Video game characters who came back from the dead


Many of the earliest video games were designed with a simple idea: you can try as many times as you want. With the inclusion of mechanics like extra lives and checkpoints, people have become accustomed to failing again and again without worry. As a result, they didn’t wonder how these elements factored into the reality of the game world.

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Over time, the games became more involved and took their stories more seriously. Sometimes that meant permanently killing characters and dealing with the consequences. However, just like in several series, there are times when the characters have managed to return to action.


8 Commander Shepard

When Mass Effect first came out, people were surprised at how big it was. The game featured a lot of new ideas, but in a way that made everything clear. Continuing the story, Mass Effect 2 has seriously upped the ante. Not only were civilizations threatened by a seemingly unstoppable alien force, but many important Mass Effect heroes were also busy with other matters.

This includes Commander Shepard, who was busy dying after sacrificing his life to save his crew. However, the underground organization Cerberus came to the rescue, using all the resources at their disposal to revive the commander after two years of his death.

seven paper mario

Mario is a hero who doesn’t often deal with real themes like death or old age. From friends to foes, nothing ever seems to stay dead for long in the Mushroom Kingdom and surrounding lands. Even though Paper Mario games have the same fun, non-serious vibes, Super Paper Mario takes it in a different direction.

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Not only does the main villain and his buddies look twisted and menacing, one of them actually manages to kill Mario. As a result, he is sent to an afterlife called Underwhere. Fortunately, he is able to use his jumping skills to escape and come back to life.

6 Mono

In Shadow Of The Colossus, the story is primarily told through action and context. It seems simple enough at first glance: a guy named Wander takes a disembodied-voiced girl named Mono to revive her. Although the nature of their relationship is never revealed, it’s clear that it’s the most important thing for Wander, considering how much he’s willing to risk for it.

After each colossus, Wander reappears in front of Mono, who begins to look healthier and with more birds surrounding her. In the end, Wander never sees a resurrected Mono, but his sacrifice wasn’t in vain – you can see Mono get back up, joined by Wander’s trusty horse, Agro.

5 Mr Daniel Fortesque

In the early days of PlayStation, there were many low-poly titles that were all about platforming and adventures. Among them are the MediEvil games, which followed the journey of Sir Daniel Fortesque.

In his lifetime, he worked his way up to become the king’s favorite knight. However, he was unable to deliver when leading an army against a necromancer and died before he even engaged the enemy. When the Necromancer returns, Daniel is brought back to life as a result. He has a chance to redeem himself, by living up to the way he presented himself.

4 Conker

With titles like Super Mario 64 and Ocarina Of Time, the N64 was renowned for its colorful fantasy games. Although Conker’s Bad Fur Day looked colorful, it surprised many with its raw, mature material. It follows the story of a squirrel named Conker, who wakes up lost and hungover.

While trying to find his way home, he will have to face a number of threats, strange characters and animated objects. During the journey, Conker may die and be sent to the Underworld, where Gregg The Grim Reaper greets him. He explains that since he’s a squirrel, Conker may have another chance at life if he gets Squirrel Tails back.

3 Seymour Guado

There is a tradition in games where heroes constantly fight the same enemies over and over again. Whether it’s because they use non-lethal methods or the adversary is so tough, you’re likely to face them multiple times during the same adventure. This is quite common in Final Fantasy games, where villains are repeatedly defeated but always manage to come back.

In Final Fantasy 10, Seymour Guado is a top villain who wants to harness the power of a doomsday entity for himself. As such, he will bump into the party, where he will be killed, disintegrated, blown up, and expelled, before ultimately being truly dead.

2 Warren

Although the cowboy narrative is mostly fiction, living in the Wild West was tough no matter how you look at it. It’s no surprise there’s a title called Hard West. It is a turn-based strategy game, with elements similar to the XCOM series.

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You control the main character and anyone else who joins their party, in order to complete the objectives. The ringleader is a young man named Warren, who is shot alongside his wife. Due to an overwhelming desire for revenge, he has the ability to exact it from the Devil himself, who revives Warren as an undead sniper with the goal of wreaking havoc on the world.

1 Cryptosporidium

With a name like Destroy All Humans! it is obvious that you are not in a safe game. You play as an alien invader called Cryptosporidium, who serve a race called the Furons. What’s interesting is that the game opens with Crypto crawling out of a crashed spaceship and apprehended by a military force.

And yet, in the next scene, he appears perfectly fine aboard the mothership. This is because the Furons are a clone race, and each time Crypto dies, his mind and memories are uploaded into a whole new body. So effectively, every time he is killed, his body dies, but not his spirit.

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