for necessities, while their hair grows at a geometric rate.

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Within hours, players will be running as if they just stepped out of a prehistoric cave. Luckily, scissors can be crafted to deal with those impossible manes, but only a specific tweak to the game’s INI settings will prevent the hair from growing back to its full length in such a short time.

The Masked Ninja (Revenge Of Shinobi)

The masked ninja from Revenge of Shinobi

The mysterious Masked Ninja is the final boss of Shinobi’s Revenge, for the Sega Genesis. This is one of the toughest levels in the game, requiring players to race against time in order to save the life of the damsel in distress. In order to save him from being crushed to death, players must annihilate the masked ninja before it’s too late.

The character is also featured on the original game’s cover art with a long white mane. It’s not just for show either. The masked ninja twirls his hair like a weapon, dealing immense damage. He can even spin his hair like a boomerang, catching players off guard after landing a hit.

Daryan Crescend (Apollo Justice)

Apollo Justice's Daryan Crescend

Rock guitarists have sported all sorts of wild hairstyles over the years, and Daryan Crescend is just building on the foundation they’ve created. The hairstyle resembles a fox tail with a white painted tip that seems to shoot straight out of her head like a bullet.

The hair also seems to have a mind of its own, reacting to Daryan’s specific emotional states. When shocked or agitated, the bonded hair tends to swing up and down, only to curl neatly back into place once the tension has passed. Either way, it’s one of the craziest video games.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Version Leaks Before Announcement

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Most Unique Fighting Game Characters Wed, 22 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0000 [ad_1] When most people think of fighting game characters, they probably think of characters like Ryu – good old, reliable, boring Ryu. These base characters have plenty of options, are well balanced, and are ideal for new players. However, once these characters are out of the way, the real fun can begin. Related: Fighting Games […]]]>


When most people think of fighting game characters, they probably think of characters like Ryu – good old, reliable, boring Ryu. These base characters have plenty of options, are well balanced, and are ideal for new players. However, once these characters are out of the way, the real fun can begin.

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A great fighting game character will have a unique style, but the best ones have some interesting quirks too. Some of these characters may end up playing a completely different game than their opponents. While the Kens and Ryus of the world bring stability, these oddballs bring chaos, and fighting games wouldn’t be the same without them.

ten Q – Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Q from Third Strike doing a battle station (this is his character select screen)

Q is a slower and heavier version of Balrog. He has those classic punches, but his normal attacks are slow. Which is a serious problem in a game like Third Strike where everyone has a parry. So what makes this slow, janky dude interesting? Well, Q has a taunt that significantly increases his defense. Additionally, his taunts can stack up to three times. This means Q can essentially double the amount of health he has.

Suddenly Q isn’t looking to close the distance after landing a big jab that sends the opponent flying, he’s looking to get another taunt. It also forces your opponent to come towards you, since no one wants to face Q after he’s been fully buffed. Q isn’t a particularly strong character (you know, besides his huge health pool), but he East a very interesting one.


9 Ginyu – Dragonball FighterZ


Ginyu from Dragon Ball FighterZ has style, but he also has all the Ginyu strength. Every member of the Ginyu force appears in Ginyu’s attack, but here’s the catch: you don’t choose which member of the Ginyu force you get. Instead, they’re on a fixed rotation, which means you have to keep track of who has spawned.

If that’s not enough for you, Ginyu has one more trick up his sleeve: he can change his body! This means that you will have the option to exchange your defeated Ginyu for one of your opponent’s healthy characters.

8 Heroes – Smash Brothers: Ultimate

Heroes of Smash Bros.  Ultimate casting fire spell

The Smash Brothers series is already a very unconventional fighting game that is home to many unconventional characters. However, Hero from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate really stands out. What makes Hero so interesting is his access to a whole host of Dragon Quest spells.

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These spells work the same as in the Dragon Quest series, which means you have to manage your MP gauge. Accessing it will require sifting through your menu (which is difficult when you’re playing a frenetic platformer). It’s a nifty way to introduce RPG-like mechanics into a platform fighter.

