Top 5 free online games for kids: combine education and fun


Check out the top 5 free online games for kids. These are educational games for all intents and purposes and will keep kids engaged.

Online games have replaced outdoor games for kids over the past few years and this is especially true after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Children love to play online games and this aspect can be used productively to teach them as well, especially with the rapid evolution of cell phones and computers. Although prolonged play can be detrimental to a child’s health, you can make it useful for educating children and improving their problem-solving skills. You can control children’s online sessions and even set a time period. If you’re looking for online games that can keep your kids engaged while educating them, here are the top 5 free online games for kids:

Free online games for kids

1. Funbrain:

Funbrain offers several educational games on various topics, including basic math and life sciences. These games will not only keep your kids engaged and entertained even while they are educating. You can rank these games based on how relevant they are to student grades. There is also a section where teachers can play games with children in class.


Arcademics offers several online math games and alphabet games for kids. The design of each game is simple and therefore quite easy to play.

3. Pizza Party Count:

Well, there’s no pizza night like counting pizza night! It is a number system and math equation based game that makes number sense appealing especially for preschool and kindergarten students.

4. Boris The Magician:

The game is designed to introduce basic computer skills like using the mouse and directing the cursor to children. It’s a very simple game that encourages children to click on the boxes to see Boris’ next turn.

5. Learn shapes:

It is very important to engage kindergarten children in fitness activities. Although they are taught in kindergarten today, you can also engage your children in fitness activities at home. In the Learn Shapes game, children must match and recognize shapes before moving on to a coloring exercise.

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