The top trends shaping the future of online gaming


It’s no wonder the online gaming industry is booming in today’s environment. Worldwide, there are already 2.5 billion gamers. Many more people are discovering the world of online games as they search for ways to pass their time. The streaming game viewership is also on the rise. People create highly engaged online communities on platforms that allow them to watch and comment in real time and play together.

With increased connectivity and superior technology in devices large and small, online gaming has never been more popular. As a result, the gaming industry is growing in all areas, be it online casino slot machines, arcade games, Esports or RPG. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds from the early days of gaming to the current breadth and sophistication of products. However, progress and originality never sleep, so what are the latest trends in online and computer gaming?

End of console?

Almost every major video game company now offers cloud-based subscription services for their games. Gamers don’t need to keep buying and upgrading expensive, power-hungry hardware like consoles or PC GPUs and keeping them at home under this approach. Instead, it all happens in a cloud data center and the output is sent to households via streaming video. While it’s uncertain whether dedicated home gaming systems will be phased out, 2022 is when industry leaders will put more resources behind their vision for a cloud-based, streaming-based future.

Anyone playing for free?

The free play trend is one of the most significant money-making technological developments to emerge in recent years. Previously, if you wanted to play an online game, you had to pay for it. This is still true for most console games, but mobile and browser-based games are becoming increasingly free. Sure, there were early pioneers of this style of play for years, but without the abundance of microtransactions needed to advance today’s offerings.

The revenue strategy used by these games is more sustainable than a one-time game purchase. This is because the possibility of earning money ended after the customer bought the game. Now the customer pays nothing for the game at the beginning, but as he continues he wants to speed up , upgrade something or unlock an expansion pack, so it will pay a series of small fees. This provides the game company with a consistent “subscription” type cash flow, ideal for maintaining a solid income.

Most game developers who use IAPs (in-app purchases for real money) are starting to adapt to in-app ads. As a result, the quality of advertisements has increased in an atmosphere of fierce competition, with attractive and user-friendly formats like Offerwalls to heighten the effect. As a result, many players prefer the rewarded structure over direct in-app fees.

Everything to gain with Blockchain

The use of blockchain is another technology increasingly adopted by the industry. Initially tied to the Bitcoin industry, many businesses are now embracing the concepts behind it. On one level, this means that online gamers can now use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for transactions. However, it also offers benefits in the form of secure peer-to-peer transactions and better security, the possibilities only scratch the surface.

Build a steam head while you live stream

Live streaming allows talented gamers to showcase their gaming skills in real time, interact with audiences, and increase their presence in the community. It’s a fantastic way to expand their fan base and start two-way interactions. Players can now show off their skills to the rest of the world and build reputation through digitization. Gamers have started creating Youtube channels to show off their gaming skills and provide fascinating content to their audience and encourage more people to join them.

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