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The UK’s official PC game download chart, launched less than a year ago, “is dead,” MCV games industry magazine reports. The chart was officially launched in May of last year, but no data has been released by the compilers, UKIE and IPSOS, on PC games and digital DLC sales since last October.

The idea was perhaps too ambitious as this array of digital PC games was presented by UKIE as the “The world’s first official digital game board using actual sales data from PC downloads and expansion / DLC titles” during launch. Apparently the chart had been in beta testing for a year before this launch, but obviously something went wrong after the chart makers went live. At launch, the charts were to start by being published on a monthly basis with the goal of becoming weekly.

MCV reports that while publishers such as Sega, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Warner, and 2K have provided data to graphics compilers, other leading game makers, including Activision and Bethesda, have not. . Also making the job of the graphics compilation organization even more difficult, online game distributors such as Steam and Green Man Gaming shared their sales data in their own way, which made it difficult for the makers of official graphics. British authorities to collect all the figures correctly.

What will happen now? According to the report on the disappearance of this graph, UKIE will put this project on hold and look for new ways to compile meaningful reports on the size of the PC download market. As mentioned during the launch of the ill-fated table, digital sales are now so important to game companies large and small. Comparative sales data in an official chart was considered a “vital” tool to some independent game makers. For now, game makers and industry watchers will have to be content with the disparate mass of data available here and there.

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