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The early 90s was all about Mario vs. Sonic. The late 90s saw Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft enter the fray. The 2000s saw the rise of popular characters such as Kratos and Master Chief. All of these names will be familiar in any gaming household, but who are the most popular video game characters?

There are hundreds of iconic characters in the game, most of which will forever remain household names. But who are the audience’s favorite characters? A new study looked at online search volumes and social media posts that talked about some of the most famous personalities.

Most Popular Video Game Characters

The world of gaming has transformed over the decades, but is it today’s high definition characters that are fan favorites, or the iconic cartoons of decades past? The answer seems to be the latter. The infamous Sonic the Hedgehog rose to the top of the search volume chart, followed by Pikachu and Pac-Man. It’s a similar story on Instagram, with Pikachu, Mario, and Sonic receiving the most posts.

If search volume equaled Instagram followers, Sonic could charge £48.9,000 for a single sponsored post. Maybe SEGA should consider putting its mascot front and center on social media? However, Pokemon’s Pikachu has the most Instagram posts with his hashtagged name (7.4 million).

Total revenue for the Pokemon video game series has reached £65.9 billion, and Pickachu has appeared in one form or another in every title. The second best-selling series, with Mario, is a distant second at £22.2bn. That said, Mario himself has appeared in more games than any other character – 259 and counting!

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Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the full breakdown of the seven most popular video game characters!

Rank Character Global Monthly Search Volume Number of Instagram posts with the hashtagged name
1 Sonic 6,700,000 3,273,487
2 Pikachu 3,700,000 7,430,874
3 Pac man 3,000,000 1,642,920
4 mario 2,100,000 5,559,810
5 Big boss 712,500 2,800,000
6 Louis 641,200 1,300,000
seven Lara Croft 607 700 735,000
The most popular video game characters, according to research by Currys.

While Sonic, Mario, and Pac-man et al seem pretty obvious inclusions, we’re somewhat leery of Big Boss. Although he’s a very famous character in gaming circles, we’re not sure he can stand next to Lara Croft for worldwide fame. Moreover, the name “Big Boss” is less synonymous with metal gear series than Solid Snake, and the term itself could be used in a multitude of ways that don’t relate specifically to the character. But hey ho, I guess.

Honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the 7 most popular video game characters go to Kratos of the God of the war series, and Yoshi, Mario’s often underrated horse-riding buddy.

Do you agree with the list above? What characters did you expect to see that weren’t selected? Let us know in the comments section below!

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