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Over the past decades, the video game industry has created many characters that have become incredibly popular and recognizable not only by gamers but also by ordinary people. Iconic characters don’t have to be positive; there are those who are willing to do terrible things to get what they want. Let’s take a look at a list of 11 characters known to almost everyone – some of them first appeared in movies, and others, on the contrary, inspired movies or cartoons. Recall the interesting online slot machine Big Bad Wolf Megaways. It features several iconic characters, both goodies and a villain, namely three little pigs and a big bad wolf. These characters have had a thorny journey from a fairy tale to an online virtual slot machine and have not lost their relevance for many years.

Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog

This fictional character was first introduced in 1991, when the world was inundated with video game consoles. The hedgehog named Sonic, just like Mario, has been popular for several decades and does not lose its relevance. This goodie has super speed and even has its own TV series, later a movie and even a comic book.

Today, you can even find slots online with this character that offers lightning-fast spinning of the reels and takes advantage of cash payouts.

Nathan Drake from Uncharted

It is very difficult to call Drake a positive and heroic character, because, according to the storyline, he not only had to kill the characters that stood in his way, but also deliberately put his friends in danger. All of the above was necessary to find a valuable archaeological artifact that had been placed in a long lost ancient city. But Drake, without a doubt, surprises with his charisma and his excellent sense of humor. Therefore, it is hard not to like it. If we are talking about real life then you should stay as far away from these people as possible, but in the virtual world you want to follow every reckless decision of this character and enjoy new twists and turns.

Liu Kang from the legendary Mortal Kombat

Perhaps this character is not the brightest in the game series, but the fate of the entire earthly realm has been entrusted to him. Liu Kang is the champion of four Mortal Kombat tournaments. And such a result was not repeated by anyone else in the game.

If you compare this character with other video game heroes, then he is fighting for justice and not indulging in selfish and fleeting desires. He has a pure and shining soul, which makes Liu Kang the best role model in Mortal Kombat games.

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

As it should be with any cult hero, Cloud looks very cool, but that’s not the most important thing. At the end of the Final Fantasy VII storyline, you can see how the character changes, improves. It’s very interesting to play for Cloud Strife because he’s very versatile and unpredictable in his own way. It was he who entered the TOP of cult video game characters according to Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine and even the Guinness Book of Records.

Gordon Freeman of Half-Life

This is Gordon from the video game Half-life it can be taken as a perfect example of how unusual circumstances can turn even an ordinary, shy and even gentle person into a hero. Gordon started out as a theoretical physicist who simply did his job for a company called Black Mesa.

When the storyline reached changeover hour and a failed lab experiment created a portal to Earth for armies of dangerous alien beings, Freeman took it all in hand and set out to save the world. .

Solid Snake from Metal Gear

It was through many feats and courage that a character named Solid Snake gained a reputation for being able to do the impossible. Solid managed to win Metal Gear by fighting, preventing a nuclear catastrophe and saving the world.

This hero bravely endured betrayal, hostile characters and even accelerated aging. Snake is the ideal soldier who has lived the rest of his life in peace.

Halo Master Chief

The character named John-117 is a biochemically enhanced soldier with more strength. He is recognizable by his green armor and gold-plated helmet. While this character has been well received by video game enthusiasts, critics have claimed he lacks self-confidence and hides behind a helmet.

The Legend of Zelda game series link

Link is the most recognizable and even the most iconic character in video game history. He wields immense power with his weapon and only uses it with good intentions. Speaking of the series of these games, it is worth mentioning Princess Zelda. She’s the one Link has to save over and over again. But over time, Princess Zelda became an increasingly rejected character and was no longer seen as a girl who was constantly in trouble.

BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein

In the Wolfenstein series, BJ is revealed to be a thoughtful, insightful, yet very quick-witted character. According to the plot of the game, he must destroy a whole horde of fascists who threaten peace on earth. Blazkowicz is not just a one-dimensional character. Players want to enjoy an interesting storyline and come back to this game over and over again.

Commander Shepard of Mass Effect

Shepard is a character that you want to take after. This positive hero combines both idealism and pragmatism. Shepard manages to inspire and motivate many minor characters to perform heroic deeds, which subsequently lead to a positive outcome. In the game you have to fight with the aliens in the galaxy and the main character is ready to sacrifice his life without hesitation to save all of humanity.

Iconic Warcraft Arthas Menethil

Arthas Menethil is one of the main characters in the legendary video game – World of warcraft. Once upon a time, this character was everyone’s favorite and revered prince. But after a while he grew into a powerful and sinister person who inspires fear. Arthas has become the most important antagonist, but it is incredibly fun to play this character.

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