The 10 worst new video game characters of the decade, ranked


Video games have come a long way in creating characters that gamers can truly relate to beyond just participating in the adventures unfolding in front of them. With the myriad of ways a story can be told through video game media today, the right characters are still the most important factor.

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Sometimes the games seriously miss the mark. And over the last decade, there have been some really bad characters. Whether they are poorly written, poorly represented or poorly implemented in their respective world. Here are the 10 worst new characters of the decade in the game. Note that reboot characters are, unfortunately, excluded. They’re not technically new, just drastically different butcherings of classic characters.

ten 10. Infinity (Sonic Forces, 2017)

It seems Sega and Sonic Team just can’t get enough of their daring characters. Infinite has to be one of the worst villains to be introduced in the main series of Sonic Games. Aside from his pitiful story of being a mercenary and then having a temper tantrum after losing to Shadow, Infinite underperforms for a villain of this magnitude.

His powers are confusing at best and his threat level to the player is minimal and very poorly conveyed. His gruesome dialogue and overflowing amounts of cutting edge don’t help. It’s as if the writers desperately wanted to create another Shadow clone and left out everything that made Shadow interesting to fans in the first place when he was featured in Adventure 2.


9 9. Mathias (Tomb Raider, 2013)

Since it’s forbidden to have the new Lara on this list, we’ll have to settle for the main antagonist of the same game. While Mathias isn’t strictly badly characterized, he has a bad case of “stupid villain” syndrome.

Throughout the history of Grave robber, whenever Mathias has the upper hand, he wastes it for no reason. When he gets his hands on Sam, whom he believes is the key to leaving the island after God knows how long, he prefers to waste time instead of starting the ritual immediately. When he puts Lara in a state of helplessness with a group of his henchmen, instead of just killing her, he contents himself with locking her up, allowing her to easily escape and continue to screw up his plans.

8 8. Iden Versio (Star Wars Battlefront II, 2017)

Perhaps the saddest character on this list, Iden Versio had a lot of potential, but she was largely wasted by a lack of focused execution. Be the main playable character in a Star wars game where his perspective goes through the eyes of an Imperial infantryman, it was a great opportunity to explore the mindset of a stormtrooper and how they see the empire as well as the rebels against whom they fight.

But no. Much like Finn in the movies, Iden becomes one of the good guys with little to no insight into the stormtroopers’ state of mind or a real struggle with this change of alliances. On top of that, she’s only slightly more interesting than Rey herself.

seven 7. Jameson Locke (Halo 5: Guardians, 2015)

Halo 5the characters are something of a mixed bag. Some people are apathetic towards them, some love them and others hate them. Every Fireteam Osiris character has a case for this location, but the biggest offender has to be Locke.

Locke is just not a character who has been very well developed in Halo 5, especially not for a character who is supposed to be the new protagonist of the series. Or at least that’s what they were trying to do? The execution of this is sloppy at best, considering Halo 5the mountainous amounts of exhibition dialogues. Now, Master Chief wasn’t exactly all that developed when he debuted in Halo neither, but he had the luxury of playing better characters, memorable lines, and an established air of mystery. Locke, unfortunately, did not receive any of these benefits.

6 6. Aiden Pearce (Watchdogs, 2014)

Good old Watch dogs. Perhaps one of Ubisoft’s most controversial titles upon release. Everyone is pretty much aware of the graphical discrepancies, but the game’s main character, Aiden Pearce, probably stands out the most for all the wrong reasons. Most find Aiden to be a pretty bland character and nothing more than an exhibition machine, constantly spitting information out at the player.

Aiden’s worst quality, however, has to be the way he always seems to artificially expand the game’s plot with silly decisions. The biggest being when he openly refuses a partnership with Damien, even if it would be mutually beneficial, and then gets his sister kidnapped because of it.

5 5. Mom Murphy (Fallout 4, 2015)

Fallout 4 no shortage of gruesome characters. From Preston Garvey to Marcy Long to the player character himself. While many of them might fill this spot for their bad writing and annoyance for all the wrong reasons, Mama Murphy takes the cake for how much of a lazy character she is.

That’s not to say that she’s a lazy character. Well, technically, she IS a character who is really lazy, but that means more how lazily she is implemented in the Fall universe. So, Mama Murphy is supposed to be a psyker, that is, someone who possesses paranormal powers, except that she needs drugs to maintain her powers. With your immersion completely shattered, that makes Mama Murphy less of a “character” and more of a tool for the writer to tell the player to do things.

4 4. D’Vorah (Mortal Kombat X, 2015)

Mortal combatThe resident bug lady was somewhat unceremoniously pushed in the players’ faces in Mortal Kombat X. She played the role of an important figure who was reconnected to the events of Mortal combat go back as far as Mortal Kombat 2.

Now the MK The series is no stranger to those kind of retcons, but D’Vorah feels so horribly tinkered with in an attempt to justify the killing of veteran characters like Mileena and Baraka and attending key events surrounding important elements. Nothing that she’s accomplished feels right, even though she’s a villain. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth with the way it is inserted into the universe.

3 3. Kronika (Mortal Kombat 11, 2019)

Stay with MKthe exceptionally fucked up timeline, let’s talk about Kronika, the apparent and real big bad of the set MK series. Like Mathias, Kronika also suffers from “stupid villain” syndrome, but much worse. You could make an almost endless list of Kronika’s problems, but we’ll keep it brief here.

Her selection of characters when bringing in people from the past to serve in her army is incredibly questionable, and her involvement throughout the story seems unnecessary. Her son’s head is cut off, she becomes furious and feels like she needs to correct the whole timeline. Apparently, if she was really upset, she could just prevent Shinnok from being beheaded instead of meddling in events that she really doesn’t need to mess with. Her motivations and the detours she uses to achieve her goals make absolutely no sense.

2 2. Jake Conway (Ride to Hell: Retribution, 2013)

A game that really doesn’t need to be introduced for how infamously bad it is. So it’s no surprise that the main character is on this list. Jake Conway is a Vietnam War veteran who seeks revenge after the death of his brother. Hope you weren’t expecting more characterization after this, because that’s all you get.

In addition to Jake’s story as a war veteran that never affects his character, he’s also portrayed as a womanizer who sleeps with just about every one-dimensional woman in the game, making some of the most important decisions. dumbest and wackiest a video game character can take. do and has perhaps the poorest, most insensitive voice acting ever.

1 1. Jessie and Zofia Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein: Youngblood, 2019)

These two get the top spot together because one just can’t be without the other. Jessie and Zofia Blazkowicz have to be the most gruesome portrayal of a pair of sisters in video game history. If they don’t come to you with the most garish dialogue and interactions between them, they do it like a pair of dudes on a dude fling.

These two barely feel like family saving their father. They are more like some cheap thrill-seeking crazies. They might as well not be sisters.

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