7 Rogue – X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Thief

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter made sure Rogue got his entire moveset from the comics. She can fly and she hits hard, but she also has her signature ability to steal powers. Yes, that is correct; Snape can take a power from an opponent and use it for the rest of the turn.

Each character has a different power that Rogue can take. The amount of work required to include this capability must have been immense. Which explains why she unfortunately didn’t have this ability in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. You can’t earn them all.

6 Aria – Killer Instinct

Aria from Killer Instinct sitting on a throne

Aria is the boss of the 2013 reboot of Killer Instinct. She has three forms (called “drones”) that have different moves associated with them. Of course, fighting game characters with multiple stances aren’t new, but the implementation with Aria is quite unique.

Each form has its own health bar. This means that if one of her forms is mishandled, she will have to change it or risk losing it. Each form also has its own movement speed. Aria has assist attacks for each drone that can be used when unequipped (or destroyed). Aria feels like playing an entire Marvel vs. Capcom team, but in a one-on-one fighting game.

5 Lowain – Granblue Versus

Lowain (and his brothers) summon Yggdrasil to aid him

The goofiest character on the Granblue Versus roster is also the most interesting. Lowain can consume food mid-battle to restore health, and many of his moves are quasi-assists that use his “brothers”, or his robot double Katarina (don’t ask), to hit high, down or rain down a barrage of different projectiles on his opponent. However, its great is where things really get interesting.

Lowain has an honest invocation to kindness. Yggdrasil is not just an attack, no, for a time Lowain brings this god into battle to fight on his behalf. This giant has a variety of powerful attacks. While experienced players will likely be able to navigate these moves effectively, less experienced players will suffer. This super explains why Lowain’s dishes are unseasoned: you provide the salt.

4 Dan – Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's Dan Is A Goofball And Aggression For The Camera

Wait, Dan? What’s so interesting about Dan? Sure, he’s funny, but he’s just a bad Ryu, right? These comments would have been valid (hurtful, but valid) a few Street Fighters ago, but Dan became a whole new character in Street Fighter 5. Capcom began to evolve his taunts in Street Fighter 4 by allowing them to build his counter .

Street Fighter 5 took this concept and used it. Now Dan can also cancel his taunt attacks and then cancel his taunt attacks (only one taunt cancel per combo, of course), meaning he can link two attacks that would otherwise be impossible to link together. But mess up and you’ll find yourself taunting like a jester (very characterful) and just begging to be tricked.

3 Jack-O – Guilty Equipment Revealer 2

Jack-O' charges Ky Kiske with two of his minions in Guilty Gear Strive

If you’re a fan of the RTS genre, we’ve got the fighting game character for you. Jack-O builds bases for minions. She has three types of bases which are associated with three types of minions. These troops attack your enemies and after some downtime the bases level up (as do the associated minions).

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On top of all that, Jack-O has a number of abilities to help protect bases, allowing his small army to pump out soldiers. Fighting Jack-O in Revelator 2 is like fighting a swarm of bees.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's Phoenix Wright Accusing Someone Of A Crime

In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Phoenix Wright gameplay begins with him finding evidence, then presenting the evidence, and finally making an accusation. At this point, Phoenix’s regular attacks become massive, his best attack becoming a giant fleeting accusing finger that he can use at will.

Phoenix Wright can use the evidence to activate a super and pursue his opponent. This super can strike from anywhere and does massive amounts of damage. Playing Phoenix well requires using helpers (and Maya) to defend him while he searches for that precious, valuable evidence. It can be an uphill battle, but he’s a force to be reckoned with when he gets all three pieces. Any objection to Phoenix’s inclusion here will be dismissed.

1 Junpei – Persona 4: Arena Ultimax

Junpei from Persona 4: Arena Ultimax with his baseball gauge highlighted for emphasis

Junpei is the only fighting game character that lets you play baseball. At the bottom of the screen is a baseball field and a tally that records balls, hits, and outs. When you hit someone with your bat, it’s a base hit (which will light up a base), a blocked attack is a ball, and getting four hits will get you a run. Swing and miss with your bat and you get a hit, three hits and you get an out while being hit is also an out. Three outs and the bases will be erased.

