Bored at home? Want to catch up with your friends with amazing games? Here are 4 games you can try playing with your friends online, let’s check them out:

Among us
Number one on our list is without a doubt the most beloved group in this lockdown season. If you haven’t been assaulted by the countless images of us forcing you to board yet, we are disclosing it to you because you should try it out with your mates! Even though it was delivered two years ago, the pandemic brought colossal fame to Among Us as the ideal thriller game that’s actually best NOT played up close and personal.
Unleash the inner Picasso in you! If you’ve invested that stuck energy at home to sharpen your creative abilities, this is a perfect opportunity to use them effectively in a game of Skribbl. Or, if your drawing skills are horrible… prepare to allow your companions to endure. Skribbl is a free multiplayer drawing and speculation game – helps us remember the days when we used to play Pictionary or Draw Something with our own companions.

This multiplayer tabletop game has remained a huge success for the past two decades and requires a lot of fierce technique. In Colonist, you and your companions will take on the duties of pilgrims, each of you running after building and developing your own colonies while trading and procuring goods. As your colonies grow you will gain Focus and the first of you to reach a set number of Victory Points will win. You don’t need to download or join – just create a room on their site, set it to private, and offer your game room to connect with up to 3 of your companions!

QuizUp is a streaming game that brings fun evenings of random data with your mates right to your phone. The application is a cross between a stage of long-range interpersonal communication and random data, where a large number of actors help to make untold questions of random data dependent on their inclinations.

To play, you have to face your companion in various decision rounds of random data questions. QuizUp is an app you should try.
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