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Be a iconic video game character isn’t it all glitz and glamour, winning popularity polls and making the most sales of merchandise; sometimes it means being the ass of every meme. Even though fans love to sympathize with their favorite characters through all the toughest times of their journey together, it’s apparently even more fun to poke fun at their misery instead.

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Meme culture is wild and unpredictable and sometimes one man’s agony can be another’s laugh. Here are some of the most famous gaming memes, born out of the pain and suffering of some of the most beloved video game characters.

Minor spoilers ahead!


Right next to “fus ro dah”, “taking an arrow to the knee” was one of the most iconic memes of 2011 Skyrim. This meme was born out of the many guards in every hold of Skyrim. One of their many idle lines of dialogue involves them mentioning “take an arrow to the knee”, which ended up being a hilarious quote from the game that fans remember all the time.

This seemingly widespread phenomenon of ancient adventurers being struck by a stray arrow and their lives reduced to mundane patrol routes is rather sad when you think about it twice. However, apparently the Skyrim the community thought the story was prime material.

seven Humanoid (Roblox): “OOF”

Each death of a Roblox The humanoid character translates into a sound that no one could have ever predicted would become as popular as it did. The “oof” sound effect, part of both meme videos and soundtrack remixes, is one of the most widely used sound effects on the internet. The simple audio clip is so iconic and widespread that it has reached audiences outside of the gaming community.

Poor Roblox the characters basically have the internet laughing at their deaths. However, since July 2022, the famous “oof” has been officially replaced. Hope the tormented Roblox the citizens will finally be able to rest now.

6 Ethan Winters (Resident Evil 7-8): Lend Ethan a hand

Ethan’s introduction to the series was a big curveball for resident Evil fans, but eventually the fandom warmed up to the new protagonist, and for his big welcome, fans cooked up a ton of memes at his expense. One of everyone’s biggest running gags Resident Evil 7 and 8 is the poor condition of Ethan’s hands.

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Ethan’s ability to regenerate/reattach his limbs is an important part of the story, so of course the game’s story needs a handful (no pun intended) of opportunities for Ethan to show off his powers mold based. Since then, poor Ethan’s hand trauma has been turned into the butt of many jokes within the RE community. At least Ethan can still tie up his hands after giving everyone a good laugh!

5 Paimon (Genshin Impact): Emergency Food

Poor Paimon can’t take a break. Genshin ImpactThe iconic mascot of immediately made a rather strong first impression due to a single line of dialogue the player can choose to say at the start of the game. At one point, the player can choose to make a little joke, introducing Paimon as his “emergency food” and from then on, the Genshin fandom had spawned its very first meme.

Since that famous line, Paimon has been the victim of a ton of (playful) bullying and is the star of a handful of food-related memes. There are tons of delicious food all over Teyvat, surely the Traveler doesn’t need to resort to anything so horrible!

4 Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain): Press X for Jason

Usually, making fun of a panicked poor man who has just lost track of his son in the middle of a busy mall would be in bad taste. However, when it comes to Ethan Mars from Heavy rainThe internet didn’t bother trying to hold back.

The game starts with Ethan at the mall for a fun day out with the family, but things go awry when his son Jason wanders off on his own. While the actual situation wasn’t funny, it was the “X to Jason” prompt that made it perfect meme material. Not only that, but the distressed delivery of Ethan’s desperate cries for his son just made button spamming even more hilarious.

3 The Chosen Undead (Dark Souls): YOU’RE DEAD

The holder dark souls The “You Died” ending screen is so incredibly embedded in internet meme culture that it’s probably reached an audience that doesn’t even know the meme’s origins! In any hilarious video, whether video game related or not, a quick fade to black wouldn’t be a complete ending without the deep chimes of the dark souls screen game.

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Watch just about any funny video of a cute animal attacking the camera or a completely drunk person falling face down and chances are it will end with the dark souls end screen. Hope the meme doesn’t cause a long run dark souls fans have horrific flashbacks to all the frustrating boss fights.

2 Jack Mitchell (Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare): Press F to pay tribute

It’s important to note that this meme has absolutely nothing to do with the actual circumstances and everything to do with the barrier that video games always face when it comes to reaching a full level of immersion. In one of the first scenes of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Jack Mitchell attends the funeral of his best friend. As the cutscene progresses, the player is given a moment to walk towards the coffin, and a silly prompt arrives that shatters any sympathy the player might have had moments ago.

Since then, poor Jack’s grief has become a meme, having comments or chat “f” spam whenever they wish to express their sympathetic greetings.

Kaz’s infamous “just to suffer” monologue in Metal Gear Solid 5 was an incredibly emotional and heartbreaking moment for him…just for the internet to rush in and make a joke of it. When poor Kaz gave that speech, he had just been saved from being held prisoner and having his arm and leg cut off. He goes on to talk about being able to feel his phantom limbs and the pain of his fallen comrades. For many MSG fans, it was hard to see Master Miller in the broken state he was in.

Since then, Kaz’s signature line has been used countless times to express any sort of trivial frustration. At least Kaz was able to really put the Diamond Dogs on the map!

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