Video game characters with hairstyles that defy gravity


character design is a very important aspect of creating a compelling game that players will want to play. However, sometimes the designs of these characters, while amazing, can be incredibly questionable especially when they seem to defy the laws of physics.

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Players wonder who the hairdressers of these characters are. Especially since they are able to give them haircuts that defy gravity, as their hair stands tall atop their head without a single hair moving. These hairstyles show no signs of falling off anytime soon, as the magic that holds them in place shows no signs of moving.


ten Guile – Street Fighter

Guile was meant to appeal to American fans of the franchise, especially with his flattop haircut. However, the length on top is rather peculiar and unrealistic which does not move an inch when fighting. The duration actually fluctuated from game to game with SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos SVC see her hair at its greatest length yet.

Players wondered how much hair gel this man needs to use to keep him exactly in place. Capcom responded to this, mentioning that Guile uses a very special army hairspray.

9 Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy 7

The hairstyles cannot be mentioned without including Cloud and his spiky blonde hair that even defied gravity, his quirky design has by far the largest of the spikes sticking out of his head. The point where they end is probably as deadly as the ginormouse broadsword Cloud carries with him.

Unfortunately, from recent titles, Cloud’s hair has seen it shrink to a more realistic size with many of the ends removed or reduced. That doesn’t stop those left behind from being questioned by players about how he’s staying put, but it’s sad to see so many of them gone.

8 Daryan Crescend – Ace Lawyer

This shark-themed villain takes its aesthetic to the next level. Even her hair with its white tip is meant to be a reference to a white tip shark combined with the shape being the snout of a goblin shark.

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With the height of the haircut on Daryan’s face, it’s surprising that she doesn’t sag more often. This can only be seen when he is nervous where he uses it as a sort of shield for his face. Another hilarious feature of Daryan’s hair is the way it bounces when he laughs, which can be a lot of fun to watch.

seven June Lin Milliam – Starry Gladiator

As a rhythmic gymnast, it’s no surprise that June needs to have her hair up at all times completely away from her face both for her sport and to fight enemies in Star Gladiator. However, the scale on which she did this is a bit of a stretch.

June’s hair can be seen in two ponytails that sit firmly on her head, then curl at the end. Maybe she uses intense hairspray to hold the curls in place, but that doesn’t explain how two tiny hair ties can hold so much weight of hair without it falling on her head.

6 Musashi – Musashi: the legend of the samurai

Many players agree that this is one of the worst hairstyles in the history of the game. We can’t even explain what’s really going on with this haircut other than it continues in this maze of brown hair, which is twist at unnatural angles.

Somehow, defying gravity, Musashi’s hair doesn’t even trail on the ground but floats above it as he engages in a swordplay with his enemies. It’s surprising that this hair doesn’t give him a disadvantage as enemies could easily grab it.

5 Heihachi Mishima – Tekken

Heihachi has a distinct hairstyle all over tekken frank, although he has little hair, the two parts he has stand proudly on either side of his head. As an old man, his hair began to turn gray and thin, allowing it to be styled as he does in tekken.

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Although old, Heihachi is still ready to fight as his muscles aren’t just for show. Guile has to lend his special hairspray across the franchises, as Heihachi’s hair, though thin, stays in place no matter how many blows he takes to the head.

4 Poseidon – Hades

Many characters from underworld have gravity-defying hairstyles that have no explanation other than the fact that many of the characters are gods and goddesses who can do whatever they want. By far, the most spectacular hairstyle of all belongs to Poseidon, whose hair floats above his head like seaweed.

Granted, Poseidon is the god of the sea and so his design is meant to mimic that. His hair looks like it’s always wet and so maybe he can use his divine powers with little effort to keep his hair up and wavy.

3 Cereza – Bayonetta

As the titular witch, many of Cereza, better known as Bayonetta, have power channeled through her hair. Although in the first game she is shown with a beehive-like hairstyle meant to mimic a witch’s hat, her hair actually goes further than that as Bayonetta uses her own hair to make the clothes she wears.

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It’s actually an interesting mechanic in the game because his hair can grow to immense sizes, like creating a large dragon that hunts down and destroys his enemies. Therefore, Bayonetnot only defies the laws of gravity but also reality.

2 Lionwhyte – Brutal Legend

As part of the Hair Metal faction of brutal legend it’s no surprise to players that General Lionwhyte has the most hair in the game fanning out behind him. Much like his name, his hair mimics that of a lion’s mane when the wind catches him, but he’s also designed to look like the Goblin King himself from Labyrinth.

Even with all that hair, Lionwhyte still attempts to wear a police hat that hilariously dangles above the mounds of dirty blonde hair, forever threatening to slip.

1 The Spirit – Dead by Daylight

It may be because she’s a ghost, but the Spirit’s hair flutters above her head as she hunts survivors in Dead in broad daylight. In many cases, a player working on a generator is more likely to see its hair and hear it scream before fully realizing it is the Spirit approaching.

It’s only her original skin and her alternate options, however, that have this flowing ghostly hair, as her rarer cosmetics such as student outfits put her hair in place. It therefore cannot float within the entity.

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