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The most recent Marvel’s Avengers trailer has been released and deciding from the “old” movie posted there, it looks like Crystal Dynamics has heard some of the fan input and made some updates / changes. characters from the game Avengers. .

By the time Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers game was fully discovered for the first time at E3 2019, many rushed to censor the game’s visual, especially with the appearance of some of the character models. This was largely coordinated with Black Widow’s “masculine” look, which as we saw a year ago has really seen slight improvements.

This currently gives the idea that after further evaluation of the most recent pre-demand trailer, Thor currently has a different hairstyle as well as extensive upgrades in different regions of the game. below to the assortment of photos we made to show these accolades.

Quick Note: The progressions below may have been included last October, but due to the restricted movie the studio released, we just took a look at the new modified Thor and couldn’t skip a exam next to each other. . The most recent pre-demand trailer shows precisely the same scenes that are available in the first Discovery trailer of 2019.

As it should be obvious, her hair is currently styled and additionally gives off a feeling of being softer. You could argue that the 2019 variant looks a bit like Thor’s first presentation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and its 2020 form matches the style he had in Avenger 2: Age of Ultron and towards the start of Thor Ragnorok.

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