Online games are gaining popularity with all types of people. It is played all over the world, especially by children and young people. All these games cannot replace outdoor activities and games. Undeniably, online multiplayer games can’t match the days when as kids we walked around and spent all day playing games. It’s a need of the hour when people have to stay indoors, online multiplayer games are becoming a perfect substitute for outdoor fun. Even for teams, we have time to interact with everyone unless we’re working on projects together. Let’s look at three multiplayer games that are a great way to reconnect and have fun at the same time.


This online game is fun, interactive and revealing. It is one of the popular multiplayer games. It is a combination of four games each on a different theme. You can submit answers to anonymous questions with your friends. You can check their knowledge on things and you can get spiced up if done right. This game is played on party nights but is perfect in the current scenario where there is social distancing.

CATAN – multiplayer game.

The online version of this game is fun for everyone and this multiplayer game has also become popular which can be played with family, friends and strangers. You don’t know when it will be hours of play. Cities all over the world loved the game, known especially in the circle of people who prefer strategy games. It is one of the easiest and most intriguing multiplayer games ever played.


This multiplayer game is famous all over the world. This is none other than Player Unknown’s Battleground, or PUBG. You will find this game played by millions. From the modding concept, PUBG can be crowned as the most frequented online multiplayer game of all time. Play, convert on chat and kill, the game additionally allows everything you can think of. You can drive car, bike or paraglider for your target. You will surely not be bored with PUBG.