The Best Male Video Game Characters With Dark Hair

Black is one of the most common hair colors that video game characters rock. After all, it’s a common hair color that no one really looks twice at, and the game has progressed to the point where rich personalities and rewarding gameplay systems facilitate a relationship with a protagonist rather than just the color of their characters. hair.

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That being said, there’s no denying that the following video game characters are particularly notable for their dark-haired nature. The majority of modern-day video games feature brooding black-haired characters anyway, so there’s obviously something working about that hair color. Of course, when it comes to their usefulness or place in history, their hair color isn’t really the most important thing about them.


ten Joel Miller (The Last of Us)

The last of us iis one of the most popular action-adventure titles. The first game featured Joel as the main protagonist, with Ellie occasionally filling in when the first was decommissioned.

Joel appeared during a time when many video games featured dark-haired white men as protagonists, which really pissed off a lot of people. However, this minor complaint was almost completely dismissed after The last of us aired to great fanfare and wowed people with its incredible narrative and engaging gameplay.

9 Lee Everett (Telltale’s The Walking Dead)

Telltale became a powerhouse that produced licensed adventure games after the massive success they enjoyed with The Walking Dead. The story of Lee and Clementine as they brave the dangers of a zombie apocalypse has created a simple yet captivating setting.

Lee’s minimal hairstyle and laid-back look never stopped him from being a solid protagonist, thanks in large part to his likeable nature and strong voice. His tragic end at the climax of the first game was a real teardrop that moved many fans.

8 Dutch Van Der Linde (Red Dead Redemption)

Dutch is one of the most compelling characters Rockstar has ever written. He’s a character whose ambition was too big for his own boots, making him envision a ragtag group of outlaws as the dawning of a new revolution.

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Sure, characters like Micah and the relentless harassment of the Pinkertons took their toll on his psyche, but the dark-haired antagonist had only himself to blame for the gang’s breakup. To see his character evolve in this way during Red Dead Redemption 2 was quite fun indeed.

seven Goro Majima (Yakuza)

While Kiryu Kazuma deserves a special mention, there’s just something about Goro Majima’s madness that makes him such a fun character in so many ways. The fact that players can control this legendary figure in Yakuza 0 was a source of great joy for many fans and played a big part in the success of the popular prequel.

Shimano’s Mad Dog played by its own rules and also held Kiryu in high regard. His flamboyant and unpredictable attitude makes him one of the Yakuzathe best characters.

6 The Prince (Prince of Persia)

The sand of time trilogy showed the Prince at his best in this iconic series. The amazing platforming and engaging story made for a great time that still leads many to believe that sands of time is one of the best video games of all time.

The prince was a charming and suave character in the games, though his brooding nature played a more central role in the second half of the trilogy. Either way, he’s still a fun character who can slice and dice enemies with ease.

5 Franklin Clinton (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Franklin is one of three protagonists that players can control in Auto grand theft 5. He is the only character who cannot die at the end of the game and plays a major role in helping Michael and Trevor solve their problems and fight against their common enemy.

His ability allows players to weave through traffic and perform extreme turns in a vehicle more easily. He’s a ton of help, and Franklin’s grounded nature also makes him a pretty fun character to interact with.

4 Just Zack (Final Fantasy 7)

Cloud’s story began from the very moment Zack entrusted him with his inheritance. Mako’s poisoning clouded his judgment and made him think he was Zack all along.

It’s one of the most compelling plot twists in the entire series, made even better once players learn how endearing Zack’s character truly is. He’s a brilliant secondary character that players get to know through Crisis Core.

3 Miles Morales (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was a great way to introduce this new Spidey to gamers. His flashy electric moves and unique combat skills make him a new change of pace, but without deviating too far from the principles of a traditional game. Spider Man Game.

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Since Peter was already acclimated to his Spidey powers by the time of the first game, seeing Miles master his new abilities in Miles Morales is an explosion. It’s easy to see why fans are hyped over the moon and coming back for the game’s sequel.

2 Nathan Drake (uncharted)

Everyone’s favorite smart-mouthed protagonist is another example of a video game featuring a black-haired white man in the lead. However, again, all is forgiven once players get to see just how charismatic and entertaining Drake’s character is.

This daring adventurer has been seen throughout all four games in the series. The last title is particularly incredible, serving as an evolution of the Unexplored formula and a perfect send-off for the tales of Nathan Drake.

1 Dorian Pavus (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Dragon Age: Inquisition has its fair share of memorable party members that players won’t soon forget. A standout character is Dorian Pavus, who happens to be another black-haired, sharp-tongued individual with a heart of gold.

Her magic is invaluable in battle, allowing players to deal with most threats in spectacular fashion. It helps that his personal backstory is also excellent, and players who choose to seduce him will be able to explore his character in a much more meaningful way!

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