Video Game Characters Who Should Totally Run For President


Let’s face it, someone in charge of running a country has a very important job. Their decisions carry a little more weight to them than my daily choice between making my own meals at home or absolutely obliterating an entire box of donuts. Such important work should go to an important character, and who is more important than our favorite video game characters?

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Everyone has a favorite video game character, but not everyone thinks about the kind of leader they would be. Maybe your favorite character would change the world and expand humanity to entirely new planets, and maybe others would get a little more creative.


10/10 sales pitch

Okay, Borderlands mainstay Claptrap might be a bit of an odd choice for some people, but hear me out! This little robot has the kind of attitude required to be a leader. Claptrap blatantly ignores what’s really going on all around to focus on the little issues that irritate the odd unit.

It’s possible that all power will go to Claptrap’s thinking unit, but we’ve seen time and time again that the robot is well-meaning. It may be strange to hear the president refer to people as servants, but think about branding. Claptrap would be a top pick as long as there were plenty of ramps available.

9/10 Jill Valentine

If there’s one iconic thing every president has had, it’s a catchy slogan. Luckily, Jill Valentine is absolutely filled with iconic one-liners. The iconic heroine of the Resident Evil franchise already has a very wide, freedom-adjacent line to use.

Everyone knows that if they needed stars, Jill Valentine is the woman to call. She’s got plenty of other fantastic traits like being a master unlocker and having dealt with viral outbreaks, but come on, “I’ll give you stars” is just too good of a campaign slogan.

8/10 shovel knight

Can you imagine Shovel Knight as president? He would rule the lands with an iron shovel. He could literally pull the country out of any hole it found itself in. The man kills dragons with ease, and he does it with a shovel, so he’d probably be fine with complex tax policy.

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Someone like Shovel Knight would be the closest person to nobility to ever be president. He would do justice to the shovel across the land, making sure everyone has their own shovel in order to find their own treasures. Basically, there’s a good shot Shovel Knight would end poverty.

7/10 Louis

Luigi may seem like an odd choice to lead a country, but there’s more than a two-player behind that thick mustache. All these years, Luigi has bided his time, just waiting for the right moment to really show everyone that he’s Mario’s superior brother.

He’s always had a bit of a twisted chip on his shoulder, so we all have to hope he doesn’t turn out to be Green Thunder instead. As a man of few words, we all know that Luigi would do the right thing, even if it completely terrified him.

6/10 Kirby

Imagine all that Kirby could accomplish as a major world leader. The adorable little puffball might not even have a neck, but he would have no problem in a conflict. Who would ever want to disagree with something so cute…and able to eat it all effortlessly?

That’s right, Kirby wouldn’t just be a leader; Kirby would be an unopposed leader. All the competition would suddenly disappear, Kirby suddenly having a few new political ideas ready to go, and the puffball would simply steal the nation’s heart with a single “hi!”

5/10 Tom Nook

No one would be homeless if Tom Nook was in charge. He’s almost too perfect to run for president. He’s well aware of what it takes to lead nations full of happy Animal Crossing villagers, and he’s also got some experience in business.

It might make the whole nation’s debt a problem for the people, but it’s a small price to pay. Nook would probably go door to door to find out exactly how many bells everyone had, making sure everyone knew he had the Racoon Goons at his disposal, whatever that meant.

4/10 Red

You might think Red is a great choice because with his powerful Pokémon at his side, he would be able to solve tons of different problems. Instead, he would be awesome for a reason similar to why Kirby would be so awesome. He would be unstoppable.

Everyone would be afraid of Red, because anyone who got on the wrong side could find themselves trapped inside a Pokeball, relegated to Bill’s PC forever. His country would be ruled with an iron fist and a literal dragon creature…on second thoughts, maybe Red shouldn’t run for president.

3/10 Steve

While many of the game’s characters would bring unique skills to the presidency, Steve would bring everything Minecraft had to offer. He would be able to fix housing issues, but he would probably end up forgetting and building all sorts of weird things.

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Who needs more houses when Steve can build a massive sandcastle to adventure through the Nether? We all know he would be a man of few words, but when you can chop down a tree, you don’t need to say much else.

2/10 Clementine

Almost anyone who’s played Telltale’s The Walking Dead will know exactly why Clementine would make a great president. She had been through more in her life at the age of sixteen than most people have been through in their entire lives.

Knowing everything she had been through with Lee, it would be impossible not to choose her; everyone loves a good heartbreaking story. She’s also kind of the most epic single mom ever when you think she has to raise AJ on her own.

1/10 wario

When Wario said, “I-will win!” it’s probably safe to say that most people didn’t expect this to apply to something like the presidency. He’s proven to Mario fans that he’s not someone to mess with, no matter what sport he plays, and that has to somehow apply to being President, even if he is greedy.

There’s the other elephant in the room, Wario’s gas. The man could power an entire city for a month with just one gastric boom. It’s something most people would overlook, but Wario could really make a difference for quite a few people.

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