The Met Gala looks even better with video game characters


The looks at the Met Gala are meant to be edgy and forward thinking. However, they don’t look so unusual next to JRPG bosses like Sephiroth. Fans have established design similarities between video game characters and high fashion by putting characters on the mat next to highly dressed celebrities.

A user posted Cynthia from “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” with his black trench coat almost to the floor, accented with fur and buttoned on the chest. Her flowing platinum blonde hair and rounded black bobby pins completed the look. Another user posted Isabelle from “Animal Crossing” with a green gingham dress and a matching hair ribbon in her floofy yellow furry mane. More discrete examples, such as “Persona 5” characters dressed in formal wear, also appeared.

It wasn’t just video game characters, either. Lots of animated and miscellaneous memes related to fandoms have also been circulating. Someone Photoshoped Shikamaru, a shadow-controlling ninja of “Naruto”, in the tail of Kim Kardashian’s faceless black outfit. Others just posted anime character groups in groups of rainbow-haired friends, walking the Met Gala red carpet.

The Met Gala actually has a charitable interest in the arts, even though it seems silly to walk around in questionable, trendy clothes that are probably not functional. It is also a fundraiser. Vogue describes it as “the fashion equivalent of the Oscars”, where designers, models and other celebrities purposely dress in the craziest clothes possible in order to raise funds for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sephiroth may not have been officially invited to this year’s Met Gala, but who knows? At least video game fans can enjoy the party online while celebrities are fundraising in real life.

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