Video game characters who rely on their strength to win


It’s been postulated (mostly in various martial arts movies) that strength doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the skills to back it up. This is why you always see lean martial arts master type people effortlessly lay out gigantic fighters with masterful strikes and flips. However, there is a bit of a limit to this.

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There is a certain strength threshold which, once exceeded, can effectively replace the skill, at least while that strength lasts. There are a lot of characters in games that don’t use any particular fighting style, they’re just so outrageously strong that they just kind of can throw orient themselves in the general direction of their opponents and let nature take its course. Of course, even in these situations skill often wins out.


10/10 Rodin – Bayonette Series

Before becoming a fallen angel, Rodin was undoubtedly one of the most powerful beings in all of Paradiso. No other angels, not even members of the Auditio, could touch him. Even after she lost her celestial abilities and embraced her demonic side, that still more or less holds true.

Rodin’s very presence has so much heavenly/hellish power behind it that all he really has to do is swing his arm in a straight line to send an opponent flying. Even when he decides to get serious, there is no particular rhythm to his techniques. It flies quickly, stomping and pounding the ground; it is its latent force that makes this scourge potentially the end of the world.

9/10 Asura – Asura’s Wrath

Asura’s entire existence, at least as far as the history of Asura’s Wrath is concerned, is defined by his inexhaustible source of rage and hatred. Whenever he’s up against an opponent he can’t just knock down, he doesn’t work at all to hone his style, he just beats them. Stronger.

Asura’s fighting style, such as it is, can be summed up in the following flowchart: Is he still standing? Hit him. Is he still standing? Hit harder. Is he still standing? Hit harder with more fists. Etc., etc. He really is so angry that this approach works for pretty much the whole game.

8/10 Urizen – Devil May Cry 5

When Vergil uses the power of the Yamato to separate his human and demonic halves from each other, the resulting demon, Urizen, is an unfettered mass of demonic power. He’s made up of all the best genetics Vergil has ever inherited from Sparda, from overwhelming strength to natural resilience.

However, there is a small problem here: Vergil’s greatest asset is his swordsmanship, and this has been passed down to V. As such, Urizen does not fight with any established style, merely swinging your body and let the physics do the work. . He is undoubtedly strong, but against Dante’s freewheeling fighting style, he just couldn’t keep up.

7/10 Godrick the Transplant – Elden Ring

Godrick has always had a small inferiority complex, comparing himself to the more powerful members of his godly family. He’s not particularly good with weapons or magic compared to Radahn or Rennala, so to make up for the difference, he opted for mace instead. Godrick grafts on powerful warriors and creatures to increase his size and muscle, which certainly allows him to field regular soldiers with little difficulty.

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Sadly, not all the transplants in the world can make up for his general lack of fighting savvy. Its swings are powerful enough to cause whirlwinds and its jumps are heavy enough to split the earth, but that’s all it really has in its playbook. Even grafting a dragon’s entire head onto its arm won’t doesn’t change the fact that, despite his immense strength, he just doesn’t know how to use it.

6/10 Zant – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

When he first appears in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zant is portrayed as a calm, calculating individual with unknown depths in his dark abilities. Indeed, with his powerful Twili magic, he can conjure up all sorts of caustic attacks, not to mention subject those around him to powerful and unpleasant metamorphoses.

Later, however, we learn that all of this power came primarily from Ganondorf. On his own, Zant isn’t exactly an impressive fighter. His magic is powerful and gives him some flexibility in a fight, allowing him to change size and create illusions. When exhausted and forced to rely on swordsmanship, his style can be compared to a child throwing a tantrum rather than true skill.

As a U.S. Navy soldier in his younger years, Armstrong likely received basic combat training, though he never actually saw an active deployment during his time there. This is probably why when it comes time to fight Raiden, he relies almost exclusively on his nanomachine-enhanced body rather than something like army combat.

With his nanomachines’ ability to harden in response to trauma, as well as his ability to draw kinetic energy from his surroundings, Armstrong is a devastatingly strong individual. Granted, without help from Jetstream Sam’s Murasama, Raiden can’t even scratch it. However, Armstrong’s fighting style is more like football tackling than actual fighting. Tackles are not a fighting style, which is why Raiden finally managed to beat him. Even before that, he was nearly beaten by Sam, only winning at the last minute with a lucky shot.

4/10 Jason Vorhees – Mortal Kombat X

Anyone with even a passing interest in classic horror movies knows Jason Vorhees’ unstoppable nature. It’s kind of his whole shtick. In his many films and his appearance in Mortal Kombat X, Jason does not operate based on any particular type of skill. He’s a directionless ghost, after all; the guy probably can’t spell ‘fighting style”, let alone use one.

Jason’s undead physiology allows him to not effortlessly sell attacks that would hurt or knock down typical fighters. If a normal person tried to fight like Jason does, they would get hurt, but because he can not being injured, he can simply fly through a knuckle sandwich as if it were a light breeze.

3/10 Infinite – Sonic Forces

Using the power of the mysterious Phantom Ruby, Infinite is a borderline divine individual. He can conjure large-scale illusions, create frighteningly accurate duplicates of any living thing, and can easily ignore any feeble attempt to resist him.

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Infinite’s power, however, comes with a big asterisk: the Phantom Ruby is the source of all his powers. This means that if the Ruby is inhibited in any way or otherwise removed from possession, he becomes a downright average guy. He has no combat skills, no enhanced strength, and he’s not even that smart. Without the Phantom Ruby, Infinite is pretty finished.

2/10 Taiga Saejima – Yakuza Series

All playable characters in the Yakuza series are some degree of a skull and crossbones, capable of performing fantastic feats of strength and violence. Even compared to Kiryu and Majima, however, Taiga Saejima stands out due to just How? ‘Or’ What he is strong. For one thing, he’s able to rip street signs straight out of concrete, a feat even Kiryu has never pulled off.

Due to this incredible strength, Saejima’s fighting style mainly involves lunging at enemies, taking fairly basic grappling holds, and the classic hay punch. It’s the same kind of style any generic yakuza thug would use, but thanks to Saejima’s strength, he’s grown into a class of his own.

1/10 Taokaka – BlazBlue Series

As a member of the Kaka Clan and a genetic descendant of Jubei, Taokaka possesses naturally keen fighting instincts and great strength to boot. Despite his relatively small frame, he punches and kicks with immense power, and his natural affinity for magic allows him to conjure up mystifying abilities like summoned blades and duplication.

However, all of these abilities are exclusively instinctive. Tao has no idea what she’s doing, her body just knows how to fight and use magic. That’s why his fighting style is so fast and animalistic; in direct combat with a skilled opponent, she would likely lose.

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