Video Game Characters With Worse Purpose Than Stormtroopers


Video game characters are primarily meant to be experts at what they do. This is especially true for the game’s various playable characters, who are in a class of their own when it comes to their skill levels. With many games using guns and the like as a way to deal the most damage possible, most characters in these games should ideally have the highest skill levels to deal enough damage.

However, it may surprise many players to learn that characters who are supposed to have extensive knowledge of firearms end up aiming extremely poorly with the same. In fact, the following characters have such a gruesome purpose that many people consider bottom-feeding Stormtroopers to be better than them with guns.

8 Nathan Drake (uncharted)

For someone in a series of games where shooting other people is pretty much the norm, it’s surprising how ineffective Drake’s shots are outside of regular gameplay. Almost all of his bullets either miss the target or make it worse

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Sure, some people might say it helps the player take on the cool persona and easily shoot bad guys – but it doesn’t always make for the best watch. Nathan Drake is known for being stupid for a myriad of reasons, and consistently missing key moves doesn’t help his case.

seven JC Denton (Deus Ex)

JC Denton is one of the most iconic protagonists of immersive simulation of all time. The game in which he plays a central role, Deus Ex, is famously hardcore and is great at making players feel completely useless in skills they haven’t invested in.

This applies to firearms as well, with Denton being absolutely crap at using firearms if he isn’t trained in it. Watching its aim meander all over the place as players try to line up the perfect shot is frustrating enough – as is expected in a game that takes role-playing pretty seriously.

6 Faith (Mirror’s Edge)

mirror edge is one of the best parkour games ever made. The story and some facets of the gameplay could use a bit of work, but there’s no denying that mirror edge really shines during his freerunning segments.

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That being said, players can still get their hands on a gun or two once they fight and dispatch enemies with those guns. As expected, Faith is absolutely terrible at shooting these guns and makes it clear why she chose to be a runner instead of a soldier.

5 Harry Mason (Silent Hill)

silent Hill really decided to run with the concept of a defenseless character who barely has any knowledge of combat, trying to use weapons to defend themselves with varying degrees of success. This was especially evident in the first game, with Harry Mason being absolutely useless even with a weapon.

Watching him use a pistol was exhausting, Harry taking ages to line up and fire a single shot. While his proficiency with firearms improved the more he used the rifle and shotgun, players never really felt safe when in trouble due to the low skills of combat and Harry’s low durability.

4 Big Smoke (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Big Smoke is hated by many fans of San Andreas. However, in addition to his betrayal, there is another, much deeper reason that has led fans to absolutely insult this character.

Big Smoke is known for missing almost all of his shots on Wrong Side of the Tracks, one of the toughest missions near the early parts of San Andreas. Players need to position their bike at an angle that can allow Big Smoke to hit those mobsters, otherwise he will unnecessarily hit the side of the train instead.

3 The Hunter (bloodborne)

transmitted by blood is a very good game and one of the best Sony exclusives of all time. However, guns in this game are useless unless players invest a ton of their points in Bloodtinge – which isn’t a build that many players attempt anyway.

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As a result, most versions of the Hunter in transmitted by blood prefer to use melee weapons, with the ranged weapon being more of a tool for parrying and interrupting enemies. These guns end up being a secondary weapon with negligible damage, which isn’t really the first thing players had in mind when they saw these guns in a FromSoftware game.

2 Ann Takamaki (Persona 5)

The Phantom Thieves all have their own versions of firearms that materialize into real weapons in the palaces they infiltrate. In Ann’s case, she has an SMG that seems pretty good…until players realize how often it’s missing.

Out of ten shots, at least four will miss the target due to Ann’s poor accuracy. That being said, even that percentage of hits still makes her better than most stormtroopers – but that’s a conversation best left for another date.

1 Preston Garvey (Fallout 4)

For a person who is supposed to be a capable leader of one of the most effective factions in Fallout 4, it’s honestly surprising how hard he worked on the Sole Survivor. It almost seems like it’s absolutely not working at all.

It looks like the Minutemen and Preston Garvey can’t really hold their own in a battle without the player’s help. The latter is particularly notable for being useless in combat, with the leader having to get straight into an enemy’s face before their shots even land.

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