Video game characters who are relentlessly bitter


To be bitter is to feel or show anger, pain or resentment because of bad experiences. Many fictional characters show an unrelenting bitterness, to the point that their actions and behavior are affected by those around them. Being bitter can be a flaw, but some characters have a good reason or excuse it with a cool action.

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There are many bitter characters in video games, some who pursue the protagonist’s goal of being a worthy villain, or some who are the protagonist, and the player can experience the story that made them bitter and led to their redemption.


8/8 Geralt – The Witcher 3

Geralt de Riv led quite a life. From joining the Wild Hunt to being killed and losing your memories. Geralt had his life robbed while being transferred for the Witcher Trials, making him a monster in the eyes of man.

When audiences reconnect with Geralt in The Witcher 3, his bitterness is appeased due to his returned memories. Although Geralt is more serious than ever, as his daughter, Ciri, is being chased by The Wild Hunt and the Emperor of Nilfgaard.

7/8 Joel Miller – The Last of Us

As the protagonist of The last of us, Joel Miller presents a life filled with misery. Joel lost his civilized life when the Cordyceps virus ravaged mankind. The very first chaos of the outbreak caused Joel to lose his daughter, who died in his arms. Joel was bitter in the aftermath of the outbreak and even resorted to murdering and cleaning up innocent people until he got a job as a smuggler.

Joel was tasked with smuggling and protecting Ellie Williams across America, which he discovered was key to mankind’s survival. Forming a strong bond, Joel rediscovered his humanity, but his bitterness at losing a daughter remained.

6/8 Mr. Resetti – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

No one takes his job more seriously than Mr. Resetti. This grumpy mole appears in the animal crossing Games. Its job is to make sure the player saves continuously throughout the game, and doesn’t reset the game or turn off the power without saving.

The number of people Resetti dealt with made him bitter and beyond furious. He yells so much abuse at the player if he dares turn off his console without saving, and will continue to do so no matter how many times it happens.

5/8 Trevor Philips – Grand Theft Auto 5

As one of the three protagonists of Auto grand theft 5, Trevor Philips is the most unbalanced character of the three and the founder of Trevor Philips Enterprises. Trevor is a dangerous man, not only for his crime and drug deals, but also for his ability to react to the slightest thing and sow chaos in his path.

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Trevor Philips grew bitter after a life of poverty and being unloved. His best friend, Michael, faked his death to retire from a life of crime. When Trevor found out he was alive, his bitterness turned into an unhealthy and intense confrontation.

Few characters want to see the suffering and lack of happiness in other humans more than Psycho Mantis. As a psychic member of FOXHOUND, Psycho Mantis helped his team take over Shadow Moses Island. Psycho Mantis believed that humans were not designed to bring each other happiness, but to bring each other pain and misery.

His bitterness comes from his powers. In Solid metal gear, he can read people’s minds. These intrusive thoughts would force themselves into his mind, which he would need a special gas mask to prevent.

3/8 Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

In a lifetime of suffering, Scorpion had his entire family and clan murdered, then was led to believe it was Sub-Zero, not Quan Chi. This led to Scorpion sabotaging the Mortal Kombat tournament by killing the original Sub-Zero and posing as a violent and ferocious warrior who will stop at nothing for revenge.

Scorpion has become a ghost from hell, and in the mortal combat series, killed a lot of characters. Scorpion had a long road to redemption and rebuilding his clan, but his bitterness halted his progress.

2/8 Shadow – Shadow the Hedgehog

Created as an ultimate life form, Shadow had quite the expectations. Shadow was an experiment, published fifteen years after its creation to help Dr. Eggman conquer the world. Shadow’s goals came from the bitterness of revenge for the death of Maria, a woman killed by the military.

Shadow the Hedgehog has a quick wit and a keen sense of purpose. In his game, shadow the hedgehog, we see him fighting with demons and with real firearms. He is a character who boasts of his bitterness.

1/8 Kratos – God of War

After losing his brother, his warriors, his family and his Pantheon, no one can be more bitter than Kratos of the God of the war series. Kratos’ bitterness spurred his revenge against the Greek gods and helped fuel his desire to assassinate his father, Zeus. Kratos even committed suicide to give humanity a chance.

When Kratos returned to the video game scene in 2018, he was overcome with grief over the loss of his new wife and doubts that he could raise a motherless son, as Kratos had not forgiven himself for his past.

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