The best new iOS and Android online games to download in October


We all spend a lot of time using mobile devices, so it’s best to use at least some of it productively. Perhaps, but these are not the articles in this report. This involves actively playing video games on high-priced cell phones, and more specifically enjoying new online games.

We have compiled a list of some of the new Android and iOS games released during this thirty day period. From platform games to puzzle games, there is definitely a lot to like about this article.

The games you need to download in October are:

Whether you’re an Apple lover or an Android fan, we’re going to talk about what to do in October.

Monster Expedition

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, there are some great games this month. Monster ExpeditionThis is an intriguing puzzle activity primarily based on manipulating your surroundings. You are responsible for traveling around various modest islands. There is a museum exhibit of how bizarre individuals travel. Oh, you have to bridge the islands to continue. It sounds simple.

What I really like about this sport is that there is no set path to follow. If you get stuck, return to another island you’ve been to before and see if you can take an additional route. There are no judgments, no reset restrictions, no timers, no move counters, no that kind of force. So adorable entertaining, and now we could do with a party.

Download on iOS

Marble knights at? v = Ztq1wiz-jzk

This dungeon crawler (or will it have to be a roller?) Collects a giant marble with all the inertial movements you would expect if you were using a trackball on your laptop. This means that you want a minor vitality to start rolling in and a related surge to gradually decrease. It seems to be nice. If you have played marble madness Or Super monkey ball, You know the chorus

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Recreation of Thrones: The Story of a Crow at? v = bnTrCVGM2_I

If you want to know more about the wall Recreation of thrones, And how it protects mankind for hundreds of years, you really want to download this game. Whether it’s magically attaching a night watch to a wall, taking more than generations of commanders to keep the wall in prime position, discovering the environment, and proactively warning of threats, Everything is here. There are. Every little thing happens in real time, so the party kicks off even when the app is closed. Fantastic to use as a separate detour from worksheets that you shouldn’t want to edit.

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Damways to Die 2: Activity

Keep in mind all of the safety movies from the past year that tried to educate young people in a fun way that risk is everywhere? Well, it’s that activity too, in a mobile format. Filled with arcade games showing too many deaths and stunts to teach you how to prepare for basic safety. Yes, this was created by an Australian pilot, but don’t overlook it, it’s really fantastic.

Android | ios

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey ($ 4.99)

Don’t forget the factors and click on the mystery style. mist?? Christopia The series is a kind of jam, where spaceflight explorer Nova Dune wanders, picks up items, and solves environmental puzzles. Idea: pick anything up. If you can’t decide it for the first time, check again. I don’t know when I will need it.

Android | ios

Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

With this roguelike RPG, you can team up with your good friends to loot procedurally generated dungeons. Wizards once again tampered with electricity beyond their knowledge, opening the door to a different sojourn. Oops, I guess, it presents you with a horde of unusual monsters to destroy and over 300 pieces of equipment to equip your hero.

Android | ios

Genshin Affect

If you’re looking for a substantial open world RPG to get your thumbs up, get this. With cross capabilities on mobile, laptop and PlayStation, you can enjoy with your friends no matter what they are involved in, and it will be one of the hits of 2020. Set of adorable anime characters, anime storytelling and anime monsters. , And the anime assault animation. Oh, did you say this was a playable anime? Maybe that should have driven him? Download and make sure social media is a hot topic.

Android | ios

Holo Vista

So far, augmented truth online games have been minimal in catching particular Pokémon and shiny subjects, but Holo Vista intends to change that. The action in the sneakers of Carmen, an aspiring architect who has just started her suction work at the famous architectural firm Mesmer & Braid. socket? Your job is more of a pedestrian, as you are responsible for heading to this mansion and having photos of certain objects in the space rather than the area. As you use the sensors on your cell phone, you can see the interior of the room. You must have to share photos taken on the globe variation of activity on social networks. Line up for worried comments from your close athletic friends, but it’s well worth it when you reach the conclusion.


Among us

Granted, this video game has been around for years. That said, no one played it until about a month ago, and now everyone is doing it. So be part of the fun and download it now. In all other cases, I think you could participate in a very small suspension. It really is the perfect match for social duration and you can also find out a lot more about your friends and what brings them to mind.

Android | ios

Hamster town

Adorable hamster. To look at. Adorable sweet. to verify. Connect the two and you can get the strategy that guides this beautiful and adorable puzzle. With Development, you can expand your hamster’s house and play with extra adorable plush toys. I think I can make him even nicer now, so I’m sure you’ll be happy.

Android | ios

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