Video game characters who make terrible parents


Most of the bad parents on this list are villains or complicated side characters, but Booker DeWitt is our first bad dad to be a fully playable protagonist. As the hero of “BioShock Infinite,” Booker’s parental nature isn’t fully revealed until almost at the end of the game.

In the game’s final chapter, “Revelations,” Booker and Elizabeth go through a series of dimensional rifts that explain Booker’s past. Burdened with crippling gambling debt, Booker sold his daughter Anna to a man named Zachary Hale Comstock in exchange for having her slate erased. He regretted the transaction almost immediately, but it was too late – she disappeared due to a tear with Comstock before Booker could get her back.

Booker realizes that Elizabeth is Anna and asks him to open a portal to Comstock’s birth so that he can kill him and prevent the trade from happening. She agrees, but they realize upon their arrival that Comstock is an alternate reality version of Booker himself, being reborn through a baptism meant to cleanse him of the sins he committed at Wounded Knee.

Considering Elizabeth’s life with Comstock was fraught with hardship and pain, it’s clear Booker is a bad dad in all sorts of realities no matter what circumstances he finds himself in.

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