Junpei also has a super home attack that will clear the bases. Get 10 runs and Junpei receives a huge bonus that grants him access to “clean hit”, which makes bat attacks stronger and improves a number of his special moves. Is all this ridiculous? Yes. But that’s the right kind of ridiculous. The kind of ridiculousness that makes Junpei the most interesting fighting game character ever.

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Serebii 22
Bing removes Pokemon Serebii website from search results

Bing, what do you have against Serebii?

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6 game characters who deserve a chance in Fortnite Fri, 17 Dec 2021 08:48:23 +0000 [ad_1] Has there ever been a game with as many crossovers as Fortnite? We’ve seen it all, from Radiohead billed as a lobby runway, to players able to wear Jordan outfits and sneakers, to pop singer Ariana Grande becoming a playable character with her own story arc. For the weight of playable characters, Fortnite could […]]]>


Has there ever been a game with as many crossovers as Fortnite? We’ve seen it all, from Radiohead billed as a lobby runway, to players able to wear Jordan outfits and sneakers, to pop singer Ariana Grande becoming a playable character with her own story arc.

For the weight of playable characters, Fortnite could still correct being a bit short of the Super Smash Bros. franchise. –– but the breadth of collaborations puts Nintendo’s beloved brawler to shame. You won’t soon see musicians like Marshmello or sports stars like England football captain Harry Kane take on Mario.

Amid Fortnite’s endless collaborations, some of the most exciting have involved characters from other games – with Gears Of War’s Kait Diaz and Marcus Fenix ​​being among the last to join in on the action.

This category, however –– of characters from the larger game universe –– is pretty much endless. So, just for fun, we wanted to suggest a few possibilities for future additions to Fortnite.

SNK list

You could argue that the character crossover phenomenon started in the late ’80s and early’ 90s with SNK’s beat-em-ups; King Of Fighters games basically consisted of tournaments between characters from other franchises like Fatal Fury and Metal Slug. In 1999, SNK also partnered with Capcom for the SNK Vs Capcom series, which pitted SNK characters such as Terry Bogard and Leona against characters like Zangief from Street Fighter and Rolento from Final Fight. Considering that Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li have made appearances in Fortnite before, some duo-duo Battle Royale action would be pretty cool. Either way, we would love to see some of the SNK roster introduced to Fortnite.

Fox mccloud

We know… we know… Nintendo doesn’t license its characters for anyone else’s games. Never. But that’s also what everyone was saying about Disney, until Kingdom Hearts came along. Incidentally, Star Fox’s IP is a part Nintendo hasn’t visited in some time; McCloud’s last appearance in Star Fox Adventures on Gamecube dates back to 2002! This game was a 3D action / adventure – think Super Mario 64 et al – – that paved the way for today’s sandbox style games, like Fortnite. So if Nintendo were to see him again, and maybe if Fox were a limited-time character used to promote a Star Fox revival on the Nintendo Switch game… maybe it could happen?

Rich wilde

You might not have realized it if it wasn’t your favorite gaming area, but online casinos – and slots in particular – produce a lot of colorful characters these days. Rich Wilde is perhaps the most recognizable of the bunch. He’s been with us since the release of Rich Wilde And The Aztec Symbols in 2013 and has since been attached to a number of hit slot games such as Aztec Idols and Tome Of Madness. Wilde is a handsome, brash (sounds familiar?) Archaeologist who just exudes a sense of adventure. It would certainly be a fun addition, and we have a hunch that casino developers wouldn’t mind loaning it out to gain visibility.


While Rich Wilde paved the way for slot machine heroes, there have been plenty in his wake. Most notable among the hemlines are the holder Gonzo from Gonzo’s Quest and Cashtro from Cashtro’s Voyage. Both games are about exploring new adventurous lands and waters. But while Gonzo has had the biggest impact on the online casino industry, the Cashtro’s Voyage slot hosted at Gala Bingo features a more battle-ready character. This game was originally programmed by Konami, so it should come as no surprise; the company has created memorable game characters ranging from 1981’s Frogger and Bomberman to Metal Gear’s Solid Snake. Cashtro, for his part, is a beefy starship captain who seems ready to pounce on Fortnite and do some damage.


