The internet thinks these video game characters are secretly LGBT +


Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett also once said that part of her “would have loved to make Lara gay.”

Have you ever wondered whether or not a certain video game character is queer? Otherwise, you are clearly not spending enough time on the Internet.

People love to speculate on their favorite games, and the lockdown has given everyone plenty of time to do so. From Lara Croft to Luigi, many iconic video game characters are considered secretly queer.

From two fiery Apex Legends to everyone’s second favorite plumber, hHere are some of our favorite theories about LGBT + characters.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Square Enix

Miss Lara Croft has fans who have speculated for years about whether or not she is gay or not, with a Grave robber co-author saying they tried “so hard” to make Lara Croft explicitly gay – but a steamy same-sex kiss was quietly dropped. Grave robber Writer Rhianna Pratchett also once said that part of her “would have loved to make Lara gay.”

There has been no mention of a partner of any kind in the games or in the live action movies, but we can only hope.

Marketed as a hyper-masculine protagonist, Lara’s appeal to queer women came from her attitude of DIY adventure. Breaking conventions by standing and standing, Lara has allowed a community of female fans to be like her.

Although her sexuality has never been confirmed, many LGBT + fans across the world have claimed it as their own.

Mirage & Loba (Apex Legends)

Mirage and Loba Apex Legends
Respawn entertainment

Next, Apex hides not one, but two probable queeros. The game implicitly suggests that Mirage and Loba are either bisexual or pansexual. Let’s explore the theories behind Mirage’s sexuality.

First, all he does is talk about women, women, women, women – he clearly has romance on his mind. Then in the season 6 quest comic he references “my already permanent and fast-paced sexuality issues.”

The story of Loba’s sexuality is even more alive. The character’s bisexuality theory comes from a voice line where she describes herself as a “man-eater and woman-killer.” It became more explicit after a fan tweeted lead writer Tom Casiello asking if Loba is confirmed bisexual. He replied: “You are discovering all our secrets”.

Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)


Rumors that Luigi is actually a trans woman have been circulating the World Wide Web for some time now.

Yoshi calls Luigi “mom” in Super Mario World, and Luigi often wears dresses or notices how comfortable they are throughout the series. But whether Luigi is transgender, cisgender, non-binary or whatever, we still support this iconic plumber.

Lombax (Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart)

Lombax R&C

Here’s a theory on a character you haven’t even been able to play yet. The new Lombax of the unreleased Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart is a transgender woman (well, Lombax)… and the proof is… his cock!

No, wait, listen to us. We know from the series that cisgender female Lombaxes do not have a tail – only male Lombaxes were able to grow them.

Of course, game designers could just change it to Rift apart, But if you take a close look at the recently revealed art, we get another clue. Ratchet and the new Lombax are back to back in almost identical positions, which has led to the belief that they are in fact the same person in alternate realities.

Birdo (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Birdo Nintendo

One of the earliest theories about LGBT + characters is that Birdo is a transgender woman. You may have seen this iconic pink dinosaur with your mustached boyfriends before because it has a regular place in the Mario series.

But how do fans know she’s actually transgender? Well, in the 1988 Super Mario 2 game sheet, Birdo was portrayed as a man who sees himself as a woman. The guide also uses pronouns for the character as well as a different name.

But later Nintendo started using its pronouns and renamed it Birdo. Whether Nintendo wanted Birdo to be a trans woman, the character has officially made the transition.

Another piece of evidence is a trophy in Super Smash Bros that describes her as “of undetermined gender” and explains that her eggs are fake.

Nintendo hasn’t really proclaimed Birdo’s gender identity loud and clear, but fans are sure this makes Birdo the very first transgender character in a video game.

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