Which Video Game Characters Would Order The Binley Mega Chippy


The Binley Mega Chippy has become a cultural icon in recent weeks, with the humble takeaway from Coventry establishing itself as a TikTok sensation thanks to a catchy jingle and its underdog appeal. That, and the internet is just really, really, really weird. Maybe it’s a zoom thing.

It’s ridiculous, but also oddly heartwarming as swarms of people from across the country flock to visit this seemingly mediocre establishment to salute the staff, try their food, and maybe get a slice of its viral fame. I would love to live down the street right now, if only to see the confusion on people’s faces as a random store down their street becomes the focus of millions and millions of strangers on the internet for no real reason.


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What if the Binley Mega Chippy existed in the world of gamers? What if our favorite characters from various franchises suddenly get a bite to eat and head to Coventry to order their favorite dish after a hard day saving the world from certain destruction or mourning their creepy deceased wife? There’s nothing cod and fries and a battered mars bar can’t fix it, especially when it comes with a can of mango rubicon.

Although they’re all stupid for not just ordering the Morbius meal and calling it a day – which consists of fish and chips, pea mash and a can of drink for the bargain price of 4.99 £ – here’s what some of your favorite video game characters would take over from Binley Mega Chippy.


Kratos is a good guy. If he were a working-class man from Britain, he would probably love footy, get tricked into the local pub and despise food with a sense of taste. A real ‘Arsenal, Brexit, the woman’ type.

For that, I think he would order a large doner meat and chips with a tub of garlic mayonnaise sauce which he hesitantly poured over it. No spices to be found here, he doesn’t want heartburn. No salad either, it’s rabbit food. He takes that food away for a drink with the guys afterwards, so no need to buy a drink.


I always imagined Aloy as a lesbian vegetarian, kind of like a certain Eurovision number, all she eats are vegetables and pussy. I can respect that, and his order will obviously reflect such a lifestyle. She would go for the halloumi wrap with fries, and unlike a certain god, she’s not afraid to throw chili sauce on it.

James Sunderland

This guy is a real depresser, and is too busy mourning his dead wife and spending time in Silent Hill for him to order only a small serving of hot wings and a can of cherry coke. Not that he would eat them anyway, the guy is way too busy moping around. What is the British equivalent of Silent Hill? Probably somewhere like Birmingham or Peterborough. Maybe we’ll find out soon if these leaks are true.


After experiencing the sights and sounds of Tokyo for so long, Binley Mega Chippy might be a pretty disappointing restaurant for Joker and the Phantom Thieves. But they stay humble, so while they’re out in the country and taking a break from infiltrating Prince Andrew’s palace, they decide to grab a bite to eat.

Joker can’t help but remember Big Bang Burger in downtown Shibuya. So he orders the biggest burger on the menu, which in Britain basically means throwing everything you can into a bun and calling it a day. This baby has three patties, onion rings, doner meat, cheese, grilled onions and God knows what else at a great price. A thing of beauty.

Arthur Morgan

Arthur is a simple man and will no doubt strike up a conversation with the cashier while ordering a regular fish and chips for himself as well as a collection of food and drink for his fellow travelers who have set up camp at the roundabout. neighboring point. A real gentleman. “You sir, you are a fish”, he will say while eating his cod.

I’m not sure the British populace would appreciate a man willing to say hello to everyone he comes across, if anything, that’s recipe for a morsel.

Sam Porter Bridges

I don’t know if we see Norman Reedus eating a single thing in Death Stranding. As a result, his order from Binley Mega Chippy is a single can of Monster.

Lara Croft

Given that she was privately educated and used to traveling the world in search of ancient treasures and civilizations to steal, Lara Croft hasn’t been to her local restaurant in quite a while.

Luckily his girlfriend Sam, who for some reason got kicked out of all the sequels, had plenty of time to eat takeout while still going to school and doing gay stuff – because if I hadn’t been pretty clear, she and Lara are super duper gay.

They were ordering a large barbecue chicken pizza to share with two cans of drink for a date night. Sam even encourages Lara to order a beaten Mars Bar because she promises they’re really good and not some weird, greasy form of nightmare food.

Alucard and Trevor Belmont

Castlevania has vampires, so it only makes sense that this duo would partake in the Morbius meal. I imagine a lot of people realize it’s Morbin’ Time before switching to Binley Mega Chippy, relieved to see that the greatest comic book character of all time is represented on the menu. What a bargain too, costing almost as much as the movie made at the box office.

master chef

Do Spartans eat food? I know it’s a myth that power armor jerks them off, but I’m curious if it’s able to provide food to super soldiers during combat. On the TV show, we saw his face, his butt, and even saw him have sex for the first time, so there must be time for a bite to eat in between all that cheeky nonsense.

The chef is however a practical man and always ready for the next fight against the Covenant, so he orders small fries and a can of diet coke which he quickly eats at the counter before picking up his assault rifle and leaving the place. . Even at Binley, the fight never stops.

Since he doesn’t talk much, Link wouldn’t immediately order food when walking through the door. This place doesn’t belong to him, so in typical The Legend of Zelda style, he walks behind the crate and starts picking up and smashing everything he sees.

But this is the real world, so instead of rupees, arrows, and bombs pouring out from the bowels of nearby storage containers, he’s instead accused of property damage. No morbius meal for the hero of time, at least not until he learns his lesson.

I’ll be here all day listing characters and potential menu options, so be sure to let me know what you’d order at the Binley Mega Chippy or what your favorite characters could eat at the legendary restaurant in Coventry.

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