The Best Female Video Game Characters With White Hair


As the world ventures down a new path of inclusion, it’s perhaps no surprise that the entertainment industry is leading the way in spreading the message. Video games are adored by children, young people and everyone, making them the perfect platform to bring about and inspire this change.

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Over time, old ways of storytelling and generic characters in the game world have also evolved. Of course, female representation has been taken into consideration for some time now. In modern times however, the in-depth narratives and character diversity have given female players a chance to escape into fantasy worlds full of strong female characters; many of whom have white hair.

6 Ashe – Overwatch

Starting things off with Ashe from Surveillance, Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe hails from the United States and has a very distinct fashion statement that goes well with her attitude. Growing up, Ashe tended to get into trouble at her school and spent time alone at her family estate. The absence of her wealthy parents led her to grow up with her guns and spend her time shooting bottles at the family estate with her slingshot.

Ashe prides herself on portraying herself as a strong-willed businesswoman or, in this case, the clan’s best weapon. The notorious thief and leader of the Deadlock gang can be seen sporting her silky white hair down to her neck under her cowboy hat. She sticks to an indigenous fashion statement with a tie, vest and pants screaming Texas-style throughout.

5 Kaine-Nier

Kaine made his debut in the sci-fi action RPG game Deny in 2010 and has a particular character trait. Like her dual swords, she hosts a consciousness named Tyrann that controls the left side of her body. The mermaid manages to balance herself with Deny both in battle or simply as a companion in need.

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She covers the left half of her body, carefully wrapped in a bandage to keep Tyrant away from the open audience. It’s a result of the harsh childhood trauma that Kaine went through because of his hybrid body type. The 20-year-old sports her silky white hair in a neat updo and fitted dress (widely known as lingerie) to go with it. While appearances can be deceiving, Kaine is a prime example.

4 Alisaie Leveilleur – Final Fantasy XIV

Alisa Leveilleur is featured in Final Fantasy XIVBahamut’s Link Coil Quest. Hailing from the Dravanian hinterland, the elven lady and her twin brother come to Eorzea to seek the truth of their grandfather’s actions. Since then, she has been a mainstay in the game’s other five expansions.

The 16-year-old can be seen wearing dark blue clothes to match her brother’s and a red tie tied for her ponytail. Although she has the White Grimoire in her arsenal, its magically summoned blades are her main weapons of choice.

3 Elena – Street Fighter

Elena got her start at Capcom Street Fighter III: Next Generation, released in 1997. The tall and athletic woman hails from Kenya and has been familiar with the technique of capoeira since birth. According to her story, she is an aspiring college student who traveled to America in order to pursue higher education.

Elena maintains a very minimalist approach to her dresses but draws attention to the limb rings on her hands and legs. Her overall appearance would draw comparisons to other franchise characters such as Sakura and Ibito. Standing 6 feet tall, she holds the title of the franchise’s tallest woman to date. Elena also topped the charts for being the most revealing female character in franchise history.

2 YoRHa No.2 Type B – Nier Automata

Yet another entry from Black frankness, and this one should come as no surprise. Type B #2 carries many aliases and is the main protagonist of Route A in Nier Automata. The versatile combat android was created during the 14th Machine War to balance the scales between humans and machine lifeforms.

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The YoRHA sports a military-grade black visor with a bob cut to the ears. A high slit black dress paired with long boots and stiletto heels make up the rest of her attire. Her sweet face and fashionable outfit can be a bit deceiving. The android’s weapons are deadly at close range while the pod support system can annihilate enemies at long range.

1 Ciri – Witcher

No list of white-haired female video game characters would be complete without the well-known and super-powered daughter of the witcher series. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon – better known as Ciri – debuted in the franchise’s third installment and immediately became a global fan favorite.

According to the story, Ciri of Vengerberg is the rightful heir to the throne of Cintra. With Geralt invoking the Law of Surprise, a new fate awaited her as she was later adopted by the Witcher clan to train and control the powers she was cursed with. The highly volatile young adult may have a pretty face, but she’s just as deadly as her adoptive father.

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