The Sims 4: Modders designed outfits for the in-game characters and had them wear the creations E! News UK


The developers of The Sims 4 have launched a campaign that asks players to create new themes and outfits for the various characters in the popular game, as part of the Laundry Day Item Pack Downloadable Content.

Many players created 92 different arts and crafts outfits, and knitted clothing was the preferred pattern. Maxis asked players to vote for the 15 best outfits, and it ended up being incredibly exciting for fans of the game.

A game within the game

Now this campaign has been upgraded with several modders exceeding Maxis’ choices and has started putting outfits on characters in the game, who weren’t in the top-15. All the other players are fully engaged in the new ideas.

The great thing about RPG games like The Sims 4 is that there are characters from different age groups and races in the community. This gives modders the chance to try out different alternatives. For example, Jim Bob and his wife Jemma are now dressed in these creative costumes developed by modders in the theme of knitwear.

There are kids in The Sims 4 as well, and they were also dressed in colorful costumes as modders couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity either. The DLC for this year’s Laundry Day Item Pack has certainly been one of the most exciting sets for players.

A dedicated page called the Missed Opportunities page was also designed and has more costumes created by modders. These new outfits are also included in the DLC, and players can download and use them as well.

This whole campaign led to a circumstance where before Maxis could even organize and indicate the 15 most voted costumes, modders and gamers were able to dress their characters in all 92 outfits.

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