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Video game characters always excel in specific traits and skills that make them memorable to fans. They compete across the community to see who is the best at that skill, and when new characters arrive they try to prove themselves in those categories as well.

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Players like to play as fast characters, and so an important skill being talked about is speed. With so many franchises defining what it means to be fast in various ways, like fighting or racing, gamers are wondering who the fastest characters in video games are.

ten Vega – Street Fighter

Considered one of the most agile characters in street fighterthis self-centered Spanish ninja first appeared in the franchise as a non-playable boss in Street fighter 2. Once he became a playable character in the Champion Edition update, players were able to put that speed to the test.

Vega’s fighting style consists of fast lunges, which gives him enough speed to attack his opponents with a flurry of attacks before they can even get a hit. However, this agility comes at a cost, and Vega’s defenses are very weak, meaning players use it. must be fast not only with their attacks but also with their dodges.

9 Zagreus–Hades

The Son of Hades may not have fast walking speed, but his dash ability makes him a pretty nimble foe for enemies in the underworld. As underworld himself a roguelike dungeon crawler, players will find this speed useful for dodging the onslaught of attacks while trying to get back to the surface.

The dash ability can be upgraded with each run through a chance encounter with the god Hermes, who has many ways to increase how long Zagreus can dash or the type of recovery he gets from using it.

8 Miles Morales – Spider-Man

Similar to Peter Parker, after Miles was bitten by a radioactive spider, he was given superhuman abilities. This means he can lift more and run faster than any normal human. Miles can not only run fast, but also swing at crazy speeds on the busy streets of Manhattan.

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Players could argue that Peter should be here instead of Miles. However, although Peter Parker is more experienced than him, in the current game with all its improvements over its predecessor Marvel’s SpidermanMiles just plays a lot easier and feels faster for fans of the franchise.

seven Kitana – Mortal Kombat

Many characters from mortal combat could be considered fast, but none of them compare to Kitana’s agility or speed. On his first appearance in Mortal Kombat 2 Kitana had the ability to teleport across the arena as well as a form of flight that allowed her to quickly cover distance.

This was nerfed in later titles in the franchise, but she was able to retain her agility by using her teleportation. Even without her magical abilities, Kitana’s combat with her Dual War Fans makes her capable of swift melee attacks that will leave opponents trapped in a whirlwind of pain.

6 Scout – Team Fortress 2

As a quick-witted character who tells his opponents to think fast, it’s no surprise that Scout and his offensive combat tactics make him one of the fastest characters in the game right now. Scout learned to run so he could beat his seven older brothers in the scrum while growing up in South Boston.

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This paid off because according to his stats, his base run speed is 133%, making him the fastest character in the game. Scout’s role in Team Fortress 2 consists of getting ahead of your teammates and rushing their opponents, preferably armed with a shotgun and a bat at hand. This speed boost means he can do just that without too much damage.

5 Octane – Apex Legends

Before joining the arena, Octane was always trying to set records, some of which were far more dangerous than others. Using a grenade to throw himself over the finish line and set the world record for a pilot’s glove, Octane destroyed his legs in the process. That didn’t stop him.

After replacing his legs with platinum legs, he took up his need to rush to the Apex Arena in hopes of one day becoming the Apex Champion. He swapped out his grenades for jump pads to throw him around the map, along with the tactical ability called stim, which causes Octane to run much faster. Gamers in need of speed have found just that when playing with Octane.

4 Tracer – Overwatch

Many other characters in Surveillance could be considered as fast as Tracer, like Genji being able to propel himself forward with his attacks or even Lucio, who can speed up the whole team. However, Tracer is the fastest due to her time-defying abilities.

The Chronal Accelerator that must remain attached to Tracer allows her to make the most of the accident that caused her particles to drift through time. This means she can smash through space itself in a second, allowing players to fulfill their role of getting behind the enemy and ruining their defenses.

3 Samus Aran – Metroid

Enhanced by Chozo’s DNA, Samus is a force many do not wish to mess with thanks to her strength and combat skills. These DNA changes also made her incredibly fast, as seen in the Speed ​​Booster ability that returned to Metroid Dread.

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The Speed ​​Booster ability allows Samus to reach high speeds like a raging bull, crashing through walls and enemies. It can also be used to solve in-game puzzles, which may require players to speed through areas to avoid damage.

2 Regieleki – Pokemon

This electric type Pokemon may not have legs, but sprinting was never a requirement in what classes as a fast character. Regieleki has the highest base Speed ​​stat of any Pokemon in the entire franchise, which is also helped by the fact that he is one of the smallest and lightest Legendary Titans.

Although leveling is slow, at level 100 Regieleki can have a speed stat between 364 and 548, which means players who want to be the first to attack, especially in larger battles, will still have that chance. .

1 sonic the hedgehog

When gamers think of fast-paced video game characters, it’s no surprise they name Sonic. The blue hedgehog made history as one of the fastest around while wearing his red sports sneakers and his well-known theme song “Gotta Go Fast”.

By being charged with a massive amount of Chaos Energy from the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic has enhanced everything that makes him the fastest animal in the world. Even without using its spin dash, which can cause it to reach abnormal speeds, players are ready to get their adrenaline pumping when playing the sonic the hedgehogfranchise.

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