The best use of FaceApp is on video game characters, as seen here


FaceApp is currently the viral app / social media trend sweeping the country, despite the fact that we experienced all of this a few months ago when everyone was exchanging photos with her, and the app is 2.5 years old. . But now there is a question of whether the application, developed in Russia (gasp!) Uses the images you upload there incorrectly.

In truth, the terms of use for the app are almost identical to all the big tech sites and apps that you already use, and everyone is losing their minds because of the Russian connection. And when I say losing my mind, I mean Congress is literally preparing an investigation into the app. Of course, okay.

But regardless, if you want to be safe and not give your photo to random Russian app developers, there is a better way to use the app. And that’s by using it on video game characters.

What I have found from my own experimentation and watching people do this on social media is that FaceApp actually works better on many video game characters than it does on real people. Here are some of the best examples on the internet, and I always try to think of others that haven’t been tried yet:

Nathan Drake (Unexplored)

Geralt (the witcher)

Ryu and Ken (street fighter)

Serpent (Metal Gear Solid)

Kratos (god of war)

Arthur Morgan (Red Dead)

Link and Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)

Tifa, Barret, Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

Gordon Freeman (half-life)

Duke Nukem

Zavala, Ikora, Mara, Saladin (Destiny)

Tweet me your best and I’ll add it if it’s good.

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