The best nap apps, notes, Apple Watch keyboard, and memory games this week


This week we’re banging on our Apple watches, recording everything in notebooks, putting our brains to work with Silver ball and more.

NapBot – Automatic sleep tracking

Photo: NapBot

NapBot, the machine-learning sleep tracker for your Apple Watch, now offers a native watch app. It still analyzes your sleep and monitors environmental noise to assess its effects, but now you can also enjoy an iPhone widget, notifications, wake-up minutes trends, and better watch complications. Zzzz – and I’m saying it a good way.

Price: Free with in-app purchase

To download: NapBot – Automatic sleep tracking from the App Store (iOS)

FlickType Keyboard

No more typos on the aspple Watcvh!
No more typos on the aspple Watcvh!
Photo: FlickType

FlickType is a QWERTY keyboard for Apple Watch. It allows you to choose word suggestions with the digital crown and then send your words as a message. As always with any keyboard app, be sure to trust the developer before installing it and grabbing your darker secrets.

Price: $ 2.99

To download: FlickType Keyboard from the App Store (iOS)

Silver ball

The ultimate combo: cash and bullets.
The ultimate combo: cash and bullets.
Photo: $ Ball

Sponsored: Silver ball is a memory game for iOS and Android. The game shows you a sequence of symbols, which you have to remember long enough to type them again. You can play alone or compete against friends (head to head or in a tournament). If you are looking to train your brain to remember long sequences of cryptic symbols then this app is for you.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

To download: Silver ball: Can you win it all? from the App Store (iOS)


Notebooks is an application that totally fascinates me.
It’s an application that totally fascinates me.
Photo: Notebooks

Notebooks are a rewritten update to the venerable Notes app and is a really useful alternative to Apple’s built-in Notes app. For starters, Notebooks is also a task manager, so you can combine notes with tasks or use notes. like to do.

The other killer feature is that you can easily cut and store other documents in the app: web pages, PDFs, images, whatever you want. It’s the perfect digital album, and it even has a Mac version to sync with.

Price: Free with integrated subscription

To download: Notebooks from the App Store (iOS)

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