Tech Review: Online Gaming Apps for Older Generations


Video games aren’t just for kids. Almost 40 percent of adults 50 and older are gamers, according to the AARP. And because Sunday is Grandparents’ Day, here’s a look at four games seniors can enjoy while showing they have something in common with their grandchildren.

The Old Man’s Journey

(iOS, Android; $ 4.99)

The main characters in most games are either young people or superheroes. Not so here. This award-winning puzzle role-playing game features an unnamed elderly person whose life you will soon be immersed in. With great graphics and smart gameplay, it’s a game grandparents will enjoy playing – and recommend it to their grandchildren. The price of $ 4.99 makes for a complete and very robust game.

Monopoly Bingo

(iOS, Android; free)

This mashup of two traditional games is really more bingo than Monopoly. The connection to Monopoly is that you start playing in low-rent bingo halls (on Mediterranean Avenue) and progress to better bingo palaces on more luxurious Monopoly properties, where the stakes are higher. students. There are no cash prizes, just the pride of winning. The game is online only, you must have an internet connection to play. Although it’s free, you will be hassled for making in-app purchases.

Words with friends 2

(iOS, Android; free)

The genre older people enjoy playing the most is word games, and this second iteration of the internet sensation doesn’t disappoint. Like Scrabble, in Words With Friends 2 you create words from letter tiles. You can play solo against the computer or challenge friends and family online, including your grandchildren. Built-in online dictionary helps end disputes.

Three !

(iOS, Android; $ 5.99)

A perfect game for a generation who had to solve math problems using their brain instead of a calculator. The idea behind Threes! is simple: move the tiles around a grid to merge them with other numbers and create multiples of the number 3. The download price of $ 5.99 gives you a full game with no in-app purchases. There is also a free version with less levels.

LinkedIn closes fake accounts

Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only social networks struggling with fake accounts. Even the professional and business networking site LinkedIn has a problem with fake accounts spreading false information. LinkedIn says it closed 21.6 million fake profiles between January and June. LinkedIn says that 98% of counterfeits were spotted through “automated defenses.” The others were closed “by manual review”.


Study: Screen time is not harmful

Several studies have shown that too much screen time isn’t good for teens, but a new study disagrees. The study, published in Clinical Psychological Science, found that the time teens spend on the phone is not associated with an increased risk of mental health problems. The researchers said that teens who texted the most appeared “less depressed” than teens who texted fewer.


Watch out for cracks in the watch

Apple has said that the screens of some Apple Watch models can crack and offers free fixes. Apple has stated that cracks “may form along the rounded edge of the screen” in certain Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3 models. Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will replace cracked screens free of charge.


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