Video game characters that would make great streamers


I thought about starting a Tic channel for a while. After all, I’m an actor who writes about video games. So I have the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment. Besides, I’m talkative. So I can easily continue the chat.

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Still, I study a bit before starting Streamlabs because I feel like I can learn from other streamers, examining what makes them unique and engaging. Oddly enough, all of this observation gave me some clear ideas about who could make successful streamers in the gaming multiverse. Thinking about these characters, I know I would subscribe to their channel!


4 Hatsune Miku

The first character that comes to mind when I think of streamers is Hatsune Miku. She is an important part of the internet culture that fits in with the best Vtubers in the world, like Mirai Akari and Kizuna AI.

Plus, she can take a lot of requests. After all, as a Vocaloid, she can learn music instantly. Of course, this is a privilege that viewers should not abuse. Still, it would be fun to hear the world-famous idol sing some iconic music, like the Pizza Bagel Bites jingle.

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Also, with some very close Cryptonloid friends like Kagamine Rin and Len, Kaito, Megurine Luka, and Meiko, we would surely see several appearances and collaborations on Miku’s streams. Maybe we can get them to recreate the JG Wentworth commercial!

Dear lord, where am I going with this?

No matter. I want the Vocaloids to sing commercial jingles. That’s it. This is the channel.

3 Ken’s Masters

So there’s no easy way to put this, but we don’t know what’s going on with Ken. Ever since his tough, faded Street Fighter 6 appearance leaked, the web has lit up with fan theories describing Bad Luck Brian’s divorce, death, depression, and other storylines. If these theories prove true, Ken will need a new outlet (and possibly a new source of income).

Fortunately, Ken can pass on his martial arts skills to Twitch. Fighting game streamers are popular. For example, Maximilian DOOD’s Twitch channel has over a million subscribers. And if any video game character could break down the techniques and strategies of a match, it would be Ken.

2 Isabella

One of my favorite Twitch streamers is Damien Haas, known for his sketch comedy with Smosh and his voiceover roles, including male Shez in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. It does a brilliant job of building community with its viewers while dictating clear guidelines that help everyone feel safe and included. And every time he receives a sub-gift, Haas turns into an absolute cinnamon roll.

Although Haas is an experienced gamer, having streamed Elden Ring without armor in the past, he never pushed the toxic “Git Gud” gaming culture. On the contrary, it proves that being a kind and engaging host makes a better streamer than impressing an audience with technique.

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So when I was looking for a video game equivalent to that energy, my mind turned to Animal Crossing Isabella. Although she is sweet, kind, and polite, she is also one of the most influential forces on the show. Veteran villagers know that his wisdom and knowledge keep island life in pristine condition.

Did you know that Isabelle has engineering degrees from nineteen universities!? He’s a genius !

In turn, imagine this wise, open, and unassuming Shih Tsu hosting a Twitch stream where everyone feels welcome, safe, and included. We could all watch Isabelle play a soothing game like PowerWash Simulator while unwinding after a stressful day. Or maybe she’ll kill in an Elden Ring charity stream! I know she would get all my bells.

1 dead Pool

Okay, I’ve covered idol streamers, tech streamers, and lovable streamers, but what about absolutely chaotic streamers? While looking for a real-life parallel, nothing quite lives up to the pandemonium possible on a dead Pool flow.

Imagine: one minute, you play marbles for a chance that the mercenary with a mouth threatens your nemesis. Another time, he plays Call Of Duty and asks other players for their favorite Bea Arthur quotes. Next, he’ll star without irony as Sunny the Earth Pony in My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure, celebrating the power of friendship. Deadpool would be the Ultimate Variety Streamer.

More importantly, Deadpool won’t take the shit of prejudice from anyone. If a troll interrupted his stream with racist, misogynistic, ableist and queerphobic nonsense, he would grill it before putting a bullet in the head of Francis. Now he’s an anti-hero I can support!

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