The most iconic video game characters who can harness the power of light

One of the most common tropes found in modern video games is the incorporation of a story that pits the forces of good against the powers of evil. A game that features this eternal conflict will typically place the player in the shoes of a willing and relatable character as they set out to defeat the powers of darkness using the power of light.

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Although the power of light is primarily associated with the forces of good, its uses are not always limited to a particular state of mind. It can be harnessed by both heroes and villains, making it one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with in any game. These are some of the most iconic characters to have wielded it over the years.


ten Lunafreya (Final Fantasy 15)

Although Lunafreya’s persona is short-lived, she is arguably everyone’s most powerful Lightbringer. Final Fantasy series. As one of the last oracles on the planet, Lunafreya has the power to repel the Starscourge: a plague-like event that can engulf the entire world in endless night.

Not only is Lunafreya able to harness light to fight her enemies, but she also uses her divine properties to help those in need. Gifted with the power to heal the wounded and heal the sick, Lunafreya’s abilities make her both a formidable adversary and an incredibly powerful ally.

9 Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

Harry Potter is perhaps the most noble character present in the wizarding world. As the Boy Who Lived, it is prophesied that Harry will defeat the forces of evil once and for all. Driven to do what is right, Harry will stop at nothing to protect those dear to him.

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The depiction of Harry in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone presents him as a gifted wizard with a knack for learning new spells quickly. Early in his studies at Hogwarts, Harry learned to cast Lumos, a powerful spell that emits light from the tip of his wand to both illuminate an area and reveal its hidden secrets.

8 Princess Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda)

Zelda is a recurring main character in The Legend of Zelda series, each of its representations attempting to highlight its core values. Following Link’s story, as he searches for a way to defeat the evil Ganon, Zelda is destined to reveal herself to him and eventually fight alongside him.

Zelda’s powers aren’t just limited to the power of light, but her ability to harness this terrifying power is arguably the most remarkable weapon in her arsenal. Using both light arrows and light magic, Zelda asserts herself as the most powerful Sage in the series.

seven Spiritia Rosenberg (Rosenkreuzstylette)

The story of Rosenkreuzstylus documents the journey of Spiritia Rosenberg: a kind-hearted and morally obligated young woman. Once an Imperial Army instructor, Spiritia returns to her hometown to briefly escape her past, and in the process, she uncovers a sinister plot.

Spiritia is an extremely skilled magician and often uses her abilities to harness the power of an ethereal substance known as mana. Her use of the Seelegewehr ability allows her to transform mana into a powerful light-based projectile weapon capable of eradicating anyone foolish enough to oppose her.

6 Ashrah (Mortal Kombat: Deception)

Although Ashrah’s design may present her as graceful and cordial, her origins suggest otherwise. Disguised as an endearing young woman, Ashrah turns out to be a demon from the Netherrealm: a frightening domain reminiscent of the Underworld.

Often seen switching allegiances, Ashrah can use both light and dark during combat, with her move Heavenly Light being one of her most spectacular. Using this ability, Ashrah conjures up an orb of light before quickly hurling it at her enemies. His methods highlight the dangers of misusing the power of light.

5 Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy 7)

As a descendant of the Ancients, Aerith Gainsborough is blessed with an array of unique abilities. The powers passed on to him by his ancestors allow him to harness the powers of light as a means to defeat his enemies and preserve the planet.

As the only person on Gaia capable of wielding Holy Materia, Aerith holds the only way to defeat Sephiroth and stop his sinister plans for world domination. Her heavy reliance on the power of light has led her to become one of the most iconic characters in video game history.

4 Eraqus (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is home to what could easily be the most unique story of light triumphing over darkness. Although these powers are initially opposed, each entry in the series reveals a key detail about the dangers of relying too heavily on one of these forces.

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Devoting his life to the power of light, Eraqus is arguably the most powerful Keyblade Master in the series. Although he states that a balance between light and darkness must exist, his loyalty to the light often clouds his judgement. Eraqus relies too much on light, which ultimately leads to his downfall.

3 Rahm Kota (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Prior to the events of Order 66, Rahm Kota was a Jedi Master who fought alongside the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Since then, Kota’s faith in the Force has been shaken due to the eradication of his fellow Jedi, but he never chose to wield the power of the dark side.

During Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Kota is introduced as one of the most powerful Jedi remaining in the galaxy. Hoping to finally defeat the Empire, Kota joins forces with dark side user Galen Marek. With their two powers combined, they become an incredibly powerful pair.

2 Kuon Sumeragi (Demon Bride)

Demon Bride is a fighting game set in a 2D world and features a chilling clash between light and dark. Set in Kyoritsu Stella’s school, her students are given contracts that shape their motivations and personalities based on what they receive.

Those who receive the Demon Contract will use their newly obtained powers to achieve their own goals, while the recipients of the Angel Contract will attempt to use their celestial abilities to save a damaged world. Kuon Sumeragi’s character is arguably the most powerful angel present in the game, as evidenced by his use of the power of light as a means to destroy his demonic enemies.

1 Alan Wake (Alan Wake)

Following the story of a talented fiction writer of the same name, Alan Wake attempts to document the life of a writer lacking in inspiration. To escape the clutches of the writer, Alan decides to venture to a small town of Bright Falls in hopes of rediscovering his passion for writing.

While in Bright Falls, Alan is pursued by the Taken: a horde of shadowy characters bent on ending his life. To fight these monsters, Alan must shine his flashlight on them to expose their weaknesses. Although his harnessing of light is more literal than most other video game characters who use light, the strength it gives him is unquestionable.

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