Not Top Gun’s Goose, but the character from… well… Untitled Goose Game. It is basically a game in which a goose annoys you endlessly. It would take a special type of player to play like The goose; everyone hated this goose. But if Epic wants to sell more in-game weapons for Battle Royale, this would be a smart character to adopt. Take that goose out at the very start of a battle before it starts to bore you with rakes? So satisfying. People want to atomize this goose from space. Twice.

Skyrim Guard

“I was an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee. It’s been a quote meme for a long time, coming out of the Elder Scrolls forums and ending up posted endlessly in Reddit’s responses to the most unlikely topics. Wouldn’t you like to know a story? What was the life of this enigmatic guard like and how did he end up on the wrong side of a talented archer? It would be a great ironic addition… especially if its equivalent of a head butt was a blow to the knee.

We love it, of course. When it comes to new characters, Fortnite has already tapped into such a diverse portfolio that we might see the game embrace one of them – or none of them. Whatever Epic has in the pipeline, however, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be memorable.

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Artist Goes Viral With Rubik’s Cube Art Of Characters From Squid Game Mon, 13 Dec 2021 23:54:35 +0000 [ad_1] In the midst of the pandemic, an artist named Timothy Huynh aka SoupTimmy from Florida started a YouTube channel with the vision of making the Rubik’s Cube cool by creating art from them and people love his designs! Over 265 million views on YouTube and viral art videos of squid game characters are undeniable […]]]>


In the midst of the pandemic, an artist named Timothy Huynh aka SoupTimmy from Florida started a YouTube channel with the vision of making the Rubik’s Cube cool by creating art from them and people love his designs! Over 265 million views on YouTube and viral art videos of squid game characters are undeniable proof of his talent and unique creations. On top of that, 3 million people started following him on social media apps like YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram.

FLORIDA, USA – SoupTimmy fell in love with the Rubik’s Cube from a young age and he can solve the Rubik’s Cube in seconds. Hence, he has a unique advantage in placing the cubes as he wishes. On top of that, he has a creative mind. So, he started to create art images while solving the Rubik’s Cube. It is not an easy task! It takes a lot of dedicated work coupled with a creative mind to create a single piece of art and it has managed to create a ton of art.

His latest viral videos in which he created the images of the Squid Game characters have spread like wildfire and are now all over the internet. The characters in the squid game are famous for their number because according to the story no one was allowed to say their name during the game. The most famous characters in the squid game are the numbers 001, 067, 199 and 456 He created the four character art and here’s how it went viral.

The art of character 001, who was an old man on the show, is seen by more than 2.5 million people on YouTube and Tiktok. This character is loved by the public because he was an old man who has nothing to lose and he appreciates the game especially the game of green light red light. In addition, this character builds a special bond with the main character, ie 456. Thus, the audience has an emotional attachment to the character of the old man or 001.

The second piece of art on squid game characters that has gone viral is that of character number 067, a young girl from North Korea. This art was seen by on 23.5 million people on TikTok and YouTube. Millions of people admired the artist for creating him.

The third artwork on characters from the squid game that has gone viral belongs to character number 199, also known as Ali. In the series, Ali was a strong, young and kind man from Pakistan who was stuck in financial trouble. This art has also gone viral and has been seen by more than 15 million people and millions of people admired the artist again.

The final art which went viral belongs to the main game hero Squid who has a character number 456. He was also seen by about 3.5 million people and people have fallen madly in love with the artist who has all social media accounts with the name of SoupTimmy. Is that all? No! It was just the start for him.

SoupTimmy went on to create the artwork of famous athletes like Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant and millions of people loved his artwork of these famous athletes through social media apps. He didn’t even stop there! He continued to create art photos of BTS members and celebrities and people went crazy to know more about him. Right now we only know his name is Timothy Huynh, his social media accounts are called SoupTimmy, he lives in Florida, and takes about four to ten hours to solve all of them. Rubik’s cubes to make a single piece of art.

About Timothée Huynh

Timothy Huynh is a Rubik’s Cube artist with a vision of make the Rubik’s Cube cool. It went viral and got 3 million social media followers as well as over 40 million likes by only creating artwork with Rubik’s Cube.

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